Vacuum Pumping: One can momentarily enlarge one’s penis, breasts, labia or scrotum by applying a vacuum. This is generally done by placing a cylinder or cone over the area to be affected, making an air-tight seal around it’s edge, then evacuating the air. Blood will flow into the affected area, making it as large as possible for a short while.

Vagina: Friend Needed Help With Her Vagina – Male POV

Vagina Memory Game – Tile Game

Vaginal: G-Spot Stimulation

Vaginal Itch – Incestual female POV story

Vaginal Tattoo – Brother-Sister

Vagina: Clit Compression
clit compression

Valet, Billionaire and the Butler – Male POV

Valet – Man’s Man, Story

Vampire, Accidental – Medical fetish, male point of view

Variation by an Older Couple


Vaudeville Sword Swallower

Vedic Knowledge and Semen – Info

Venue for Masturbation – Mature, male point of view story

Venus Balls – Ben wa balls

Vespa Scooter Boy – Male, coming-of-age homosexual


Video, Important – Male POV

Vibrators, Bluetooth-Controlled

Videoing Buddies – Male-male camming fun

Vise, Ball Vise – Also known as ‘testicle vise’

Vise, Testicle – Two guys play with a testicle vise

Visit, Another Visit to Marshall’s Beach – Male POV Story

VJJ: An eumphemism for ‘vagina’ coined by Oprah Winfrey

Voyeur’s Strange Sighting

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