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Brother on Asshole

my sister's asshole

We have a park with a tennis court across the street. My brother, who was a year younger than me at 15, and I, got in the habit of waking up early so we could play 1/2-hour of tennis in the morning.

We’d get back in our house, shower (one after the other), dress, make our own breakfast, since our parents had already left for work, and then go to school.

One morning, it rained, so we were up, but with nothing to do for a half hour. He offered to give me a massage. I thought it was a little strange, but not totally weird. He and had seen each other nude going or coming from the bathroom more than once. It was no big deal, although I did get a little tingle you know where when seeing him sometimes. He’s a great looking kid. My mother is a masseuse for a big office. She only does neck and shoulder massages for the workers, but at home, my bother, Dad, I and get massages from her quite often. These are what I believe are more typical full-body massages. Well not ‘full-body.’ I mean she keeps us covered with a sheet, and doesn’t go above the thighs or below the stomach.

So my brother wanted to give me a massage. It sounded like a great idea, but I was concerned that then I’d have to give him one in return. He assured me that wasn’t necessary, and that there wasn’t enough time before school anyway.

So I got naked, laid down on the massage table and he went to work. He covered me with a sheet, just like Mom does. The massage went fairly quickly. He started with my neck, shoulders and arms. For some reason I’ll never explain, or admit to, I let my legs fall to either side of the table, so my ass was spread wide under the sheet. I’d have never done that with Mom. Was it some sort of crazy horniness? Was it just relaxation?

It didn’t really matter because my butt was covered with a sheet.

When Kenny got to doing my thighs, I was feeling super-horny, even though I knew nothing would come of it.

To my delight, he reached under the sheet, and started massaging my glutes. It felt so good! I never wanted it to end, but it did end. All too quickly, like in less than a minute. But the last thing he did is he just for a moment, ran a fingertip from my lower back all the way down my asscrack to just short of my vag. On the way, he literally brushed his finger directly over my asshole.

I swear, if he had done that two or three times, I would have orgasmed. I was that horny!

The time was up. We quickly showered, dressed, ate and left for school.

I was so horny! The whole day I could hardly focus on anything. All I could think about was that moment when he ran his finger directly over my anus. The moment I got home from school, I rubbed myself to an outrageous orgasm with the memory of that touch.

The next morning, it was still raining. I decided I just had to reciprocate. He got his massage, and when I had him roll over, I removed the sheet entirely. He didn’t complain. I have to say my brother has a spectacular erection. In retaliation [she says laughingly], I touched it for only a moment, then announced that the time was up.

That was the beginning of one of the world’s best brother-sister relationships.

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