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So I play pickleball regularly, and there is this incredibly annoying woman there. Some of the men and women will avoid pairing up with her at all costs. I’m more tolerant, and have played with her several times. You see, the problem is, she’s incredibly bossy. A big-time narcissist. She tells you exactly what she thinks, what she wants, and if you try to tell her anything, she is well practiced in shutting you down. I’m sure you know the type.

The thing is, she’s a looker. She’s around my age, or maybe a few years younger. Maybe 58 or so. She still has red hair. She is very thin, and has an ass that would make you cum just imagining her without clothes.

Being the bossy bitch she is, after a game one time, she started coming on to me. I was attracted to her body, but totally turned off by her personality. I quickly told her I’m married and that I only have sex outside of marriage for sex sake. There’s no chance of a relationship. I figured that would throw her off my trail, unless she actually wanted exactly what I want.

She went for it! I told her, imagining that I was being as bossy as she is, that I’m only into mutual masturbation. No kissing, no actual sex. Still, she went for it.

A half-hour later I was at her place. The minute we got in the front door, we were throwing off our clothing as we headed down a long hall to her bedroom.

She was twice as good-looking without clothes. Most women our age naturally put on some weight. That’s not a bad thing, but perhaps because of societal norms, I’ve been trained to be especially attracted to thin women, and she was very thin. She had pert boobs to match her thin white body. Oh yes, she’s very white, as is so often the case with redheads. Taking the clips out of her long straight hair, I was amazed to see it reaches almost to the top of her butt.

Her pussy was smooth and silky. I guess she’s been lasered, since there was not a trace of hair on it.

In no time, we got down to business. She was controlling even in sex. As I started fondling her delicious little white breasts, with their tiny pink nipples, she was going ‘um-hum’ and ‘un-unh’ indicating exactly what she wanted and didn’t want. She kept it up as my fingers made their way to her clit, and then inside her pretty, wet vagina with its delicious light pink inner labia. By her little code of ‘unh-huh’ and ‘un-unh,’ much like ‘hot and cold’ we played as kids, I soon discovered exactly what she wanted. In her case, she was very much enjoying me pulling on her slippery inner labia, which were quite long, letting them slip through my fingers and pulling again. She started to arch her back, so I knew she was getting close. I placed the index finger of my other hand against her anus, and got an very emphatic ‘unh-hun’ so, taking a second to coat the finger in her juices, I pressed it smoothly into her small, puckered pink butthole. She immediately screamed in a crashing, convulsing orgasm which seemed to last twice as long as one would expect, finally collapsing in a heap on top of my body, pressing my cock against my stomach.

Meanwhile, I had been rock hard the whole time. She recovered, in in her most bossy voice said, “Your turn,” while getting up, and pushing me down against the bed.

Starting more gently than I thought this woman was capable of, she started by ever-so-lightly tickling my hairless scrotum. It was super-delicious. She did that for a very long time, before moving on to the same light tickle, but on my frenulum, making my penis repeatedly jump an inch. This slowly evolved into one of the best handjobs I ever had. Just when I was about to cum, she said, “Party’s over,” and practically kicked me out of her house. I barely had time to put on my clothes.

The ending felt very strange. I so wanted to cum, but she didn’t let me. Later that evening, I jerked off big-time, realizing that what she had done was just right – leaving me incredibly horned up the rest of the afternoon.

The next day at pickleball, I smiled at her and she quietly said ‘unh-unh,’ letting me know that she didn’t even want to acknowledge our closer friendship, if you want to call it that, in public. I was good with that. Very good with that. I wouldn’t have wanted anyone to know that I actually played with this woman. Ever since that day, I have been absolutely uninterested in a repeat performance, and evidently she feels the same way.

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  1. Hot and very arousing. I had naked coffee with a woman, which lead up to a hot steam mutual masturbation session, then more coffee and one more before our date was over. A one time thing. It can happen.

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