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Thirty-Four Boys

Last year was my first year of high school. In my opinion, the school has been over-reacting with political correctness because about seven years ago, a popular boy died of testicular cancer.

Ever since, twice a year, the school has had all the boys get testicle exams.

From practically the first day of school, I heard about these exams in vague ways. I was too shy to ask any questions, but knew with a degree of concern, that the day was coming.

After the first few weeks, the day came. There was no advance warning. Was it like a drug test – where you don’t want to inform the boys so they won’t cheat? Who knows what the powers to be were thinking?

We came into the locker room, and it was noticeably warmer than usual. We were told to take showers first thing, then report back to the benches in the locker room without any clothing. I was disappointed because this was the soccer rotation, and I was getting gypped out of a soccer game. I really like soccer. But I was also scared. Why, I didn’t know. I just was.

It’s not like I hadn’t seen the other boys naked before. The showers are individual stalls, but the locker room is a common area, and you do see guys changing. I didn’t think I was gay or anything, but I did find the other guys dicks and balls ‘interesting.’

So, as instructed, we hit the showers, then came back and sat on the two rows of benches between the lockers. There were 34 of us kids, we were essentially two rows of 17, facing each other – stark naked.

Mrs. Coltone came in. She’s the school nurse. It was very weird sitting there naked like that, and she just stood there and started lecturing us. She told us how terrible STDs are, that we should masturbate because it’s healthy and will keep us out of trouble, she actually stretched a condom on a banana, and then she went into the whole testicle cancer thing, that it can affect boys our age and how we should check ourselves every month.

It was all the sexual stuff I’ve heard before, so I was like tuning it out. My mind wandered, and I found myself kind of staring at the dicks sitting there in front of me. I imagined how it would be if we were all sitting there wanking. Innocent thought, right?

The problem is, I started getting erect. In a moment, despite my best efforts to think about math or something and will it away, there was nothing I could do.

I thought about covering it with my hands, but that would make it even more obvious. I’m sure I must have been blushing, because I could feel the heat in my cheeks. I was so embarrassed! I felt tears welling up, but through sheer determination, I didn’t start crying.

I don’t want to be gay. That whole scene is too problematic. Like in the TV series Glee, when Kirk, the gay kid, gets thrown in a dumpster. But maybe I am? It worries me. That’s why I wanted this published on the Internet. Maybe some people can leave comments and help me straighten out my thinking. It’s been bugging me for nearly a year.

She finished her lecture, and the erection didn’t go away. It was as hard and big as it had ever been. I couldn’t look any of the boys in the eye. I couldn’t look at them at all.

Mrs. Coletone started going down the benches, having each boy in turn spread his legs wide. She then grabbed his balls with her fingertips feeling for lumps. When it was my turn, I duly spread my legs wide, let her reach in, and do her thing.

It only lasted thirty seconds, but my-oh-my, despite my super-embarrassing state, it was the most amazing feeling in the world! Having one’s balls felt up like that – who knew? I started feeling like I was going to cum. Fortunately, she went on to the next kid at that point.

Finally, it was over. To my surprise, no one jeered me. No one whispered and pointed at the boy who had the erection in front of all the other kids. In fact, next period, Jam (short for ‘Jamaica’), one of the coolest kids in the whole school, came up to me and said, “That was really cool. You have a great boner.” I couldn’t even answer. What does one say to something like that? I just shrugged and walked away.

Months later, I found that two or three of the other kids were erect also. I hadn’t been looking at them, for fear of making my situation worse, so I just didn’t know.

I’m rather ashamed to say that when I got home that afternoon, I jerked off and had a super-strong orgasm remembering the day’s event. And the memory has caused many ejaculations since.

The next ball check was scheduled for April, and I feel very lucky that it was canceled due to Covid.

[In a previous confidence coaching session, had mentioned an uncle that he greatly admires who happens to be bisexual. As a reframe, I simply asked, “Do you know anyone who is bisexual?” He lit up, realizing right away that I was inferring there’s an acceptable alternative besides ‘straight’ and ‘gay.’ He asked for your comments in the section below. Please say something, but be kind.]

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