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Vaginal Itch

vaginal itch, sexual, incest family memoir

During my Christmas vacation from my first year of college, I told my mom I had an itch. She’s a nurse. I figured she’d just tell me what cream to use, and that would be that.

Her response was not what I was expecting, and not what I wanted. “Let me see.”

“Aww, no, Mom.”

“Come on, I’m a nurse. It’s not like I’ve never seen a vagina before.”

“But, Mom!”

“Don’t ‘but mom’ me! I diapered you, remember?”

Well, of course you can guess what happened. She insisted on checking me out after my shower. It wasn’t bad enough that I’d pull down my underwear or something. She wanted me totally nude.

I have to say, it feels weird walking around the house with nothing on. Well, I didn’t exactly walk around the house. Only from the bathroom to my mother’s bedroom. But I had never done that before. The cool breeze of simply walking while freshly showered, and still damp was, well, interesting. I really hadn’t spent any time naked at all other than getting in and out of the shower, always in the bathroom. Out of instinct, I covered my breasts with by arms as I walked down the hall. They’re embarrassingly large. Somehow, I really didn’t want my mom to notice.

It was worse than I thought. As I entered my parents’ room, my dad was there in the side chair, reading something on his phone. I didn’t know what to expect with me being all naked like that. Oddly, he glanced up, said “Oh, Hi Jen,” and went back to his reading. That was all.

Mom, on the other hand, went nuts. Well, maybe not quite crazy, but she was like, “Wow Jenny, your breasts are huge! You obviously take after your father’s side of the family. Move your arms, let me see them in their fully glory.”

Of course that brought a big, “Oh, Mom!” from me. But I don’t disobey. Reluctantly, I put my arms down, revealing my breasts fully. Now my father was staring. I guess I turned out to be more interesting than the financial stuff on his phone. He smiled wryly, then looked down to his phone again, quietly adding, “Yup, just like my sisters.”

Geez, this was embarrassing.

Now it was my mom’s turn to fuck with my head. “Come here and lay down on the massage table.”

I had never given much thought to the massage table that had been set up in my parents’ bedroom for years. Suddenly it occurred to me that they must use it. My mom and dad doing stuff to each other on the massage table. Naked, perhaps? Sexual things? It was unthinkable.

OK, so she got me laying down on the massage table. To make matters worse, she grabbed the table lamp next to my dad, who was still looking at his phone, and not me, thank God, and slid it across the floor to shine directly on my you know where.

Except she accidentally pulled out the plug. My dad jumped up to help her, plugging it back in next to the massage table. As he was leaning down, his head was with in 12 inches of my naked vagina. He didn’t seem to take any notice, then returned to his phone.

Mom was more explicit. She started combing her fingers through the hair on my vagina under the bright light. “Have you ever considered shaving or at least trimming down here?”

Oh, like I wasn’t embarrassed enough already!

It turns out she asked that for a reason. Mom launched into an explanation that my itch was probably due to sweat and heat. She said my hours of sitting and studying set off a fungal infection. Jock itch. I had heard of it, but thought it was something only boys got.

“What you ought to do Jennie, is study naked.”

I must have looked shocked, because she added “Really.”

“Um, I don’t think so.”

I was trying to imagine what my roommate, Natalie would have to say about that. Actually, she’d probably kind of embrace the idea. She says she’s a lesbian, but I’ve never seen her hang out with any girls. Oddly, the idea of having to be naked in front of Natalie kind of excited me.

I felt a twinge. You know the kind of twinge I mean. Lower belly. Vaginal. And it became more than a twinge, as my mother was continuing to run her fingers through my vaginal area. It felt oddly comforting, but at the same time, it was making me horny. How weird is that? My mother, giving attention to my vagina, and I was going bonkers!

I was really hoping she wasn’t going to notice the wetness I was starting to feel. If she did, she didn’t say anything. Instead she walked away.

I started to roll off the table, and she said, “Oh, no. We’re not done.”

I was like, “Whaa?”

She came back with the hair clipper kit she uses on my brother’s head.

“Mom!” I protested.

She explained that one can put medicated powder on jock itch, but removing the cause of the problem is a better course of action. She said that by removing the hair, which held the sweat, my itch would go away and stay away. Otherwise it would come back.

There was really nothing I could do. She went to work with the clipper, and soon I had a smooth carpet where I used to have a forest. After all the hair had been growing there for seven years, since I was twelve. I have to admit, her attention felt rather nice.

Then she applied shaving cream. It seemed to me she was taking quite a long time. The tingling came back and it was really getting strong. I truly felt like an orgasm was building up. Oh, no. How would I explain orgasming to her? Or, to my dad, just sitting right there, four feet away? This was beyond, well, anything. I was mortified.

She brought out a razor, and literally shaved by vagina. At one point, she said, “Oh, you’re so wet down there, Honey.”

Well, I guess she knew the effect she was having on me. There was nothing I could do or say.

Once she finished the shaving, she brought a warm, wet wash cloth and cleaned off all the shaving cream. For some reason I’ll never understand – or maybe I will – she spent a good extra minute stroking the cloth very gently over my inner labia and clit. Then, without the cloth, she was just stroking her finger over my clit, over and over again.

Bang! That was too much. I tried my best to suppress a moan as all my muscles tensed, and I had one of the strongest, and longest-lasting orgasms of my life.

I lay on the table shivering, even though it was warm in the room. I was beyond words. I wanted to apologize to her for orgasming. At the same time, I kind of knew she went the extra mile to bring on my orgasm. Why did she do that? I’m her daughter!

“Oh my, that was fun,” Mom exclaimed.

“We’re going to need to keep that shaved every few days.”

I didn’t disagree. I only wish my Christmas vacation could have lasted longer.

On the other hand, somehow, I was much less shy around Natalie. In time, I did learn to study naked. Natalie joined me in my nakedness. She and I never became ‘an item.’ I’m really more interested in boys, but we did help each other with our orgasmic needs.

2 thoughts on “Vaginal Itch

  1. another good story, but the mom and daughter theme made me a little uncomfortable.

  2. I wonder if dad could smell your pussy when he leaned over to plug in the lamp? Or if his cock got hard while your mom was masturbating you? If that had been me sitting there while all this was going on, I would have had a hard time not unzipping my pants and freeing my erect penis. And stroking off to my own climax.

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