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You’re Fired!

“You’re fired!”

I tried to hide the tears that started to flow. The boss and I had never gotten along very well, but I didn’t see this coming. I did good work. But, I had used the f-bomb in a conversation with a client. Now, this client was rough-and-tumble and had said “fuck” a few times herself. But the boss overheard. The boss is a religion freak, so not being Christian myself, I had to go.

Driving home, I must have been a real danger. I could hardly see through my tears.

For a few days, I was sort of OK. I was all over Craigslist jobs listings. I made some calls. Sent some emails. Nothing.

At the end of the month, the little bit of money in my checking account was all gone. I never had any savings. I had to move out, and find something cheaper. I hated the thought: I’d need roommates again, just like my college days.

I couldn’t have even afforded to move in with anyone if it weren’t for my parents. They are far from rich, but they were able to front me enough money to keep eating and pay a small amount of rent in a communal household.

So now, besides looking for a job, I was looking for a place. I made some calls. I visited a few places. The first was OK, but thought I could do better. The second was a very Christian household. Now, that’s fine, but after the experience with my boss, I just couldn’t handle that.

The next house had the worst roommates I’ve ever seen. I mean, I’ll use the f-word from time to time, but the woman who was showing me around had to inject the word “fuck” and even “mother-fucker” into every single sentence. The other women there looked like druggies.

Now, I was wishing I had accepted the first place. I called back. It was already rented.

It was looking bad. I had to be out by the 31st, and this was the 29th. I had no job, no money. My parents could help me only so much. My gas tank was less than 1/8 full. There was a half-quart of milk, a loaf of bread, and a stick of butter in the fridge. I sucked on an ice cube until it melted away. I sat home and cried for like two hours. Then, somehow, I straightened up my spine, and sat down at the computer. Despite all the pressure to find a job, I had to find a place to live first.

A new listing popped up. A household of four was looking for a fifth. They were two men and two woman. The ad stated that they didn’t mind whether the applicant was a man or a woman. It said something about ‘organic.’ I didn’t really eat that way, but could handle it. I rather liked the idea of using less toxic soaps and such. The last sentence in the ad freaked me out: “This is a clothing-optional household.”

Fuck! Now it was my time to use the f-word. Out loud. That ruined everything. It had sounded like a nice place. I collapsed into a heap of tears again. Ten minutes later, I realized I had no choice. While I made the call, I had to work hard to hide the shakiness in my voice. I was that worried about the ‘clothing-optional’ thing. But what else could I do?

I talked with a nice guy on the phone. The conversation went on for a half-hour. I settled down. He seemed quite likable. And the place, and other people in it, sounded nice from his description. There was a huge garden, and of course I could participate. I’d like that. It was settled that I’d meet the people tomorrow, Saturday the 30th.

I arrived promptly at 2pm, visibly shaking, and trying desperately to hide it. I met all four people, and I have to say, they were all lovely. Three of them were young, like me. The fourth was this old wizard-like guy. He was remarkably thin, bearded with long gray hair. There was something very appealing about him. Like the grandfather I should have had. The other three were very respectful, no, almost loving, to him. He was mostly quiet, but smiled in a most endearing way.

We all sat around the living room talking, and I was starting to feel more relaxed. All four of them were really nice people. And they weren’t swearing unnecessarily. And they weren’t saying ‘the Lord this’ and ‘Jesus that.’ The word ‘prayer’ never came up. They gave me a tour of the garden. They showed me the room that was to be mine.

They also listened to my story. I swear I could see tears well up in the eyes of one of the women.

There was no doubt I was accepted. They didn’t want a credit report, references, or anything. Just wanted me to fill out a single sheet of paper.

The clothing-optional thing never came up, and I was too shy, and desperate, to ask about it. I’d just have to deal with it, whatever exactly ‘it’ was.

I drove home carefully avoiding unnecessary acceleration. My gas tank was so low that the little red light was glowing. The minute I got home, I burst into tears again. I can’t even explain what was going on in my head. I had a place to live, thanks to my parents’ generosity, and good luck. I had found a place the day before I had to move out. So, there was a lot of relief. But what had I gotten into? What was this clothing-optional thing?

Sunday morning, the 31st, Dad came over with his truck. I had told him about the people and the place, and even the clothing-optional part, kind of wincing at what he might say. Maybe a lecture. Maybe worse. I mean, I wouldn’t have put it past him to drive over to that house and lecture those people about ‘clothing-optional’ not being an option, or something.

All he said was, cryptically, “You’re a big girl now.” I guess he knew the fix I was in. It was the only place available. He also knew he could trust me to act right in any situation. He had raised me well, and he knew it.

We moved my furniture into his garage. We moved the rest of my stuff into the new place. The four of them were there, and they seemed delighted to see me, and meet my father. He evidently liked them right from the start. Dad was smiling quite a bit, which is somewhat unusual for him. I think he really hit it off with the old wizard guy. As we were bringing stuff into my new room, my phone rang. It was a friend of my mother who along with her husband, owned a large pet store. They needed a stock clerk and checker. I could do that! I had a job! Oh, it didn’t pay much, but it paid enough. Plus, I love cats and dogs, even turtles, fish and lizards and things.

We got everything moved in. Dad kissed me on the cheek, gave me $20 to fill my gas tank, then another $20 for groceries, said goodbye to everyone and drove off.

Meanwhile the other four had been setting the table. It was a welcoming party for me, complete with fruit juice and organic, honey-sweetened cake. I couldn’t stop crying as they wrapped their arms around me in a big group hug. Things were going to be OK.

I had forgotten all about the clothing-optional situation. It was late afternoon when I saw, James, the old wizard, working in a far corner of the garden. By gosh, he was wearing absolutely nothing but work boots. For an old gent, he wasn’t bad looking. He was wiry and strong. I was thinking maybe this nudity business was just his thing. That the ‘clothing-optional’ situation was just a warning to watch out for him being naked in the garden.

That evening, Evonne passed by my door on the way to the bathroom. She was as naked as the day she was born. And I knew I shouldn’t notice such things, but I admired her tits. They were the size I wish mine were. It also occurred to me that she had no tan lines. Did she work naked in the garden also? She smiled at me and said “Hi” as she passed by, as if being all naked was the most natural thing in the world. Well, I guess it is, really.

In the morning, there was a bit more casual nudity from the others as they went in and out of one of the two bathrooms, and it really seemed all OK with me.

I went to my first day on the new job, and it was lovely. I already knew the owners of the store. They introduced me to the other workers, showed me how to feed the fish and clean the tanks. The rest, I already pretty much knew. You know, working the credit card machine, and just regular stuff like that.

I really enjoyed my first day on the job, but I was also looking forward to coming home to my new roommates, who I was already thinking of as my friends. My shift ended at 5pm, and I drove home, buying some organic odds and ends at a natural food store along the way with my $20.

Two of the roommates, Evonne and Janet, were home, and greeted me enthusiastically. They were stark naked! Somehow, I didn’t care. In fact, I could feel a little harmless enthusiasm in my nether regions. I knew I’d have to close my door and rub myself to orgasm that night. They helped me put away the groceries, and admired my choices. This was a shared grocery household, and I was not only fine with that, I really liked the idea. Maybe it was because of the people. I had always thought I wanted to live alone, but it was like someone clicked a switch in me. Now, I was very much looking forward to living with these folks.

With me still clothed, the two of them showed me the garden, and what was to be done, and how it’s done. By then, the other two had come home. Coming back into the living room, there were now five people, four of them naked. I’m sure you can guess who wasn’t. I felt very out of place. Excusing myself, I went into my room, closed the door, sat on the bed, and knew this was the moment of truth.

I wasn’t crying. I was shaking. What could be so scary about removing my clothing in front of people? And yet it was. Terribly so! Slowly, ever so slowly, I took off my stuff, saving my bra for last. I’ve always been concerned about my tits. It’s not that people would point and laugh, but something in me was ashamed, like they were the wrong size or shape or something. Now, I had to let people see them. No one had ever seen my breasts but the occasional doctor, and even then, it was done with everything mostly covered. I kept trying to tell myself that everyone is naked under their clothing. It didn’t help.

I knew I couldn’t hide in my room any longer. The others would start to worry, maybe thinking I was crying or something. Steeling myself, I stood up, now totally naked, and opened the door.

I don’t know what I was expecting. Certainly not a fanfare of trumpets. But what was going to happen? Guess what? Nothing happened. We prepared a nice dinner then sat down and ate it. Everyone wanted to know about me. There was so little to tell. I had gone to college, studying two languages and lots of English, hoping to be a translator or maybe an author one day. That’s still my ambition. I hadn’t done anything particularly interesting in high school or college other than cheerleading. One time, I sprained an ankle. That was about it. I had one boyfriend briefly in my life. Luckily, the conversation turned away from me, to the others. They all informally introduced themselves. Evonne turned out to be a bus mechanic of all things, working for the Metropolitan Transit District. Janet was a receptionist in a dental office. Johnny was a janitor at an elementary school.

I was expecting a really exceptional story from James, the wizard, but it turns out he was a retired machinist. That’s all. I was thinking some sort of religious leader or maybe at least a yoga teacher.

Life was normal for a couple of days as I was settling in very nicely. One evening after dinner, as we were all sitting around the living room just talking about ordinary stuff, Evonne’s hand went to her vagina. She was quite obviously and openly rubbing herself, right there in front of everyone. And no one cared. Well, almost no one. I was like freaking out. My mind went in a hundred directions at once. Was this OK? Was it even OK to be in the same room with her? Why wasn’t anyone else freaking out? But I was also thinking, ‘How cool is this?’ That she could openly masturbate among her friends? I could never do that!

The conversation turned sexual. Not overtly, just people talking about experience with former or current friends. I happened to glance at the wizard, and his penis was sticking up out of his lap, fully erect. I knew I should have been still freaked out, but I wasn’t. This was weird. Here I was in a room with four other people as naked as I was. One was jilling herself, one was erect, and everyone was OK with it. My mind settled down, and I started to understand. This wasn’t weird. This was the way things should be!

The topic changed to gardening, especially organic gardening. Then mutual disdain for commercially grown food, then about garden tools, like a pitchfork the group had recently purchased. James’ erection subsided, and Evonne had quit rubbing.

The next evening was equally enjoyable. We were all naked as we prepared and ate dinner. We stayed naked as we settled in the living room. We decided to turn on Netflix and start watching Designated Survivor – which turned out to be a great series.

No one rubbed anything. There were no erections. I was surprised to notice that I was mildly disappointed.

The next night, we watched the next episode. After it was over, we stayed in the living room for a while. Janet and Evonne had been sitting on the sofa with arms around each other. Sitting on the other end of the sofa, Johnny and James had their arms around each other also. The two guys both had erections. I sat facing them in an armchair feeling slightly awkward. No, very awkward.

Janet and Evonne kissed each other momentarily, pulled away slightly, then resumed kissing, quite passionately. Meanwhile, Johnny had put his hand on the wizard’s penis and was stroking it lightly. How weird is that?

At that point, still feeling awkward, I also started feeling horny. This was all just too cool! I had to test the waters. Hesitantly, I brought my right hand down to my own puss and started moving my fingertips in those little circles every woman knows so well. Perhaps I half-expected someone to yell “Stop that!” but of course no one did. They all saw me, but no one said anything.

Janet announced, “I think it’s time we all adjourn to the hot tub.”

I didn’t even know there was a hot tub. In the moonlight, we walked out past the garden, past the first shed to what I had assumed was a second gardening shed. No, it was a little building containing a sauna, hot tub, and cold dip. I had no idea! I was delighted!

All five of us got in the hot tub, Johnny with his erection wagging in front of him as he dipped his feet over the edge, and settled slowly into the hot water.

Evonne, sitting next to me quietly asked, “May I?” I had a pretty good idea what she was asking, and to my own surprise said, “I’d be honored.” Stupid, I know, but that’s what I said.

I figured she’d kiss me, or maybe put her hand on my vagina. You know what? I would have been good with any of that. Anything she wanted to do.

She leaned over wrapping her arms around me, and started sucking ever so gently on my left nipple. Oh, that sent shivers of joy through my whole body. I could feel chills from the tip of my head to my toes. A moment later, Johnny slid over to Evonne and went to work on her tits.

Meanwhile, sitting up out on the edge of the tub, with their feet dangling into the water, Janet went to work on the wizard’s penis, giving him a wonderful hand job. Suddenly he grunted and turned away from the tub as much as he could. I didn’t understand at first what he was doing. He had turned so that as his cum jetted out, it wouldn’t get in the water. I got to see that. I saw a very attractive and friendly old man ejaculate in a pretty young woman’s hand. Now, I understood why people like pornography. This was a joy to see.

It occurred to me as I was watching, that someone’s hand was touching my vagina. In the dark, I couldn’t quite tell who it was. It felt absolutely lovely. Within a minute, I was squirming and suppressing a scream as one of the best orgasms of my life overcame me.

And life has been like that ever since.

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  1. HOT !!! HOT !!! HOT !!!

  2. Yes, very hot. I’m76 years old and i live in assisted living. everyone seems sexually dead. i masturbate once in the morning, once or more again at night. it’s like a vitamin, valium, good run or swim. keeps me juicy. would still like a partner.

  3. Nice story with a “happy ending.” I was feeling very sorry for the author until things turned around for her.

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