XHamster.com: A general porn video website with many user-submitted movies that contains something for everyone.

XMO – Extended Male Orgasm – Male POV Story

X-Rated – Hardcore

X-Treme Sex and Masturbation: Sexual and masturbatory practices that go beyond the normal and may border on dangerous, such as masturbating or having intercourse< in public locations, genital modification or sounding.

XTube.com – a website with thousands of user-submitted videos. A large portion of the website is male-oriented, but heterosexuals will find plenty of interesting material there also. Some of the videos are quite specific, not just endless guy sucking guy or guy banging guy videos. For instance if you want to see guys walking on the beach with erections, CFNM (Clothed Female, Naked Male), incest scenes, body modification and more, you’ll find it at XTube.

XXX: A designation indicating strong pornography.

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