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What Could Be Better Than Ejaculating?

Releasing a single drop of cum

As a long-time edger, I thought I had found the maximum pleasure, but no, there’s a whole new level, and it’s something that I believe anyone – any man – can learn.

What could be better than ejaculating? As it turns out, not ejaculating, but with a huge twist. Let me explain, and teach you how to get the same fantastic result.

In fact, let’s talk about the result first, because you may not understand, or believe what I’m about to tell you is possible.

You can be in continuous, dry orgasm, for as long as you want. It feels somewhat different than what you might expect. It feels a bit like an ordinary orgasm, but of course it keeps going. At the same time, there are some other feelings, rather fantastic ones, mixed in with it. One is a sort of ‘gotta-pee’ feeling, and I’ve found you can enhance the effect if you really do have a full bladder, but more about that later. You also get a kind of chill throughout your body, but especially in the lower abdomen that, like the ongoing orgasm, stays with you. You might also get a bit of a stinging sensation in your urethra, deep inside your penis, but it is a kind of nice sensation, and doesn’t last beyond your session or cause harm.

So here’s the deal: start by wanking in the usual way. When you start to get to the orgasmic feeling, back off a bit on your stroking, but not entirely. Find that place where the orgasmic feeling is just beginning, and try to ride it like a surfer rides a wave. So, unlike conventional edging, you don’t get close to orgasm then quit until the feeling subsides. You also don’t get especially close to cumming. Just get to where you’re getting that pre-orgasming feeling, don’t quit, but lighten up.

Now, it will take some practice. Perhaps many sessions. You’ll probably slip over the edge and cum a few times. At other times, you’ll loose the orgasming feeling, and have to build it up again.

But one of these days, maybe even quite soon, you’ll find that magic place where you balance in orgasm, but it stays dry – you don’t ejaculate. When you first ‘get’ this technique, the orgasmic feeling is less strong than a full ejaculatory orgasm, but is still remarkably pleasant, and as you’ll see, you can keep it going for a while. At first, a minute or two. But with practice, you can stay in orgasm an infinite about of time.

Now you’d reached a stage where it suddenly improves in a major way: you get to where you don’t have to fight it. You don’t have to stay focused so you don’t ejaculate. In other words, your body seems to learn what you want, and helps you stay in orgasm and not ejaculate.

I only really understood and managed this the first time a few weeks ago. I immediately called a friend, and told him about it. A week later, we arranged to meet, and instead of just wanking each other, I told him what to do to me, and to my amazement, it worked even with him doing the handjob to me. I thought I wouldn’t have such good control.

The cool thing is after I rode that orgasm for a good five minutes, we switched to him. I explained how he should tell me when he’s getting the orgasmic feeling – just starting to get it, and I’ll slow down. We arranged a couple of things to say: If he was starting to get orgasmic, he’d say “Wait.” In that case, I wouldn’t stop stimulating him. I’d just slow down and lighten up. If he was getting way too orgasmic, he’d say “Wait, wait.” In that case I’d stop for a few seconds – but only a few seconds.

And guess what? On his very first try, he got it. I was able to bring him to orgasm, and keep him there, with no ejaculation, for at least two whole minutes. I thought he’d cum, but he went the other way. After two minutes, he fell off the edge, and it took me a while to bring him back up, but then he ejaculated all over the place. All-in-all, a very successful session. As the evening wore on, we ‘did’ each other a few more times. We both love handjobs, and ended up with two full ejaculations each. He and I plan to see how much farther we can carry this ongoing orgasming thing next Monday.

Of course I have been practicing quite a bit on my own, too. The other evening, I was in orgasm for perhaps 5 minutes. I then fell off, and had to build up the feeling again, and eventually got a couple more 5-minute orgasms. I have already been at the point where I can easily not cum, and stay in orgasm without working on focusing, so that was very, very nice. A few times, a surprising amount of pre-cum came out. I seldom get much pre-cum, but with this technique, I get occasional actual spurts of clear fluid. That night, as my wife rolled over and went to sleep, I entertained myself with some more dry orgasms, then went to sleep myself, not having cum at all that day, yet satisfied.

Oh, and I almost forgot to point out that with additional practice, you can even have several bouts of orgasmic contractions, the ones that usually accompany ejaculation, and yet you don’t ejaculate. It’s weird, but true!

Next morning, in the office, I was just sitting in a chair with my pants around my ankles and doing the same dry orgasming thing, but that time I had a surprising effect. I was in the midst of one of those long orgasms, when I felt a shot of fluid rise up through my urethra. I thought it was some pre-cum, but a whole lot shot out, and embarrassingly landed in my underwear and on my pants, so then I had some wet spots in my pants I had to conceal for an hour or so until they dried. Fortunately, no one was around, so no big deal.Of course, if someone was around, I wouldn’t have been wanking in the office.

The crazy thing is, there was more cum in that weird, non-contracting ejaculation, than I normally get with a normal ejaculatory wank. And yet, there weren’t contractions when that happened. The fluid just sort of overflowed out of me.

So that’s my story. Totally true. Don’t believe me? Try it yourself. You’ll find out!

BTW, the picture above is me releasing a single drop of cum. It’s a related technique that I learned a while ago, and which probably influenced this technique. When you release a single drop, you don’t lose your erection or enthusiasm, and can do it over and over. But this latest technique is way better, because you get those beyond-orgasm feelings I described earlier, and they can last – continuously – for minutes at a time. Cheers! – Jeremy

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  1. I used to have a friend (dead now) who claimed the only thing better than ejaculating was a good healthy shit. Not sure if he really believed that. Can’t say I agree.

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