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Caught Red-Handed!

Another story from a client.

This happened when I was about 14 years old. It’s totally true and to this day when I think back on it, 20 years later, it both embarrasses me and also makes me horny.

Let’s set the scene: I’m the oldest of four children, three boys and a girl. My mother has always been athletic – she was an Olympic hopeful ice skater in her day. Later, she got into a new sport like tennis called Pickleball. She’s a rated player who goes off to tournaments several times a year. Usually, my dad stays home. He’s a computer guy who works all the time. Sometimes she takes us kids. She kept her figure, and with her blond curly hair, she looks a lot like Meg Ryan, at least in my opinion.

So, we were at a tournament near San Diego, California. My brothers and sisters wanted to go to a cartooney movie. I wasn’t interested. My mom sent the three of them off, figuring it would be good to let them out in the world by themselves, even if it was only to the theater next door to our Motel 6.

Then, she decided she was going for a jog, leaving me in the motel room by myself.

“Oh, excellent!” I thought to myself. I seldom had alone time, and I really wanted to jerk off. You know how it is being fourteen. Come to think of it, it’s still that way, isn’t it?

[He laughs]

I wanted to use something for lube, but the only thing there was shampoo in little packets. I knew from a previous experience that if you get shampoo in your peehole, it stings. Then I spotted two packets of ketchup.

“Why not,” I figured.

I made a bit of a celebration of taking off my clothes, and soon I was one-hundred percent naked, and sporting a great, young, mostly hairless erection.

I touched myself this way and that, also experimenting with lightly rubbing my fingertips over my nipples.

Then it was time for the lube. The ketchup. I knew it wouldn’t be especially slippery, but it would at least be something, right? And I could jump in the shower and get rid of it, no problem.

So, I tore open both packets, and glopped that ketchup all over my penis. For good measure, since I had quite a bit of it, I spread some on my balls too. It was kind of dripping off, so I took that, coated one finger liberally, and stuck that in my ass.

I was still new to ass things, and it felt so great, that it triggered the start of an orgasm way too soon. I was cumming. I tried to hold it off, as if I actually could. The weird texture of the ketchup, the finger in the ass, it was all too much. So, I couldn’t hold it for much longer.

At the moment, the door swung open, and there stood my mom. She had a sore muscle so she came back early. It was too late. The cum started spurting out, falling on the motel’s ugly carpeting.

She shrieked, which I immediately thought was a strong over reaction. Wasn’t it her who told me only a few months ago, that boys will tend to masturbate, and it’s OK?

She continued to stand in the doorway, literally shrieking. Some other guests heard her, and gathered in the doorway also. Meanwhile, I was frozen. I should have run into the bathroom or something. But all the shrieking. I’d never seen her like that. I was like “What the fuck?”

A man pushed past her, and rushed toward me. I though he was going to beat me up or something. Instead, he put his arms around me, and said, “It’ll be OK, It’ll be OK,” while tugging me toward one of the beds, and pushing me so I was laying down.

It was at that moment that another man saw the ketchup packets on the nightstand.

“Harold,” he said loudly to the other man. He also came into the room, grabbed the two torn packets, holding them up, and said, “It’s only ketchup.”

It took me at least a full minute to understand what was happening. Everyone had thought the ketchup was blood. They must have thought I had injured myself. Judging by the amount, they must have felt I injured myself really badly! Oh, my poor mom!

I tried to do – to say, well to do anything. I started to speak, but all I could say was “I… I…”

Finally, I came to my senses, rushed into the bathroom, slammed and locked the door, leaned against the shower wall for a moment, trying to get some sort of bearings, and finally figured I should shower the stuff off.

I took a long time in the shower. I just couldn’t face my mother. And, for all I knew, those two strange guys were still in there as well. I knew I had to face the inevitable eventually, so finally, wrapping a towel around myself, I stepped out. By then, the kids had come home. My mother shot me a look indicating ‘let’s not talk about it in front of your brothers and sister.’

I couldn’t sleep that night. I was dying to find out what my mom was going to do. How horrible would it be? What would she say? What would my punishment be?

I suffered all through the next day, and on the long drive home, still wondering how my world was going to collapse.

When we got home, she simply said, “Let’s go on a walk.” My brother Jamie wanted to come too, and she shooed him away.

We got out into the woods before she opened up. I was so dreading the moment. She apologized for freaking out. She never said a word about me having done something wrong. And that was that.


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  1. I prefer mustard and relish on my hot dog.

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