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Two-Person Office

I work with this super-hot redhead. We share an office. Even though she’s much younger, we find lots to talk about besides work. Since we are the only two in the building, our conversations can be far-ranging and free.

I’ve had the hots for her since I started the job, but I’ve always kept my pants zipped. I mean, I’d never bring up anything of a sexual nature, because it might be considered sexual harassment or something. Besides, if it wasn’t to her taste, I wouldn’t want to offend her.

One day an article came across her computer about all those Catholic priests who molested children. She muttered, “Why didn’t they just masturbate, and leave the kids alone?”

I wasn’t sure I heard her right so I had to ask, “What was that?”

“Oh, I was just commenting that those stupid priests should have just masturbated so they could control their sexual urges.”

I had never heard anything like that from Cathy before. It was shocking and refreshing. I felt she was more of a kindred spirit in a way. But, racking my brain in the moment, I couldn’t come up with a way to extend the conversation.

“Do you agree?” she asked me.

Wow! What an opening, if I could work it right. If I understood the possible direction she might want to take this discussion.

“Oh yes. That’s the reason I’m always cool as a cucumber.”

She laughed, knowing I’m not all that cool.

“I mean, I masturbate. I think it is very important to relieve horniness, so one doesn’t go all crazy in public. That may be why God gave us the ability to masturbate. To control our urges. Just like crying and laughter are outlets for our other emotions.”

“I’ve never thought of that,” she said, adding, “But you’re married.”

“I am, but my wife and I have an understanding. We are deeply in love, but she lost interest in sex. She has told me I can do things with other people as long as it is not fucking.” I couldn’t believe I came right out and used the word ‘fucking’ with Cathy. This was certainly breaking new ground.

“Really! Same with Benny” [her husband]. “He says if I want to jill with the girls from time to time, he’s fine with that.”

“What about wanking with guys?”

“He has never really specified. But if it was someone nice, and harmless, like you, well I’m sure he’d be fine with that.”

I’m sure you can figure out where this conversation led. At quitting time, we locked the door to the office, and mutually masturbated each other to spectacular orgasms. You’d think I’d be finished, but was ready for more. We set out some mats, and sixty-nined each other. I have to tell you, her pussy tasted so natural and nice.

I don’t keep secrets from my wife, so after dinner, I told her all about it.

“Good, she said, that takes the pressure off me.” So this was super cool. I had the green light to masturbate with Cathy whenever I wanted. The only thing is that my wife said that I couldn’t fuck Cathy. That would be just be too problematic. I totally agreed.

The next day, I told Cathy about that discussion, and she said that her husband gave her the green light also.

That was four years ago. I’ve had several opportunities to take more interesting, and higher paying jobs, but for some reason, I stay right in that office with Cathy.

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  1. I’ve long wondered why some people draw the line between fucking and any other kind of sex. For several years I saw a gal on a regular basis, strictly for sex. There was nothing we wouldn’t do except anal. Neither of us were into it. Every so often she would hook up with a guy as a regular companion. We would continue to see each other but she would not fuck me while going with another guy. But she would jack me off and suck my dick until I shot my load down her throat. This would occur a couple of times a month. I wasn’t all that put off about no fucking because she still got me off. One time she stopped by to cut my hair. The boyfriend sat out in the car waiting while she cut my hair and then sucked me off. The bf obviously knew about the haircut. She was a hairdresser by trade. I’m not complaining but I just don’t get it. Can any of you gals explain this for me?

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