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man playing with foley catheter

If you’ve been catheterized in a medical situation, you may not have any liking for catheter play. Your hospital experience may have hurt, especially if the catheter was removed quickly. Many hospital personnel don’t realize what’s happening, sensation-wise, when they apply catheters.

In the not too distant past, nurses and doctors practiced most of their techniques on each other, or people paid to pose as patients, including catheterization. Now, they often use plastic models, and so don’t know exactly what sensations they are invoking in their patients.

Catheter play is an extension of sounding, the practice of sliding objects into one’s urethra. But catheter play goes all the way through into the bladder. A catheter is a flexible hollow tube. Once placed, urine can flow through the tube. Some people play with irrigating the bladder. This is very dangerous because the lining of the bladder is not like skin. It has very little protection against infection. The lining of the urethra and bladder are also mechanically weak. They are easily scratched or even punctured.

A medical device known as a retention catheter is a tube within a tube that has a small balloon on the end. Once introduced into the bladder, the balloon can be filled with saline fluid via a syringe on the outside end of the catheter. The catheter is then retained. It will not come out until the balloon is deflated. The catheter can be blocked so urine does not flow until the user (or the user’s master) so desires, or the urine can be let out at any time. The catheter can be worn over a long period of time, but keep in mind that it is not natural and likely to cause trouble to your urethra and bladder if left too long. One problem can be that the lube used to slide the catheter in dries up or is absorbed by the urethra, so removing the catheter will cause too much friction.

If you must play with catheters, you’ll find the feeling as it slides through the sphincters in both men and women is exquisite.

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