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What Are They Feeling?

I probably know more about men’s genitals than most men do. Yet, it used to bother me that I don’t truly know what a man is feeling while I do my work. I’d really like to know. However, I’ve come to realize that as long as I am making them happy, it’s all good. I know they are happy with my service, because I have a full clientele, and it’s almost all repeat business. I haven’t advertised since Craigslist stopped doing personals. In fact, the timing was just about right for my business.

So, anyway, a regular customer will arrive, and he knows the routine. He’ll take off all his clothes, and fold them neatly on a chair next to my massage table.

For some guys, I’ll tie their wrists and ankles to the corners. Others don’t much care for that.

I may then tie a short soft rope around the base of their balls. It doesn’t really make them more erect, but kind of bunches their balls up under their cocks, and makes the erection stand up more vertically. So, it has the illusion of greater erectness.

Then, I’ll give a good five or maybe ten minutes of testicle massage. I know what each customer likes. Some like it very gentle, some like it remarkably firm. I learned years ago that balls aren’t fragile, except at the top back where the spermatic cords attach. They can be squished really hard. They are rubbery, like chicken gizzards. As I said, I don’t know what the guys are feeling, but they each seem to enjoy it in their own way, whether it’s a gentle customer, or one who likes it really firm.

Having wondered about what testicle massage feels like, and knowing I have something similar in me, my ovaries, I’ve tried to get a few friends to fist me, locate my ovaries, and give them a massage. Having studied some anatomical pictures, I believe it’s possible.

It seems like it is more likely to work with women fisting me than men, because they have small hands. I still don’t know whether the anal or vaginal approach is better. I’m pretty sure no one has actually found my ovaries yet.

I’ve tried fisting my sister several times, to see why no one can find and squeeze my ovaries. Then I understood. One can’t easily make out any anatomy by feel, whether through the cunt or the ass.

So then I go on to glans rubbing for those guys who want that. They squirm, they yell, some really do need to be tied down. Embarrassingly, one guy thrashed so hard about a year ago, that he almost tipped the table over. It leaned up hard against my body. If I hadn’t been standing where I was, the table would have fallen over, with him tied to it.

I can’t really understand it. They say it’s like some sort of intense tickle. They say it has an unbearable effect at first, but if I keep it up long enough, it turns into something they find highly pleasurable.

For these guys, I put a plastic sheet on the table, under the regular sheet. Since my floor is Linoleum, there’s no problem there. You see, they often involuntarily start peeing during the treatment. I just keep going as if nothing is wrong. They hate it, and they love it, all at the same time.

Some will involuntarily ejaculate during the glans rubbing. Cool. I just keep going for most of them. Some can’t stand it, they yell the safeword, and I have to stop. Most, just squirm like crazy, they moan, they laugh – I can tell it’s an excruciating feeling after they cum, but that they seem to love it. At least those that do. Most of the guys don’t really want that.

Whether or not they are glans rub customers, I’ll end with lots of teasing. Ideally, one of two things happen: Either they will cum early on, and I get to do a lot of post-orgasm stimulation on them, or I’ll tease them during the whole 45-minute session, and they never cum. Either way, they always book an appointment for the next week. So, whatever is going on with these guys, they’re enjoying it.

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