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You Can’t Always Get What You Want

by Jenelle Watson

Nickolas Albion was about as average as you can get. He was medium-built, of medium height, had medium brown curly hair that he wore short, with a matching trimmed beard and had typical blue eyes. Nick had a high libido, but didn’t have much use for it. He took care of his needs by jerking off every day, often twice a day. His wants, now that was a different matter. In the last few years, he felt like he was simply unable to get a decent girlfriend.

That’s all he wanted. Some guys want a lot of money. That would be nice, but not necessary, as long as he could cover his needs. Some guys have to be famous. Not Nick. He just wanted a nice girlfriend. So far as he could tell, it wasn’t happening.

Alexis Waters was a bit too rounded to be considered beautiful. She had shoulder length brunette hair, was a bit shorter than the typical woman, and otherwise average in all respects. Alexis had a high libido, just like Nick. Also like Nick, she would have very much liked to have a solid, stable, reliable, good-looking boyfriend. Instead, she masturbated at least twice a day. It took care of her needs, but not her wants.

Nicholas and Alexis never met, even though they lived in adjacent dorms. They had seen each other numerous times on the streets, in the university, in restaurants, at public gatherings, but neither remembered the other.

Nick was majoring in electrical engineering, and at the same time, Alexis was studying psychology. They attended Southern Oregon State University, in Ashland, Oregon, which was so small, with a student population of 5,000, that you might rather call it a college.

Although frustrated, Nick hadn’t lost his optimism. Pretty much every girl who came within ten feet of him received a smile, and an attempt at small talk. In the past month, he probably tried to engage more than fifty women, many right on the campus. Of those women, most at least smiled at him, although a few actually frowned. Some returned his banter for a moment, before continuing on their way. Not one spoke with him long enough to become friends. Come to think of it, he didn’t even have many male friends.

Alexis always hoped for eye contact. She figured she could start with that. If a guy would only catch her eye, she had a chance to expand on that, maybe even start a conversation. It simply wasn’t happening. Sometimes she wondered if men even had eyes.

One day, Nick said “Hi” to Vera, an exceptionally beautiful Asian woman he had seen several times before. She stopped walking and said “Hi” back. He asked about her major and found out she wasn’t studying at all. She worked for the local newspaper as a photojournalist.

Knowing that the best small talk is about things that interest the other person, Nick simply said, “That’s interesting. I’ll bet it’s hard to find work in the newspaper business these days.”

“It sure is,” she answered, before elaborating. “I was so lucky. I’ve always wanted to be in the newspaper business. My uncle had a friend who had a friend, who owns the Ashland Gazette.”

“Were you a student here?” he asked, trying desperately to hold the conversation together, and at the same time, look for a way to bring the conversation to such a personal level that he could ask her on a date.

“No. I think I would have liked that. I’ve been writing and taking pictures since I was eight years old. I always wanted to be a newspaper reporter. I got this job right out of high school.”

“Cool. So what brings you to the university?”

“I’m doing a personal interest piece, my favorite kind of article, by the way, on a professor here who is 94 years old.”

“Oh, I can’t wait to read it!”

They talked a bit more, then Nick, trying to sound casual, said “Hey, want to go out and get some pizza?”

“Oh, thank you for the offer, but my boyfriend wouldn’t understand.”

Politely but quickly, Nick ended the conversation, thinking she probably just said ‘boyfriend’ to get rid of him. Upon returning to the dorm, and finding his roommate wasn’t in, he took off all his clothes, got his penis good and hard, and had a delicious wank, thinking about what might have been. He was doing his best to picture Vera without clothes, and imagining her on a bed on all fours, with him fucking her from behind. After his ejaculation, he was feeling like a loser. He knew that the feeling would soon pass, just like it did after all his other near misses, but he sure felt miserable in the meantime.

Alexis was listening to a statistics lecture, thinking for the hundredth time, ‘Why in the world would a psychologist need to have a deep understanding of statistics?’ This was her worst class. She was doing alright, but couldn’t wait for the semester to end.

Oddly, as she looked from the textbook, to the professor, she noticed something unexpected. Paul, a guy with dirty-blond hair, a thin but athletic build, and a surprisingly long beard for someone his age, actually glanced at her for a moment. She caught his eye, and not knowing exactly what to do, mouthed ‘Hi.’

Paul, looking a bit sheepish, waved in response.

Alexis felt her heart flutter. This was as much progress as she had made in the boy department in a month. After the interminable lecture ended, Paul actually came over. They had spoken a couple of times, so they knew each other’s names, but this time, he asked her a provocative question. “Are you doing OK in this class?”

“Yes, I’m getting by. Thanks for asking.” As soon as she said it, she would have kicked herself, if she could. If she had said she was struggling, what might have happened? Would he have commiserated, resulting in a conversation with potential? Or, maybe he would have even offered to study with her, or tutor her.

“Oh, OK,” he said, turning away.

Frantically, holding on to any possible thread, she said, “What about you? How are you doing?”

“Oh, I’m doing fine. See ya.”

Alexis was so disappointed. When she returned to her dorm, passing Nick on the way, who didn’t make eye contact with her, she burst into tears. Her roommate, Shelly, a thin, beautiful, popular girl, with curly red hair cut short, like Shirley Temple, came over and sat on Alexis’s bed, put her arms around her and said, “Oh, sweetie. What is it?”

Alexis only cried harder, while Shelly continued to hold her. Finally, between sobs, she said, “I’ll never be attractive to anybody.”

Thinking fast, Shelly said, “Well, you’re certainly attractive to me. If I was bisexual, I’d eat you all up!”

“Oh, thank you so much Shelly, but I’m hoping to hear that from a guy someday. Someday!” and she burst into tears again.

Nick was becoming obsessed about the idea of having a girlfriend. It was becoming so bad it was affecting his studies. Then one day, Michele came along. She was a real beauty, being tall, thin, with big tits, which was important to Nick, and a pretty smile. They got to talking, and seemed to hit it off. When Nick felt the time was right, he invited her to pizza, and to his astonishment, she accepted!

Over pizza, they talked and talked. He saw a red flag which he chose to ignore. She couldn’t tell the truth to save her life. She owned a 35-foot yacht, but he could tell she didn’t really. Her father was the CEO of a major TV network, even though her sweater was expanded and frazzled at the end of the sleeves. She used to be a cheerleader, but lost interest in that, she said.

Nick was willing to ignore all that, because she was a beauty. She invited him to her apartment, which she claimed was 3,500 square feet. When they got there, it was one of the smallest, rattiest apartments Nick had ever seen. But still, she had invited him over!

One thing led to another, and after a little kissing, they were naked on her bed. They fucked, but she had a strange habit of saying ‘yup’ or ‘nope’ every time he tried anything, sort of guiding him in their sex. To Nick’s mounting disappointment, everything but missionary position turned out to be a ‘nope.’ Finally, he came, and she didn’t. He was feeling like it was a waste of a condom. Still, she was a beauty. Being a gentleman, Nick stayed, licking her pussy, the only thing that turned out to be a ‘yup’ until she had a mild orgasm and was satisfied.

She didn’t want him to stay the night, and he wasn’t particularly disappointed. Just as he was reaching for the doorknob, the door banged open, almost hitting him. Rolling in with quite a bit of momentum was a big guy who appeared to be a football player.

Nick was immediately afraid, kind of getting an idea what was going on.

The big guy spoke, “Hi Honey, I see you found another toy to play with,” giving a wry look to Nick.

Nick was quite relieved that he wasn’t going to get his lights punched out. He was also disappointed, because even though the sex hadn’t been much, it meant that he and Michelle didn’t have a future.

Back in his dorm, after his roommate was asleep, Nick imagined how the sex could have been, if Michele hadn’t been who she was, while masturbating himself under the covers to a small orgasm that took quite a while to arrive.

Over the next few days in the statistics class, Alexis was happy to notice that Paul was glancing at her from time to time. They began making some small talk before and after classes. One day, he gave her half of a sandwich after class. They sat together on a wall on the side of the university’s small quad, munching their sandwiches, and talking. Paul wasn’t much of a talker, but he was good-looking. Alex thought she might be able to get him out of his shell.

A day later, he asked her on a sort of a date. He thought it would be nice to walk through Lithia Park, the shady park along Ashland creek. They had a nice time.

Paul invited Alexis to his apartment. She was surprised by it’s size and elegance. Evidently Paul, or his family, had a lot of money. She inquired about roommates, assuming he must have at least one. He had no roommates.

He offered her some tea. While it was brewing, they sat on his sofa, and out of nowhere, Paul said, “You’re a pretty girl. I’ll bet your even prettier without clothes.”

Alexis blushed, and got a creepy feeling in the pit of her stomach, replying, “Oh, I guess I’m alright,” but didn’t add out loud, ‘for a fat girl.’

“I’d like to see.”

Now, fully creeped out, Alexis, thinking fast, said, “I’d forgotten that I have to cram for a test. Maybe next time.”

It took a little bit of work, but she extricated herself from the situation, and hurried home.

Once back in her own dorm room, she told her roommate Shelly about what just happened. Shelly agreed that getting out of there was definitely the right action. Then, kind of shyly and quietly, Shelly added, “You really are a beautiful girl, though.”

Alexis missed noticing the clue. Two days later, after class, Paul apologized to Alexis for being so forward, saying he ‘had a thing for her.’ Despite alarm bells going off, she was flattered.

The day after that, Paul asked her over to his place again, and offered to make dinner. Against her better judgment, she accepted.

Dinner went well. Alexis excused Paul’s actions the other day, saying to herself that she probably misunderstood, or maybe he was just slightly too aggressive. After dinner, they sat on the sofa to watch a movie. It was a violent flick, and Alexis was not enjoying it. During a particularly violent scene, Paul kissed her on the cheek. She turned to him, and they were kissing on the lips. Alexis was delighted, enjoying the contact. More than that, she was enjoying the fact that a good-looking boy found her attractive.

As they were kissing, Paul’s right hand went to her right hip. In a moment, he fumbled around until he found the gap between her T-shirt and her skirt. From there, his hand moved up, against the skin of her belly, to the bottom of her bra.

Quietly, Alexis said, “Maybe later, OK?”

Paul acted if he didn’t hear her, moving his hand over the top of her left breast, and squeezing it, through her bra, quite firmly. In fact, he squeezed it so hard it hurt.

“Hey! Stop, please.”

Still, he didn’t stop.

Alexis stood up, and backed away.

“Hey, baby, I didn’t mean anything…”

Alexis didn’t hear the rest, she was out the door in a flash, feeling as if she had escaped certain death by an inch.

Again, back in her room, she told Shelly what had happened, breaking down and crying twice.

After consoling her for a while, Shelly asked, “Alex, you’re a virgin, aren’t you?”


“How do you feel about that?”

“To tell you the truth, I’d rather be ‘experienced.’ I think it would help me control my hormones, which have been driving me crazy lately.”

“I understand perfectly, honey.”

After a moment, Shelly added, “What if your first time wasn’t with a guy?”


“I mean, what if you could control your hormones with a woman?”

“Wow…” then after a delay Alexis added, “It’s not a horrible idea.”

Shelly let it go, and they spent the next hour talking about boys, school, clothes, and food, before turning to their individual homework.

Shelly was a patient girl. She waited two days before she kissed Alexis, and then, just on the cheek. Alexis didn’t freak out. In fact, she seemed to enjoy the attention.

In a week, they were regularly kissing on the lips, hugging, and even began experimenting with Frenching. Alexis was slightly weirded out, but she didn’t want to show it for two reasons. She didn’t want to hurt Shelly’s feelings, and she was basking in the positive attention. Shelly may not have been the guy of her dreams, but she was a hot, fun chick. The more Alexis thought about it, the more she decided she’d let Shelly do, well, whatever Shelly wanted to do. Besides, having a lesbian… Yes, there, she said it, Lesbian! Having a lesbian relationship might be deliciously rebellious.

Shelly and Alexis had changed clothes in each other’s presence several times, but never down beyond underwear. That was always done in a stall in the communal bathroom, or in private, or sometimes under the covers. Both of them knew what they had to do, and without anything being spoken, they started spending a moment or two, here and there, fully naked in each other’s presence. Sometimes, Alexis would glance at Shelly, seeing her vagina covered with a thin layer of curly trimmed red hair, darker than the hair on Shelly’s head, and she’d feel a twinge in her own vagina. Shortly after, the first moment of privacy she got, she’d masturbate like crazy.

The day came when each girl was sitting on her own bed, both totally naked and comfortable, and Shelly worked the conversation around to masturbation.

“Boys masturbate more than girls,” she said.

Alexis, being rather horny and ready for something to happen, the something they both knew would happen at some point soon, said, “I don’t know, I masturbate pretty often.”

“Me too! I masturbate anytime you’re not here.”

“That’s what I do. I hope I can say this without offending you Shelly, sometimes I can’t wait until you leave for a class, so I can get right down to business and have a nice orgasm.”

“Not offended at all. I do the same thing, Alex.”

“Do you suppose it would be easier if we could be able to masturbate in front of each other? I mean, no more sneaking around. That would be nice, wouldn’t it? Alex asked sheepishly.

“Oh, girl, you are so on my wavelength! I’d love nothing more than to be able to sit here on my bed, and just start rubbing one out, whether you’re here or not, like this,” and with that, she boldly placed a finger in her slit, and started making exaggerated circular motions. In a moment, her motion became more actual masturbation, as she started getting ‘that feeling’ and settled into a proper wank.

Alexis was simultaneously delighted, shocked, and a bit scared. They might be going too far, getting too personal, but of course she had to join in. Simply had to! She grabbed her right breast with her left hand, stretching it up to her chin, while at the same time lowering her head as far as possible. She had the capacity to just barely reach her nipple with her tongue. She started licking, something she had done many times before, while at the same time, her right hand went to her vagina and started doing what most girls do.

Shelly, too, was delighted. They were breaking new ground, and it was terribly exciting. She was also intrigued that Alexis could lick her own nipples. Her own breasts were way too small to do anything like that.

“What’s it like, having such big, beautiful boobs?”

“Oh, I don’t think you’d like it. You always have to wear a bra, you can’t run, or when you do, it can be painful and awkward, and on a hot day, you get all sweaty between your breasts and your chest. Shelly, you’re way better off with your size.”

“Thank you, sweetie. I always thought they were too small.”

“Hell no, they’re beautiful!”

The conversation continued as each girl sat on her own bed, and masturbated. It was quickly normalizing. Whereas they were initially self-conscious about what they were doing in front of each other, and also concerned about glancing at each other, they were now becoming quite alright with the whole situation.

“Well, one thing,” Shelly said, “Is that I can’t lick my nipples like that. In fact, my nipples have never been licked.”

“Oh, it is a fantastic feeling. Here.” and with that, Alexis got up from her bed, sat down next to Shelly on hers, and started gently running her tongue over Shelly’s smaller pink nipples.

Shelly was perfectly accepting of that, laid back as Alexis continued to work on her nipples, first the left one, then the right, and said, “Yummm.” Shelly also continued to work her inner labia and clit, and in a moment, she was shuddering all over, tensing her muscles, and having one of the best orgasms of her life.

Alexis was proud that she could do that for another girl. Oddly, she didn’t suffer the slightest twinge of ‘oh, no, this is a lesbian activity.’

After Shelly recovered, which took quite a few minutes, she returned the favor, copying what Alexis had done, to her roommate’s larger nipples. Alexis, who had never had that treatment from anyone other than herself, found it spectacularly erotic, and soon had an orgasm of her own. In fact, it was a sort of double-orgasm. Just as the first waves were subsiding, a second set took over.

Afterward, they laid on Shelly’s bed for quite a while, hugging, and occasionally kissing.

Even though the experience with Michelle had been quite disappointing, and even though she was hanging with that big guy, Nick wanted to try it again with Michele. He became convinced that he could improve on his performance, and somehow the sex would be better.

When he called her two days later, she was sweet, but turned him down flat. He didn’t know it, but he had experienced being with a nymphomaniac. She was never satisfied sexually, but kept trying with a wide variety of guys. Michele had been raped by an uncle as a child, and as a result, she could never find a sexual balance as an adult.

That wasn’t Nick’s problem. His problem was that his high libido was driving him crazy. He wanted to fuck, but it simply wasn’t happening. That was what was on his mind as he rode his bike from the pizza place to his dorm, passing several other bikers and pedestrians on the way, one of which was a fat girl he didn’t even notice. Heavyset women were simply off his radar.

At the exact same time, Alexis was riding her bike from the campus to the pizza place, reminiscing on the remarkably nice time she had with Shelly. She passed Nick on the way, trying to make eye contact, but when she did, he looked up with glazed eyes, not really even noticing her.

The next day, Nick, feeling frustrated, was looking over Craigslist. First he looked at bicycles, then cars, as if he could afford one. He noticed the personals, and thought, ‘Hmmm.’ He sent messages to several lonely girls. Not a single one wrote back.

He tried it every few days, still with no responses. One ad was from a guy, evidently posted in the wrong category, advertising a circle jerk. Closing the laptop, Nick was disgusted.

The next morning, a Monday, before heading out for a class, he took another look at Craigslist, and that stupid circle jerk ad was still there. For some reason, Nick clicked on it. The guy was advertising for men between 18 and 35 to come to his place on Wednesday evening to get off together. It was accompanied by a picture of some guy’s erect penis.

‘That’s so fucked up,’ Nick thought.

On Tuesday, he wrote to the guy, just on a lark. He kind of wanted to know what kind of a guy would do such a thing.

By Wednesday evening, Nick had directions to the man’s house, and he found himself biking over there. The whole way, his mind was going in circles faster than his feet on the pedals. He was telling himself he just wanted to observe. To see how people could do such a thing. Strangely, his penis was a bit large and uncomfortable in his shorts.

Nick locked his bike to a lamppost in front of the house. During the time he was pulling the lock cable through the wheels, he almost took it back out, deciding to forget it, and ride home. But he didn’t. The thirty feet from the bike to the front door was one of the longest and most difficult walks in Nick’s life. He really didn’t want to ring the doorbell, but he did.

The door opened, and a man’s head peered around the opening. The guy was leaning in such a way that only his head could be seen. Nick guessed, correctly, that the man wasn’t wearing any clothes. Nick knew he found the right place.

Nick walked into a large living room with four other naked men, all undressed. Two were side by side on a sofa, watching some sort of porn. Another was fixing up some snacks on a table, and the fourth, the one who answered the door was introducing himself and the others by first name only. The host, who called himself “Tony,” and the snack guy had soft dicks, but the two on the sofa had raging erections. Seeing that had a strange effect on Nick. He felt something in the pit of his stomach that was halfway between fear and excitement.

First, Nick wanted to run, saying this was a mistake. Then, he thought about using a fake name, but he wasn’t much of a liar, so he introduced himself as ‘Nick.’ The guy who answered the door was thin, tall, and good-looking, around 35 years old. Nick was thinking that they guy looked like a winner, and was wondering why the guy needed to resort to a circle jerk to get his sexual kicks. The guy messing around with the snacks was around 25, and also looked pretty good, like he should be successful with women. The two on the sofa also looked good. They were around Nick’s age.

The host offered Nick a beer. Nick declined. “My dad was a drunk. I don’t want to go down his path, therefore I don’t drink, not even beers, thank you.”

The host seemed impressed with Nick’s resoluteness.

It took a moment for Nick to realize the other guys were all naked, and he was covered in clothes. ‘Fuck!’ he thought, ‘I can’t just stand here. I’m going to have to get naked also, or they’ll start thinking I’m a weirdo.’ He almost laughed out loud at that, remembering something he had read, ‘In a family of thieves, the one who doesn’t steal is the outcast.’ So, in a group of naked men, the one in clothes is the outcast.

Reluctantly, he stepped out of his clothing, laying it on the back of another, unused sofa, along with the other men’s clothing. He was somewhat embarrassed that his penis was half-hard.

As the men were making small talk, two more rang the doorbell, came in, and disrobed as introductions were repeated all around.

In total, nine men arrived. Looking back at the large TV, Nick noticed that the host had arranged a variety of porn. Most was heterosexual, but some was downright gay.

Pretty soon, most of the men were sporting erections and wanking themselves while standing around or sitting on chairs in groups of two or three. The two on the sofa were wanking each other. Nick followed suit, bringing himself to an easy erection that was soon rock-hard. Way too soon, he felt that inevitable ‘gonna cum’ feeling, so he quit masturbating for a while.

He got in a conversation with a guy who was about his age. The guy was pretty cool, and they found they had a class in common at the college although they hadn’t recognized each other. Suddenly, Nick remembered who this guy was. It was Jason. He had seen him around the campus. He was freaked out momentarily. Jason was seeing him at this event, and naked. But then, he thought, he had seen Jason, too. They were in it together.

“Would you like a blowjob?” Jason asked.

Nick was again freaked out. But then he remembered reading something scratched into a restroom wall years ago, “It’s not gay if you’re the one getting the blowjob.” Laughing to himself, he hesitantly accepted.

Jason got down on his knees while Nick remained standing, and placed his mouth gently around Nick’s penis. It felt remarkably good. Nick hadn’t expected that. He was about to cum, and said, “Hang on.”

Jason stopped immediately, saying ‘Right, save it for later.”

Nick asked Jason what he was doing here, forgetting momentarily that asking that was sort of insulting the group. No one took offense.

“Probably the same as you. My girlfriend doesn’t put out much, and I get horny.”

Another guy, Mark, added, “I used to think there was something wrong with jerking off with a bunch of guys. Like it was ‘gay’ or something.”

Another guy said “Hey!” laughingly pretending to be offended.

Mark continued, “But when you think about it, there’s nothing, absolutely nothing, wrong with it. It’s our society that’s fucked up, not the ones who rebel, so to speak. If you’re not hurting anyone, even yourself, and if you’re having a good time, then ‘go for it!’ I say.

“Here, Here!” from the far side of the room.

Another, older guy added, “I’ve been married twelve years. My wife just doesn’t like sex all that much. She’s a wonderful woman, and I love her, but I’ve got to get my sex outside the family. That’s why I come to things like this. My wife is not only alright with it, she encourages it, because it keeps me from wanting to hit on her, which she actually finds bothersome.

Preaching to the choir, the host mentioned that safe sex is important. “We don’t do anything involving penetration here, everyone is friendly, and everyone has a good time. That’s important to all of us.”

Several guys said, “Yeah,” and “Yup” and “Right.”

Nick was starting to settle in. He no longer felt guilty for being erect in front of these men. He found them likable. Suddenly, he lost it, barely catching his cum in his hand, while several men looked on and cheered. He was the first to cum that evening. The others were evidently good at edging, or waiting until the time was right.

Nick stayed only another fifteen minutes. Now that he had ejaculated, some other thoughts, stuff about being ‘gay’ as if that’s a bad thing, were entering his mind, and he was getting creeped out.

Thanking the host and the others, and saying he had a ‘great time’ even though he wasn’t sure he had, he left them to enjoy the rest of their evening.

The next day, the creepy feeling was starting to lift like a morning fog, and the sun came out. Nick started thinking back on the evening, believing he could have handled it better, and hoping to do something like that again. As he was thinking all this, he passed the fat girl on her bike again. He smiled at her, and her face broke into one of the most radiant smiles he had ever seen.

For Alexis and Shelly, taking off all their clothes as soon as they entered their dorm room, which due to the funky ventilation system, was always slightly too warm, became routine. Kissing and hugging on one of the beds was also routine. Just recently, they had started rubbing each other. One night, Shelly ventured to slowly push a finger into Alexis’s butthole, which caused her to have a crashing orgasm right away. Alexis was imagining the finger was a penis. She returned the favor, and Shelly too, while secretly imagining the exact same thing, also had a glorious orgasm.

Nick went to two more circle jerks. One was a bunch of older guys. He didn’t realize they’d all be grandfathers. He felt slightly out of place being the youngest one there, but soon settled in, basking in all the attention from these old guys, and had a great time. The other was a repeat performance at Tony’s place. The second time, he felt like an old hand. He suffered no nervousness, and had a great time, finally cumming from a massage with a happy ending handjob given by Jason.

Crash! Nick hadn’t been looking where he was going. He had been daydreaming about the circle jerks. He smashed his bike right into the fat girl’s bike.

Alexis had been remembering the whole anal fingering thing with Shelly and smashed into that nice looking guy that had smiled at her. But this was not the time to think about that. Her head was hurting.

The boy came right up to her asking immediately, “Are you alright?” and apologizing for the accident, as if it was all his fault.

“No, it was my fault,” she answered, adding, “Yeah, I guess I’m OK. My head hurts.”

“I’m sure glad you’re wearing a helmet. Here, let’s take a look,” and he moved his hands to remove her helmet.

“Oouch!” He couldn’t move his hands. His wrists. There was something wrong with both wrists. They really fucking hurt. He must have broken his fall by landing on his hands. Come to think of it, his palms were scraped up also.

Alexis, sizing up the situation, said, “I’m OK, but I’m afraid you may not be.”

“Oh, no. I’ve got to get to class.”

“Can you ride your bike?”

Nick walked over to his bike laying on the ground. It seemed to be intact. He bent down to pick it up, placing a hand on the handlebar, and screamed in pain.

An hour later, he was in the waiting room at the hospital with the fat girl, who he learned was “Alexis,” sitting at his side. The doctors still hadn’t treated him, and his wrists were aching. She was quite sweet to him, telling him repeatedly that his condition didn’t seem that bad, and he’d be alright. Nick certainly hoped so.

Finally, while Alexis waited, he was led into a treatment room, where he got the full treatment – blood sample, blood pressure, throat check and so on. His wrists were X-rayed. Finally, the diagnosis: He had sprained his wrists. Nothing broken. Telling Nick that sprains can often be more painful than actual breaks, the doctor proscribed some pain medicine, and told him to take it easy for a few days. The way his wrists were hurting, Nick knew that he would indeed be taking it easy for the next few days.

Finding out what had happened on the phone, his parents sounded all worried. They asked if he wanted to come home. He didn’t, saying he’d be fine in the dorm.

That evening, once he got settled in, Alexis called. He couldn’t manage the phone, so his roommate answered it, and pressed the speakerphone option. She wanted to come over and help out. He proudly said he didn’t need it, while his roommate shook his head.

“I’m going to Pittsburgh for the next week, remember?”

“Oh, Alexis, my roommate isn’t going to be here. Um, maybe, if you’re not doing anything…”

She was there in twenty minutes, just coming in the door as the roommate was headed out.

“Our bikes were stolen. I guess we shouldn’t have just left them there.”

“Figures,” he answered.

“Right. Anyway, my bike was a junker.”

“So was mine.”

She asked how she could help. Nick was terribly hungry. She ran down to the cafeteria, picking up some things on her own meal ticket, and brought them back to the room. She ended up spoon feeding Nick. He was embarrassed to need such intimate attention, but also very glad she was willing to help.

“How’s your headache?” he asked.

“Oh, that went away. I’m fine, thankfully!”

“I’m so glad.”

After he ate, he developed a problem. He had to pee. He was concerned he couldn’t get his fly down. Walking down to the hall to the communal dorm bathroom, the problem was even bigger than he thought. He couldn’t even open the door. Even the right wrist, which didn’t hurt as much, was incapable of opening the door. Now, he was freaking out. What was he going to do, pee his pants?

Returning to the dorm room, he was silent for a while. Alexis could see something was wrong.

“What’s wrong?”

Remaining silent for another minute, he finally blurted out, “I’ve gotta go.”

“Oh, you’ve gotta pee?” she said, understanding how that might be difficult when one can’t use one’s hands.

“Unfortunately.” He looked at her, blushing, and looking for all the world like a little boy who was in the principal’s office.

“Don’t be silly. I can help.” She tried to sound casual, but realized she might be called on to do something quite personal. She wasn’t sure how well she could handle it.

“I wouldn’t ask, but…”

“I know. Let’s just take care of business, shall we?”

They realized she couldn’t just walk into the mens room with him, so she grabbed an empty soda bottle out of the wastebasket. There are times when a person does what has to be done, without making a fuss out of it. This was one of those times. Having him stand, she awkwardly opened his fly. She then tried reaching in to find his penis, and pull it through the opening. That didn’t work at all. After fumbling at the opening of his briefs for a moment, she gave up, unbuckled his belt, undid his pants, and pulled both his pants, and his underwear down to his ankles. He started losing balance, so she put one arm around his waist, as she saw a human penis close up, for the first time in her life.

This was no time for the reaction she felt, and that made her cringe with self-reproach. She found herself getting a little wet in the vagina from what she was seeing, and a sort of electric shock ran from the tip of her head, and settled in her lower stomach and groin. ‘Geez girl, get it together,’ Alexis was thinking.

Now that he was steadied. She took the bottle in her right hand, and reached out, grabbing his penis to aim it into the opening with the other.

“Oh my god!” Nick exclaimed.

She dropped his penis immediately thinking maybe she had somehow hurt him.

“Oh sorry, I meant, that felt remarkably good. My apologies. I know I shouldn’t be thinking something like that at a time like this.”

“No worries.”

She grabbed his penis again, and aimed it into the bottle. Almost immediately a strong stream of yellow urine flowed into the bottle, nearly filling it.

“Oh, thank you so much, I really had to go!”

“I guess you did!” she said, laughing.

Realizing she was still hanging on to his penis, she suddenly let it go. As she did so, she was surprised to notice it was slightly bigger than it had been at first.

Again awkwardly, she pulled his underwear, and then his pants back up, leaving the top button and belt undone.

“Nick, I’m going to sleep here with you tonight.”

“Huh?” he asked incredulously.

“On your roommate’s bed. What if you need something in the middle of the night? And, what about in the morning?”

“Alexis, you’re too sweet. But I can manage.” As he said it, he knew it wasn’t true. How the fuck was he going to pee in the morning?

“Dude, you can’t manage. I’m staying, and that’s that.”

They enjoyed watching a romance comedy on Netflix, then Alexis asked Nick where his pajamas were. He sheepishly admitted he didn’t have any. He sleeps nude.

“So be it.” She then helped him out of all his clothing, and covered him up in the bed.

She stripped down to her bra and undies as he tried not to watch, but surprisingly liked what he saw. This fat girl wasn’t so bad, really.

After she turned the light out, they talked for the next couple of hours, neither being sleepy. Nick found out about her family and her aspirations, and she found out all about him. They had a few things in common.

Alexis skipped her classes the next day to help Nick. He was very appreciative, but the close proximity of this girl who he was starting to regard as beautiful was having an unfortunate effect on him. He wanted to jerk off. He wished she wasn’t there, so he could. But then, too, he knew he couldn’t because of his wrists. This was almost a worse predicament than peeing. There was no way he could ask her to help, of course.

A notion was brewing in Alexis’s head. During the past day, with all the excitement, the crash, the hospital and all that, Nick was needing a bed bath. No doubt about it.

“Dude, you need a bath.”

“No, I’m OK.”

“No, you need a bath.”

“I guess so.”

She went to the 7-11 and came back with some supplies. Then, she went into the restroom, filling a bucket with warm water. Returning to Nick’s room, she stripped him bare. They were both reasonably OK with that, since by then she had already helped him with his bathroom needs several times. He did feel very, very naked in front of her, however.

She had him stand, while she gave him a head to toe bath, skipping over his genital region. In the process, he became very erect.

“Oh, sorry about that.” he said, quite embarrassed and with his cheeks turning red. “It’s just in the presence of a beautiful girl, I guess it’s inevitable.”

‘Wow!’ she was thinking. ‘A guy thinks I’m beautiful! And not just any guy. This Nick fellow turns out to be really something.’ Anyone who hasn’t been obese since the age of six might not realize the significance of being called beautiful. His erect penis proved he wasn’t just saying it. He meant it!

What she said was, “It’s beautiful!”

She hadn’t meant to say that, even though it was true. She found his penis, the only one she had ever seen other than in pictures, a real and very attractive work of art.

Glancing at his magnificent organ, yet trying not to stare, she continued bathing him, finally getting under his balls and in his ass crack. Alexis took her time, not wanting this scene to end, ever. Nick’s penis stayed hard, sticking up and out at a 45-degree angle, the whole time.

Nick was feeling exceedingly horny. If only, somehow, he could have an orgasm. But that was entirely out of the question. Damn!

Alexis asked, “When guys get hard like that, how do they make it go down?” She really didn’t know that it would eventually wither if left alone.

“Well, we generally masturbate.” It was a truthful answer.

“I’d love to see how that’s done.”

‘Holy cow!’ Nick was thinking. ‘A girl who isn’t afraid to be real about sexual matters.’ He didn’t know the half of it.


“Oh, right. Your wrists.”

Nothing else needed to be said. She put her right hand on his dick, finding it natural to wrap her fingers around it.

“Oh my, that feels nice!” he responded.

Instinct took over, and she began to move her hand slowly up and down, finding the extremely soft nature of his foreskin interesting, and the hardness within not only intriguing, but making her very wet in the process.

Perhaps it was additional instinct. She let go, leaned forward, and kissed the tip of his penis. Then, she put his whole dick in her mouth. Although as men go, Nick was just average in size, she found it very large and appealing, filling her mouth. She literally sucked on it, thinking that’s how it’s done, drawing his penis so far in that she almost gagged.

“Lovely, but ouch!” He then explained that she had to keep her teeth away from the skin. “You haven’t done this before, have you?”

“Nick, I’m a fat girl. I haven’t done anything.” She added, “Well, almost nothing,” thinking of Shelly.

“Alex, you may be a bit heavy, but you are an absolutely lovely girl,” and he meant that.

She continued to suck him, letting off on the actual vacuum, and simply surrounding his penis with her mouth. It was too much for Nick.

“I’m gonna cum!”

She didn’t understand until she felt some slight pulsing in her mouth, and then tasted the salty outpouring. Then she knew! She also knew that she really enjoyed what had just happened.

It took a good minute before Nick could speak again. “I owe you.”

“No, not at all. I enjoyed that – very much!”

“No, I owe you for everything. You’ve been taking great care of me, and I so appreciate that! Here…” he said, as he reached to draw her near. Putting his arms around her ample middle, he suddenly jumped back. He had forgotten and hurt his wrists.

“Alexis, I don’t want you to think I’m being crude, but I want to do for you what you did for me. I realize it’s not very romantic, but I really want to reciprocate.”

“Um, OK, I guess,” she said quietly. In her mind she was thinking about what she and Shelly had been doing and fantasizing about something similar with Nick. She was too horny to think straight in any case.

“Madam, please disrobe,” he said very formally, making them both laugh nervously.

Alexis complied, and soon she was in her birthday suit. Nick drew in his breath. He always thought fat people were, well, less than pretty. Not Alexis. she was breathtaking, reminding him of some paintings by Peter Paul Ruben he had seen in a book. At the time, he thought those women in the oil paintings were ‘fat.’ Now, he thought back on them as beautiful.

They started hugging and kissing. It was difficult because of his wrists. Then he had her recline on the bed, and was thinking he’d rub her clit to an orgasm. However, his hand’s weren’t allowing it. They hurt too much. Very gently, he tried running his fingertips over her breasts, and especially her nipples. That hurt too. So, he bent forward and ran his lips very lightly over her vagina. How he knew to do that, no one knows. Most guys are too rough. Not Nick. He respected women, and knew they prefer a delicate touch compared to men. In time, he was licking deeply into her slit, drawing up delicious fluid. It took him some doing, but he identified her clitoris within her inner labia, and in due course, started licking it, and sucking it gently into his lips. She orgasmed, big-time!

Afterward, they hugged on the bed for more than an hour. He couldn’t believe how comfortable, and comforting, it felt, to put his arms around this big girl. There was a part of him that was quite possibly done with skinny girls forever. If he had only known!

Time went on. Nick’s wrists healed entirely. Alexis happily lost her virginity to Nick. He and Alexis became inseparable. They spent countless nights not only enjoying great sex but talking deep into the night.

They evolved from ordinary intercourse to anal intercourse. He just loved putting on a condom and putting his dick in her tight asshole. Once she got stretched and used to it, he would bang her super-hard until he came. She generally came at the same time without her vagina even being touched. From there, they evolved further, putting carrots, and other vegetables in both of her quivering, excited holes, giving Alexis huge orgasms.

One evening, after playing with a large, firm cucumber for a while, stuffing it in first her pussy, then her ass, which brought her endless joy, and countless orgasms, they switched to something he particularly enjoyed. He was on his hands and knees on the bed, with his ass up in the air and open. She had started by pressing one finger, then two as deep as they could go into his anus. She’d then curl them forward, massaging his prostate. It gave him a ‘gonna pee’ feeling even though he didn’t pee. Sometimes, some semen would be pushed out of his prostate and arrive at the tip of his penis, dripping off. He could feel it working its way along the tube. He loved that, and she got a kick out of doing it too.

On this night, she withdrew her fingers. She tried pressing the cucumber into his ass. At first, it wasn’t going in, and it was hurting him. She was patient, and pretty soon, it was in a good two or three inches. His anus was stretched wider than it had ever been. The pain transmuted into a very pleasurable full feeling, but he wanted more. Oddly, his body, stretched though it was, wanted the cucumber jammed in more. She complied, and he ejaculated all over the bed, without his penis even being touched.

Afterward, they got to talking. He wondered out loud if anal play was ‘gay.’

“Why would it matter?”

“It doesn’t. I’m just a stupid prude when it comes to such things. I need to overcome it. In fact, I kind of have, in some ways.”

“Oh, what do you mean?”

A few months ago, I attended some circle jerks.”

“Circle jerks?”

“Oh, sorry. Those are events in which men get together and jerk off. There’s usually nothing circular about it. The men just watch porn, typically, then wank themselves or each other.

“I guess the term ‘circle jerk’ came from a more literal version, in which a group of men can arrange themselves in a circle so that each is masturbating the guy to his right. Everyone gets equal attention.”

“Wait, you were at one of these circle jerks?”

Nick knew Alexis well enough now to realize she wouldn’t be upset by the notion. Instead, she was fascinated. She had already told him about Shelly, and he encouraged her to continue playing with her friend as much as she liked. He especially enjoyed hearing about the girls having sessions together. Having met Shelly, he was somewhat attracted to her, although she was too skinny, not just right like Alexis. Still, he secretly dreamed of being sexual with her some day.

“Yes, I went to three of them altogether.”

“Wow, way cool! I’d love to have been a fly on the wall to see those.”

Nick was developing an idea. “If you were at such a thing, would you participate?”

“You bet!”

With her blessing, he went to the next Wednesday evening gathering. There were a few new men there. The ones who recognized him welcomed him back. He had a great time, as well as a great ejaculation. Before he left, he asked the men in general and especially the host, whether they’d enjoy a woman’s company at the next event. To a man, even the gay guys, they were beside themselves with excitement at the prospect.

To Alexis’s delight, she was slated to attend next Wednesday.

“But not without reinforcement,” she added.

“Me? Of course, I’ll be there.”

“Oh, you’re cool,” she said as she slapped his shoulder playfully.

“I was talking about Shelly. I’ll feel safer, more confident with her company, too.”

“Yes, by all means,” was his immediate answer, as he felt his cock stirring at the thought. He was picturing all those men, and both girls, all naked and playing every which way.

She invited Shelly, who was similarly delighted.

Waiting for Wednesday evening to come along was almost painful.

Finally, the three of them, Nick, Alexis, and Shelly were on the front porch and rang the doorbell.

As usual, Tony opened the door, and stood naked behind it, shielding his body from passers-by, stepped aside, letting them in.

Five men were already there, and all smiles. Alexis and Shelly wasted no time in getting as naked as the men.

In a rather commanding and loud tone, Tony reminded everyone “No penetration.”

Nick was the hardest he had ever been, even though no one, including himself, touched his penis for the first hour. He was super-hard because he was enjoying seeing his girlfriend and Shelly being admired, fondled, and kissed by all those men.

They returned the next week. Tony lifted the ‘no penetration’ rule, and Alexis found herself being fucked by eight different guys in one evening. Shelly and Alexis laughingly added up their score later that evening. Shelly had only been banged by seven guys.

Nick tried something that night that would have just about killed him with disgust only a year earlier. Instead, he enjoyed it very much. He allowed himself to be buttfucked by Jason, while Alexis watched intently and cheered him on. Shortly afterward, he turned around, put on a condom and buttfucked one of the older guys, enjoying that, too.

That was six years ago.

They continue to attend the Wednesday evening get-togethers. Tony, who is in the construction business, rented a very large warehouse, where he converted a couple thousand square feet into a playroom filled with couches, recliners, pads on the floor, and TV sets. The Wednesday get-togethers average about sixty people, mostly men, but always with at least a dozen women.

Shelly is a psychologist in a hospital in nearby Medford, Oregon.

Paul is in prison, having been convicted of statutory rape.

Nick is now working from home as a contract engineer, making good money.

Alexis changed her major from psychology to nursing, and is now employed at same hospital where Shelly works. She’ll be taking her maternity leave soon.

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