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Budding Astronomer

I’m doing post-graduate work in astrophysics, I hope to make a career path not specifically in astronomical research, but in teaching physics or astronomy. I just love the university scene, everything about it.

My roommate, Marcia, is studying European history. I don’t get it. I mean, what she finds so interesting about that, is beyond me, but she says she wants to write historical fiction. Well, good luck to that, right? But she has a wealthy family, so I guess she can do anything she wants. She’s also quite forward. Moreso than me, and that’s saying a lot.

On about the third day of the start of the year as we were still getting used to each other, I came back to the dorm to discover her all naked. What a shock! But, I have to say, Marcia is incredibly beautiful. She totally has that thin, tight athlete’s body, and with her long ringlet hair, well, she’s a knockout. So, even though I’m a girl, I didn’t mind seeing her naked one bit.

I mean, I don’t really think about people sexually, men or women. Except sometimes I do. A good masturbation session usually puts me back on track.

She wasn’t at all embarrassed about her naked condition when I barged through the door. She was like, “Oh, Hi Julie,” as she continued her studying.

When in Rome… So I took my clothes off, too. I was weirdly nervous about it, like I was doing something naughty. There was also some body dysmorphia involved. I know logically that I look pretty good. But I keep thinking I’m too skinny, my face isn’t just right, my legs are too long, you know, the things one fears about one’s self. Oh, and my breasts. Marcia’s are just right. They hang down a bit, but not too much. Mine hang down pretty good. In fact, without a bra, I get pretty darn sweaty under them. And my nipples are so huge.

I sat down at my own computer and went to work, glancing at her now and then. Marcia was masturbating! I mean, she idly had one hand between her legs and there was slight movement of her fingers as she was studying. Shocking, but a good idea, really.

I tried it. For the first time in my life, as I was reading about the recently discovered 12-kilometer-wide body just past Pluto in the Kuiper belt, I started rubbing myself, and oh, my, did it feel nice. Maybe being in Marcia’s presence helped it feel so great.

Why, in my whole life, had I never thought to combine masturbating and studying? I knew a huge, wide, wonderful door had been opened for me.

“Thank you Marcia.”


“I’d never thought to combine, well… masturbation with studying before. This is great.”

“Oh, um, glad to help!” she responded with a twinkle in her eye.

One thing led to another as the days and months passed.

I came to find out that she loves, just absolutely loves, a finger in her butt. So I do that for her, often. She can have orgasms just from that, no pussy play at all.

I, on the other hand, love pussy play. Licking, labia pulling, you name it, and thanks to Marcia, I’m getting plenty of it.

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