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Weird Description

A Remarkably Weird Description

Urethral plug, similar to the one described, available on eBay

I was looking at sex toys on eBay, and found this remarkable description. You’ve gotta read it, and if it doesn’t make you laugh, you’re not human!

This is a description for a urethral plug sent from China. You may not be into urethral play, but I’m pretty sure you’ll get a kick out of the seller’s description of the use of this thing.

First, a description of the item itself: It is stainless steel, about 2 inches long, with a maximum diameter of 3/8-inch. It has an attached ring, so it can’t go too far in, and can be easily removed. The widest part is near the far end, so it will tend to stay in place, not be pushed out by the natural tendency of the body to expel things. It has a hole throughout its length, so once inserted you can still pee or cum through the hole.

“Use way: half lying on a bed or a chair, leaning midfielder quilt or pillow, the eye easily look at penis, and easy to operate. First sterilized with alcohol cotton pad or medical alcohol disinfection urethra stick. Then lubricate the urethra stick with paraffin cotton. Then you must be very excited, penis had to straighten, you have to restrain, the lubricant squeeze as much as possible within the urethra. As you can gently poke the urethra, and then put the catheter / urethral insert block aligned urethra, slowly, slowly insert send to the inside. Since the urethra itself has a certain ability to swallow, so the catheter will be very obedient to enter, It is though a bit foreign body irritation, but will be more hard penis. Catheter / urethral plugging into the base of the penis, you will feel a deep swollen impulse, then you ejaculation foreskin is very straightforward, and more exciting.”

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