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Young Asian Woman on Marshall’s Beach

I’m one of those Asian women you talked about Jeremy! Do you want to hear my point of view?

[Most definitely!]

I suppose I shouldn’t be so vain, but I’m quite proud of by body. First of all, I did inherit a great look, but I don’t leave it at that. Personally, I think looking as beautiful as possible is an art form, and like any art, worth pursuing. When I was a kid, my sister and my friends and I spent a lot of time learning the art of beauty, you know, hair, makeup, fashion and all that.

Maybe I shouldn’t admit this, but a few times, we brought up an interesting subject: Why does a woman spend so much energy on her face? You know, eyelashes, lipstick, and so on, and yet nothing in decorating her pussy? So some of us got together and we’d experiment with various forms of makeup on each others vaginas. It was in one of those sessions that I had my first ever orgasm. My friend Lydia was running a very soft rouge brush over my asshole, while two other friends were watching, and Bang! It happened.

OK, so understand, for me, showing off is about the art. I happen to be the canvas, and I do thank God that I’m a good canvas. Oh, I suppose if I had been taller, and with bigger tits, that would have been nice, and I’m maybe a bit on the thin side, but I’m not complaining! Frankly, if I had to pick, I’d rather be thin than thick.

[Do you suppose you might have a touch of anorexia?]

No, definitely not! My mother actually took me to a doctor once for that. He did the usual tests, plus it was the first time I was examined with a speculum. He proclaimed that I was naturally skinny.

[How was that, with the speculum?]

I fucking loved it. I suppose if I had been sick or something, it would be a different experience. The thing was a bit cold, but that only enhanced the deal. The doctor was an old guy, like maybe 60 years old, balding, a bit fat. But the idea of him sticking that thing in me like that, with me being all vulnerable, well, I didn’t orgasm, but I’ve given myself several good orgasms since, remembering it.

No, it didn’t hurt. OK, maybe a little tiny bit, but I was basically in heaven. I wanted the old guy to keep examining me forever. In reality, it was probably like ten seconds.

Oh, so, right, the beach. So, I love going down to Marshall’s Beach. First, it’s good exercise, especially walking back up all those stairs, right?

But here’s the thing: I’ve been working on my art form, my canvas, you know, me, and there are times when I ought to show my work, don’t you think?

OK, I admit, it makes me horny thinking that guys get excited by just looking at me.

So, when the weather is nice, or even sort of nice, I go down to Marshall’s Beach.

Every single time, when I get to the bottom, I start thinking, ‘This was a crazy idea.’ In fact, a couple of times I got down there, my mood wasn’t right, and I went right back up again. It’s a lot of stairs, but at least I got some exercise out of the deal.

But when things are right, I whip off my bikini right at the bottom of the stairs. Oh, I know that people don’t do that. They walk half way up the beach to where the naked people are, before they strip. But not me. I’m more of an exhibitionist than I probably ought to be.

Then too, right at the top of the trail, before all those stairs, there’s a sign that says, “Caution, you may encounter nudists ahead.”

Hell, one of these days, if everything is just perfect, like my mood, you know, I might whip off my bathing suit right there at the start of the trail. Why not, right? That would be so fun walking down the stairs all naked.

Anyway, to describe a typical day, I’ll get nude as soon as I hit the sand, and start walking north toward the bridge. I just love it when men will literally stare at me. However, most are too polite. They pretend not to care, but I know they do. If only they knew I’d love them to just go ahead and take a good look!

At some point, I stop by a rock that’s about table-height and among a good-size crowd of naked people, set down my pack, and put sunscreen all over my body. I’m just itching for a man to come up and offer to help. That’s only happened once. I swear, people are too shy. Like, what do they need, an engraved invitation?

The one time, the guy was kind of icky. Probably around 45, and he could have lost a few pounds. But I wasn’t complaining. He literally asked, “Would you like some help with that?”

I was like, “Oh, sure.”

The man was very kind and polite, spreading the sunscreen with his warm hands on my shoulders, then my back, then my arms. Then, he seemed hesitant, but he started putting it on my ass. My buttocks, you know? I have to say, that felt very, very nice! I don’t know if he noticed that my nipples got hard. They’re kind of dark, and small, compared to many other women, and I really like my own nipples. Especially when they’re hard like that.

Then he backed away. He hadn’t done my tits, my thighs, and of course my pussy. I asked, “That’s it?”

He was like, “Well…”

I simply added, “Go ahead, I won’t bite.”

Stupid I know, but it did the job. He put more sunscreen on his hands, then he got my tits with the most lovely massage-like technique. He didn’t know that I wouldn’t mind a firmer, deeper tit massage, but still, that sent tingles throughout my body. Then he did my thighs very nicely, eventually pushing his hand up to my puss. I didn’t flinch. Far from it. I went ‘ummm’ and kind of pushed against his hand. A couple of times his thumb pushed right up against my asshole. Yum! I would easily have enjoyed more, like some anal penetration.

Instead, after a couple of minutes, I had this not-really-so-icky guy fingering my cunt big time, right there in front of everyone. He tried to stop after a minute. I told him to keep going. Sure enough, I had a major orgasm.

It probably helps that I’m a grad student. I haven’t had time for a relationship, so when something like that happens at the beach, I just melt.

Oh, I have had relationships. I love fucking, under the right circumstances. I’m a little crazy. If possible, I like to be seen while fucking. Well, that’s just a fantasy so far, but one of these days…

I haven’t been buttfucked yet, so I’m still an anal virgin. However, I’ve had fingers stuck up there a whole number of times. The first was when us girls were playing with pussy makeup. But I’m just in heaven when a man will finger my ass, even more than when he fingers my cunt. Even more than I enjoy ordinary fucking, truth be told. Oh yes, I can get great orgasms from anal fingering.

Of course, most of my beach experiences weren’t like that. I just walk around, hoping all the guys, and girls to, if they’re so inclined, get a good look at my ‘artform.’

I’ll walk all the way to the north end, if the tide permits. I love knowing that tourists in the old fort building get the surprise of their life seeing me. Then too, there’s all the bicyclists and workers up on the bridge. I’m sure they can see me quite nicely.

Finally, I’ll head back south, sometimes scrambling over rocks, depending on the tide. At the south end, I put my bikini back on, walk up the stairs to my old Toyota, grab a bite, drive back to the dorm for some studying, and that’s my day!

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5 thoughts on “Young Asian Woman on Marshall’s Beach

  1. Hi! I was just down at Marshal Beach and I was hoping to see some Asian women like yourself! FYI I wouldn’t be shy if I saw you naked on the beach. I would love to meet you there some day.

    White, mid 30s, 5’11, fit, 7 inch uncircumcised cock.

  2. I will love to meet you there. I’m older but not gross and if you like the one experience, I can promise fulfilling both our fantasies with no “complications” afterwards.
    of course my e/m: ———
    drop a message!. I’m not bi or gay guys.

  3. Hi. I love your philosophy! When are you going to the beach next? Let me know and we can say hi! 🙂

  4. You are a perfect canvas, and I wouldn’t change a thing. Your tits are just right . You will have to turn your fantasies into reality. I’m sure it will make some lucky persons ecstatic. Wish I lived in the area to be able to go see you in the flesh.

  5. You have a beautiful body. I prefer women with smaller breasts.
    How many women act offended if a male passerby offers to help with lotion?

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