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Too Playful at the Nude Beach

I suggested we all go to the nude beach. I didn’t really think they’d say ‘yes.’ But I should have known. As many of you married guys know, when you marry, you get the whole family.

Now, Mae’s family has always been fun-loving. Take their names for instance. My wife, who is 26 years old, is Mae. Her sister, younger by four years, is June.

Their Mom, Sue, is 47. Sue is still a great looking woman. Her dark blond hair has a few streaks of gray in it, which makes her look dignified in my opinion. She is an all-natural, all-organic person, as is Mae, so she won’t dye her hair. Sue might be considered a bit heavy, but I call her curvy.

My wife Mae might be almost heavy, too, but being short, it looks good on her. She, too, has darker blond hair. No gray streaks, of course. Her breasts are big and full, and quite firm. I can never get enough of gently squeezing them, which she calls a ‘massage’ and we can do just that for hours.

Her sister June looks different. If they didn’t have the same mouth and nose, you’d think she was adopted. June, is skinny, with a bit darker skin, and dark brunette hair. She is only around 5′ 2″ also, like the rest of her family.

So, we went to the nude beach. Now, you may know that not all nude beaches are the same. Some are quite open in what’s allowed, others are conservative. There are no signs saying ‘no sexual activity,’ but at our beach, that’s pretty much understood. There are some almost militant people there who feel that they have to protect the beach from a political change in wind, which could close it to public nudity. Those people will act like Karens if something happens of which they do not approve.

So, it was a warm, early afternoon, the tide was low, everything was perfect. I was looking forward to seeing June naked. Now, I really appreciate my wife, but I have to say, June sexually excites me – from a distance. We’d never act on it, of course.

We spread a big blanket 50 feet from the nearest other nudists and about 30 feet from a young non-nude family. 50 feet in the other direction was a pair of nude elderly men. I’m guessing they were a gay couple. The people around us were doing the usual things. Drinking sodas, reading books, just laying around and talking.

I was a bit reluctant to strip in front of June, and especially Sue. Evidently, they were reluctant to strip in front of me, too. It took Mae to break the ice. She took off her bikini as casually as if she were in our own bedroom. Fortunately, Sue followed her lead. I was kind of afraid that no one would strip naked.

That happened to me once at a nude beach. I took off my stuff, and my companions kept their shorts on the whole time. I felt, well, naked! Vulnerable. But now Mae and Sue were stripping, and all was well.

Sue’s breasts are kind of flat and sag down a bit, but I’m not complaining. She’s still quite a looker, and always joking around, which makes her great in my book! The hair on her pussy was neatly trimmed and a bit darker than the hair on her head. She had underarm hair, and a thin coating of hair on her legs, which surprised me. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an all-natural woman. Now Mae may be organic and all, but she does shave. Even her pussy.

June took off her bikini. I was delighted. She is beautiful, like a super-model. Like Mae, she shaves everything. The only critique might be that her boobs are somewhat small with pointy little tiny nipples, but I’m not complaining. Mae’s nipples are not much darker than her natural skin, but big around. Same with Sue.

I was so excited by seeing the women, that i forgot to pull down my shorts. They started teasing me about that, especially June. So, with a bit of trepidation, I put my thumbs in my waistband, and pulled down, and stepped out of my shorts and underpants.

The women all started tittering. They seemed to like what they saw – an average size guy with an average size set of equipment. I shave down there, which Mae loves, but the other two knew nothing about that. Most men don’t shave, and so the other two were somewhat surprised. June instinctively reached out to touch my smooth scrotum.

Before she could quite reach it, Mae laughingly yelled, “Hey, don’t you dare touch my husband.”

June replied with “Or what?”

Mae said, “Or I’ll.. I’ll…” She was stuck without a plan. Then, evidently without thinking it through, she shocked us all by saying, “I’ll stick my sandy finger in your ass.”

June reached out with both hands, and cupped my balls. Mae playfully attacked her, and the next thing you know, they were both rolling around wrestling in the sand. Mae actually tried to carry out her threat. A couple of times, she almost reached her index finger into June’s crack. Then she did. June stopped dead in her tracks, while Mae slowly, carefully pressed in a bit. After a few seconds, Mae pulled her finger out, put it in her mouth, coating it with saliva, and then resumed her work, pushing her finger fully into June’s ass, while Sue cheered them on.

I must say, as fun-loving as that family is, I didn’t see that coming! It seemed to me this isn’t the first time, they’ve all played naked. I wondered whether John, the girls’ father, and Jason, their brother have played with them. I’ll have to come up with some way to invite them all to the beach on a day when the guys aren’t running the shop.

Seeing people stick fingers in asses has always been a big turn-on for me, and Mae must have known that. For now, my dick was starting to grow. I was concerned to be seen in that condition on the beach. To my horror, Sue saw me with my half-erection, and she casually reached out, and lightly pinched the tip. That’s all it took for me to go to full-mast.

The sisters stopped wrestling and watched, as Sue started non-chalantly stroking my penis. I laid back in the sand on my elbows with my back arched. My emotions went from horrified from having an erection in front of everyone to absolutely enjoying Sue’s attention. Mae and June egged her on. “Mom, that’s great. Go for it!”

In literally thirty seconds, I was spurting sperm all over Sue’s hand. A few minutes later, we were all playing Frisbee as if nothing unusual had happened. Perhaps for that family, it wasn’t all that unusual. I must tell you, I am absolutely delighted with my wife, and the family that came along in the bargain.

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  1. The nude beach closest to where I live is like the one you described. A local nudist group campaigned heavily to get it declared a legal nude beach. And now that it is, members of the group patrol the beach looking for any lewd behavior. So not much going on of real interest. I saw one guy walking along the beach with what could be considered a semi.

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