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Anal Acuity Among Coworkers

Here’s another story told to me by a friend. I actually recorded his whole story on my iPhone and have transcribed it for you here. I edited it a bit here and there so it would make sense to you, since you haven’t met my friend, but as to the details, it is 100% accurate. My friend is 24 years old, white, average height, a touch pudgy, has no suntan at all, long musician’s dark brown hair, and a ruffly beard. Here you go:

I own a small musical instrument store and have two employees. When there are no customers in the store, the conversation can get quite, well, explicit. I think all three of us have been somewhat attracted to each other, or at least we are very good friends, and we do communicate well.

The other two are Amanda, age 24, and Jerome, 22. One day, as had happened a few times before, our discussion turned to masturbation. But this time…

I admitted that I like anal stimulation. Jerome, said he likes it too, and has a pretty good sense of touch there. Amanda asked what he means by that. He said that he figured if someone had an assortment of items, such as a wooden spoon, hairbrush, paintbrush, and other instruments with various handles, he could tell which is which by the feel of it in his anus.

I didn’t think that would be likely. Both Amanda and Jerome thought so, and the next thing you know, a challenge was on. Initially, Amanda and I decided we were going to test Jerome’s ‘ability’ but he wasn’t ready for us to see his ass. He was understandably embarrassed.

To my remarkable surprise, Amanda said, “Hey, we’re all friends here, let’s all do it.”

I was shocked, surprised, delighted, and a little scared all at the same time. First of all, I would just love to see Amanda naked, and Jerome too, for that matter.

Amanda is all Irish, with red hair, freckles, a fairly tall build, and large breasts.

Jerome is the classic black guy. Very dark skin, short curly hair, a wide nose, and a large body. He is probably like 6′ 2″ tall, and built strong, without an ounce of fat. For the longest time, I have wanted to see his dick.

I’m one of those white guys who believes that many black men have bigger cocks. I know intellectually that that’s just an urban legend, but still, I was expecting something large from Jerome. I was thinking if we actually went through with this, we’d just pull our pants down a bit, bend over, and wouldn’t really get to see that much. On the other hand, just seeing my friends’ assholes would be an extraordinary turn on.

After considerable balking, embarrassed laughter, and so on, we went over to my apartment, gathered our equipment, which included just about everything with a handle in my kitchen, and the headpieces of a few woodwind instruments, drumsticks, and other gadgets from the store. We figured out some rudimentary rules to our game, and we began.

I won’t bore you with the details of how we became entirely naked. I’ll just say that I turned up the heat so everyone felt uncomfortable in their clothes, and we played strip poker until we were all brilliantly naked in front of each other.

Both Jerome and I had huge erections right from before our clothes came off. I was the first to lose my underwear, and was sort of concerned for my two best friends and fellow workers to see my wood, but at the same time very, very excited. Precum was drooling out the tip of my tool, and that’s unusual for me.

Jerome’s cock was indeed huge, and I commented on that. But it wasn’t really. He pointed out that it was an illusion because black objects generally look larger than white ones. Plus he was uncircumcized, while I was cut.

We found a measuring tape, and it turns out, he was 1/4-inch (6mm) longer than me. So then of course Amanda had to know about girth. She wrapped the tape around my dick and then Jerome’s, and found I was 2 mm larger in diameter. It really didn’t look that way.

By the way, it was the most exquisite thing in the world when she casually grabbed my dick to wrap the tape around it. My dick jumped involuntarily at her touch, and if she had simply held it for another minute, I probably would have spurted cum right then and there. From the looks of things, that was the case with Jerome as well.

So, back to the competition. The idea is that one person would be on hands and knees with his or her head buried in a pillow on my bed, while the other two took turns gently putting things in the person’s anus. We used some coconut oil I had in the kitchen as lubricant, and we’d slowly push the item in a couple of inches and then stroke it in and out a few times, plus twist it from side to side. Then the person had to guess which item it was.

It turns out we were all about equal in our ability to identify objects. For instance, the flute headjoint was easy, because it was cold, and had a protrusion on one side. The wooden spoon’s rough handle was easy to identify. The back of the whisk was very similar to the hair brush, and so everyone mixed those two up – and so on.

We played this game longer than we needed, because there was some ice to be broken, and we didn’t really quite know how to take it to the next step.

It was Amanda to the rescue. She just came right out and asked Jerome whether he’d like a handjob.

“Hell yes!” was his answer.

He laid on his back on the bed, and she went to work.

For a few minutes, I felt something unexpected. I felt left out. Kind of slighted in a way. But as Jerome was getting close to cumming, she stopped, and told me it was my turn. She gave me a gentle handjob that slowly became less and less gentle. She also fondled my balls lightly with her other hand, which I instantly discovered was one of the seven wonders of the tactile world. I started to buck and moan, and she stopped. Dang! I was so close. That must have been the way it was for Jerome, too, just a few minutes ago.

So then Jerome and I went to work on Amanda. I sucked and fondled the nipples on her wonderful freckled breasts, while he massaged her lower body, finally settling on very gentle stimulation of her inner labia and clit.

With her large breasts, you’d expect large nipples, but no, she had little tiny pink things. Of course that didn’t bother me a bit. In fact, it was all the more of a turn-on. Well, we spent the rest of the afternoon trading off.

Amanda came several times, leaving wet spots on the sheet.

Jerome and I decided we’d try to hold out as long as we could, but eventually, both of us went over the edge in Amanda’s hands or each other’s hands and ejaculated quite nicely. That pretty much ended the afternoon. Jerome came first when Amanda was absent-mindedly stroking him, and forgot to notice his physiology as he was getting closer and closer to the brink. So over the top he went.

Fortunately, Jerome is one of those guys who doesn’t melt into a puddle after orgasm. He reached over, and massaged my balls quite nicely before finishing me off with an amazing handjob. We both turned to Amanda, but she was already satisfied.

We’ve discussed it, and all three have decided that it was a great afternoon. We wondered if there was anything wrong with what we did, and unanimously concluded, that no, everything was perfect and correct.

Since that afternoon about a month ago, we’ve been better friends than ever as we work in our little music store. I’ve been less like a boss, and more like a co-worker, which they have commented positively on. But I’ve always been a good boss, at least in my opinion.

We’re planning to get together again next Friday. We’re going to play extended strip poker. The way it will work is that after someone has lost all their clothing, when that person loses again, he or she will have to do something – anything of that person’s choice, of a masturbatory nature for sixty seconds. I’m already busy thinking up things I can do in my sixty-second intervals. I hope I lose a lot!

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