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The Presidential Erection

An Erotic Story of Political Rise

by Jeremy J. Watson

Jered Jackson was normal in every way, except one. He was tall, but not overly so. He was not skinny, but naturally thin. He was quite black, having entirely African ancestry, but that’s not unusual. He wore his very curly hair slightly long, and kept his beard neatly trimmed. He had a nice smile, but you wouldn’t say it was especially radiant. He even jerked off about as much as anyone else.

The way he was different was that he decided early on to devote his life to making a difference.

Starting somewhere in grade school, he became disgusted with many of the paradigms in America. He didn’t like the way the health care system worked, or didn’t work, in so many cases. He didn’t like politics with the old boy network, lobbying, riders, kickbacks, and all the rest. He didn’t like corporate morality, and he didn’t like the way taxation was handled. He started forming strong opinions before he made it through middle school.

He started thinking that it would be up to him to make a difference. Oh, he didn’t have fantasies of doing it by himself. He just wanted to be a good citizen, and help bring about social change. Therefore, he studied. He studied hard. While his brother was playing baseball after school, Jered was doing his homework. While his sister was always going to sleepovers, he was reading every volume of an old encyclopedia from cover to cover. While his friends insisted he join them at summer camp, he went to Mexico instead, to immerse himself in the Spanish language.

That’s not to say he didn’t have fun. He did play basketball, soccer and other sports occasionally, and he was naturally good at most of them. His mother taught him some basic piano, and he enjoyed noodling around with what he called ‘bluegrass jazz.’ He even dated Jasmine Kamasaki for a short while, until he decided she was an airhead.

Jasmine wasn’t an airhead at all, by most people’s standards. She was very intelligent. But when Jered said he wanted to make a difference, she just laughed at him, saying he’d end up as a corrupt adult, just like everyone else. That unfortunate comment killed any chance she had of having a relationship with him.

By the time he graduated high school, he was pretty sure about his future. He was going to become a politician. That’s the best way to make a difference, he thought. All that studying had paid off. He was offered full-ride scholarships to three universities.

Jered spent a total of six years in college, ending up with a PhD in political science, plus a masters in psychology. He very much enjoyed his studies. To him, it felt like playing a giant video game. Every move he made propelled him toward being a citizen who could help bring about change.

When his second year started, to his amazement, and somewhat dismayed, he found that Jasmine Kamasaki had enrolled in his university. They saw each other from time to time, but didn’t spend any alone time. He thought she was so pretty he could feel his dick respond just to the sight of her, but he decided her cynicism was not to his liking, so while polite, he kept his distance.

In his third year, he had an unusual roommate. This guy, Harley Faulk, was about as average as Jered, except white, instead of black. Like Jered, he was just a bit taller than average, also thin, but not overly so, and very interested in tennis. He had won a partial tennis scholarship. His hope was to make it as a tennis player or at least a tennis pro, but his parents insisted on a backup plan. Therefore, Harley, too, was studying political science.

The interesting thing about Harley is that he wasn’t bashful. He was the most gregarious person Jered had ever met. Not only was he outgoing, he seemed interested in everyone, and turned out to be a very helpful person. Jered liked him from the moment Harley introduced himself.

Jered, who sometimes thought of himself as being somewhere on the Asperger’s scale (he wasn’t), decided to model Harley’s winning ways, figuring that kind of outgoing personality had to be good for a future politician.

Besides being roommates, the two of them started hanging out together. While Harley was less studious than Jered was, they did have intellectual talks late into the night in their dorm room after turning out the lights. Harley found himself liking Jered’s ideals, and within just a few weeks, decided to follow pretty much the same path. Study hard, and become someone who can make a difference.

One day, Jered came back from a lecture that had been canceled, opening the door quickly and walking right in, as was his usual habit. Harley hadn’t been expecting him, and forgot to lock the door. There Harley was, wearing absolutely nothing, sitting in Jered’s rolling chair, and caught red-handed rubbing his erection.

Both of them froze. After a good five seconds of deer-in-the-headlights hypnotic staring, Harley grabbed a sweater, the closest thing to him, and placed it in his lap, covering his penis. That wasn’t before Jered got a good look at it, and found it fascinating. Unlike Jered, Harley was circumcised. Jered had never really noticed a white guy’s penis before, certainly not an erect one.

In a moment, Jered became unstuck, saying, “Um… Sorry dude. I didn’t realize… I’ll leave.”

Harley simply said, “Oh, it was my mistake. No worries. You didn’t wreck anything.”

“Well, thanks. I know I didn’t wreck anything, but aren’t you embarrassed by me barging in like this?”

“Probably not as much as I should be. We all masturbate, right?”

“Well, true enough. But…”

“No, dude, it’s totally OK. If anything, maybe it’s good. I’ve been hiding under the blankets, or jerking off when you’re not around, and I’m rather certain you’ve been doing the same thing, right?”

“Um… well, yes, I guess so.”

“Don’t you think we ought to bring it out in the open?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, Jerry, wouldn’t it be great if we didn’t have to hide it from each other?”

Thinking it over briefly, as he knew politicians always did before answering anything in a sticky situation, he decided that Harley was right. It got down to a more fundamental level. Hiding anything is not good. If a man is going to be a leader, he must always be truthful. Otherwise, how can people trust him? And in Jered’s philosophy, a proper politician must always be trusted, and trustworthy.

“You know, Harley, you are totally right.”

And with that, Jered stepped fully into the room, locking the door behind him, and started taking off his jacket, his shoes, socks, his belt, then his pants, and to Harley’s shock, his roommate was standing naked before him.

It’s not that the two of them hadn’t seen each other naked before. It’s just that this was a strange move. Continuing to watch and without saying a word, Harley saw Jered sit totally naked on the edge of his bed, and start to jerk off.

To say that Harley was shocked would be an understatement. But reflecting on their conversation, and his current state of nudity, he saw that Jered was basically offering some sort of weird solidarity. On the face of it, it was almost gay or something. But then again… well, he’d have to do some thinking.

Jered wanted to make a point of jerking off in front of Harley. He too was thinking something about solidarity, although that specific word didn’t come to his mind. It was more like accomplishing two tasks at once, both of which were only now coming clear in his mind. One was to make Harley feel better about being caught masturbating. Because, while Jered was a pragmatic young man, he was also very empathetic and caring. He’d never hurt anyone and always wanted to help. He even took a course in CPR, and another in bicycle repair, and started carrying a big, multi-bladed Swiss army knife, so he could be a useful citizen to one and all. So, he figured the best thing to do for Harley, to relieve him of the embarrassment of being caught, was to join him in the act.

Jered’s other reason was to get rid of this ‘hiding’ situation. He had been hiding. He had only half-realized it, but sure enough, he had never communicated to Harley that he liked to jerk off, and that Harley’s very presence restricted him to sneaking around to do it, and not telling Harley. And politicians, the good ones, don’t sneak!

The only problem is that Jered wasn’t getting hard. He kept feeling up his balls and his dick, and rubbing lightly, which usually does the trick, but it was taking longer under these unusual circumstances.

Then, for some goofy reason, an image of Jasmine Kamasaki came into his mind, and his penis did, finally, start to swell up. He kept stroking.

Meanwhile, Harley, being a bit confused, but also very trusting of Jered, and still rather horned up from before Jered had arrived, decided, after careful deliberation, that it was OK to resume jerking off. Still sitting in Jered’s rolling chair, he threw the sweater back on his bed, revealing his now-soft penis, and started rubbing it. He didn’t know whether it was Jered’s presence, or something else, but he became hard and very horny right away, and within a minute, had ejaculated all over his hand and lower stomach.

Jered wasn’t sure whether he should look at Harley or not. What does one do in such a bizarre situation? As it turned out, he had a hard time not looking. Harley’s penis was just so different than his, and so interesting. Finally, he just went ahead and watched Harley jerk off, and as soon as he saw the white fluid spurting out of his roommate’s dick, it set off his own ejaculation.

They dressed, and went about their afternoon with very few words. Neither guy was ready to talk about what had happened. They were busy mentally processing the whole event.

Their thoughts were similar. Both wondered whether they should be guilty, and thinking pragmatically, they figured there was nothing to be guilty about. Both then wondered whether what had happened was ‘gay.’ Both came to the same conclusion about that, also: That the question was wrong. Gay or not, didn’t matter. It took them two days before they could discuss it.

On the evening of that second day, not knowing quite how to do it, Jered decided he was horny and wanted to cum. He knew it was now possible, and appropriate to do it in the open, not under the sheets. He also knew if he would wait another hour or so, they’d turn the lights out to go to sleep, and he could quietly wank then. But that wasn’t the point. Good politicians don’t keep secrets, remember?

Gathering up his boldness, hoping his voice wouldn’t betray his nervousness, he said, “Harley, I’m going to jerk off, if you don’t mind.”

“Sure Jerry, go ahead.”

“Feeling some weirdness, but satisfaction that Harley didn’t call him ‘weird’ or something, he then took off his shorts, laid down on his bed, and started to wank. Harley didn’t even look. He was engrossed in his homework. In a short while, Jered had a good ejaculation. He wouldn’t quite admit it to himself, but he had hoped Harley would have at least taken a quick peek.

Fifteen minutes later, Jered had gotten up, still naked from the waist down, went over to his desk, and became absorbed in his homework on his laptop.

A couple of minutes later, Harley had finished his reading, casually took off all his clothes, and without a word, started jerking himself off. Jered was secretly delighted.

A couple of weeks later, it had become routine. Both guys would tend to remove all their clothing upon entering the dorm room. Nudity became normal. Then at some point in the evenings, and many mornings, too. they’d jerk themselves off. It became so routine that it had about as much impact on the other guy as eating a sandwich. It was just business as usual. Sometimes they’d discuss something they’d seen on CNN or heard in a lecture, as they stroked themselves.

Jered had no clue, but Jasmine had been thinking about him, almost obsessing for three years. She liked his morality. The more she thought about it, the more she liked it. She had to admit he was pretty good-looking, too. And, although ashamed of it, she rubbed her clitoris, bringing herself to a nice orgasm, more than once, with images of Jered in her mind. She even went so far as to imagine sex with him. One thing that particularly got her was the notion of him licking her pussy. During the past three years, she had demurely but firmly refused almost all advances from other men. She didn’t consciously know why, but it was because she had a ‘thing’ for Jered.

There was one guy who got through her shell. Sam McCloud. He too, had strong moral values. He too, was handsome and black. Did she have a thing for black guys, or was it because he looked somewhat like Jared? Reflecting on it years later, she knew it was because he looked like Jared.

Sam and Jasmine slowly came closer, dating innocently several times. Then, one evening, in his little apartment, Jasmine knew it was time. Sitting on his sofa after a movie, he leaned in and gently kissed her ear. It was slightly weird, but nice, she thought. She felt a bit of a twinge in her pussy as he continued to kiss her ear, than started exploring the ear with his tongue. She found it quite erotic.

One thing led to another, and soon they were entirely naked on his sofa. She felt his firm erection pressed against her belly as they held each other tightly. She wanted that thing inside her. She wanted it very badly. He was of like mind, and started to reposition himself, and pressed at her entrance.

Jasmine stopped him. “What about protection?”

“Oh, we won’t need that.”


“I’m clean baby, and it’s the OK time of the month, right?”

Her sexual spirit was ebbing away quickly.

“Well, will you wear one for me?”

“OK, if you insist,” he grumbled, fumbling in his pants on the floor, and drawing out a packet from a pocket.

He tore it open, and expertly unrolled it on his cock.

Now, she wasn’t so sure about the whole thing. Horniness won her over, and she decided to go through with it.

He slowly and carefully entered her, knowing that she was a virgin.

She felt only a slight momentary sting as he fully made it all the way in filling her vagina more completely than she expected. He settled into a humping rhythm, and she instinctively matched him, ‘My, it does feel nice!’ she was thinking.

Moments later, his muscles tightened, she heard him moan in a strange low voice, and it was over. His penis wilted within her a minute later, and he pulled it out.

Ten minutes later he was out the door, and she was left bewildered. Was that what everyone had been making such a big deal about? That was sex? It wasn’t until years later that she learned how it could be.

That was the first and last time she had sex with Sam McCloud. A few days later, she told him that although she thought he was a great person, she felt the chemistry wasn’t quite right. She had been afraid of telling him, but to her surprise, he agreed, and that was that.

She saw Jared off and on around campus. She was trying desperately to think up ways to get him interested in her. She was kind of watching him, almost like spying, and was pretty sure he wasn’t dating anyone. What she didn’t realize is all she had to do was ask. He had been having fantasies about her, too. If she had come up to Jered and said, “Want to get some pizza?” or something, he probably would have gone along.

Jered was starting to think more and more about Jasmine. She was sweet, really. Maybe she didn’t really mean it about everyone becoming corrupt. Or maybe she did, but was interested in doing something about it, much like himself.

Jered got a seat on the student council, which was a big deal in a university with a large political science program. Guess who else got a seat? Right, Jasmine Kamasaki. When she joined the board, his stomach lurched.

Jared and Harley had switched their beds around so their heads were toward the door to the room, and their feet pointed toward the wall with the window, so they could easily look outside. So, they didn’t notice one day when they had left the door cracked open. It was around 6pm, and it was just getting dark outside, so both of their desk lamps were on. Each thought the other had locked the door. They were talking about political science as usual, while each was laying on his own bed. They were naked, as they always were these days, and each was rubbing his own erection.

The window was open because it was a warm late autumn evening, and a slight breeze slowly pushed the door fully open. Neither boy noticed, until suddenly, Harley noticed the ambient noise from the hall was louder than usual. In totally alarm, he turned around, and saw the door fully open. Sitting up quickly, grabbing a towel, and wrapping it around his middle with his erection making a prominent protrusion in the towel, he stepped to the door, closed and locked it. There’s no way a hundred people didn’t walk by and see the two guys masturbating side by side. To the credit of the student body, not one of those people said a word.

No one said anything, that is, until an article appeared in the student newspaper. The headline was “Masturbation, the New Norm on Campus.” The person who wrote the article, didn’t mention names, and didn’t really make any point about masturbation, like whether it is bad or good. His article was more a series of questions. How many people masturbate on campus, how open are they about it, and how should the students feel about it?

Now, you’d think such an article wouldn’t have much impact, what with all the out-and-out sex that happens on college campuses, but it became the buzz of the campus, with additional articles and online posts appearing.

Someone even posted a whole Facebook spread on ‘campus masturbation.’

At first, even though their names weren’t mentioned, Jered and Harley were mortified, because it was pretty obvious that they had triggered the first article. Worse, the article did a pretty good job of identifying them anyway. It mentioned the dorm, the floor, and even said a ‘very black guy and very white guy.’

The campus was abuzz for sure. About the only ones who weren’t talking about it were Jered and Harley. They didn’t hear most of what was being said either, but it became pretty clear that people knew who they were, because when they approached groups, suddenly the conversation would stop, and when passing people in the cafeteria, hallways and so on, people would smile bigger than usual, almost like it was an open secret. Which it pretty much was.

At the next student council meeting, Aaron Carter wanted to speak. People weren’t so sure about Aaron. He was one of those guys who dresses super-conservatively. Patterned sky blue sweaters, and creased trousers like he was wearing that evening, were typical for him. He had a reputation of speaking at these and other meetings, and always trying to drive his points, which were sometimes ridiculously conservative. For instance, he was convinced that spending the money for a chapel on campus was a grand plan, and he pushed it hard for the funding, which he thought could come from money allocated for a social science program.

On this evening, he stood up, and used his three allotted minutes to say that masturbation on campus should be outlawed.

Jered’s heart sank. He knew he was at the center of the controversy, and that if such a ruling were to pass, it would be quite uncomfortable for everyone, most of all he and Harley. Furthermore, he realized that politicians listen to the people, and go with what the majority wants, so he might have to stand against his own personal interest in such a case. Obviously, he would like to make masturbation OK, maybe even officially legal on campus, but Aaron was probably going to get on a high horse, and obstinately push hard for the exact opposite.

Aaron kept glancing right at Jered, which only made him feel worse. He kept referring to masturbation as ‘despicable,’ and ‘animalian,’ whatever that meant.

To Jered’s surprise, it was Jasmine who first responded to Aaron’s calmly spoken tirade.

“Aaron Carter, thank you so very much for your input. Carefully thought out points are always appreciated by this board.”

Jered’s heart sank even further. Now, even Jasmine was on stupid Aaron’s side.

She continued, “Aaron, you’re fond of the truth, right?”

“Yes, of course.”

“Aaron, would you tell us how many times you’ve masturbated in the last month?”

The room broke out in laughter.

“I… I…” You couldn’t hear him because everyone was still laughing.

Finally when everyone calmed down, he said, “I have masturbated, that’s true. I know it’s a sin on God’s green earth, but that doesn’t mean I’m disqualified to speak against the despicable practice.”

“And, you did it here on campus?” Jasmine pressed.

Before he could continue, Jasmine asked for a vote. “How many want to outlaw masturbation on campus?”

No one voted against masturbation.

Then she asked, “How many want to outlaw attempts to prevent masturbation?”

All voted in favor.

At that point, Jasmine did something that horrified Jered. She probably thought she was helping him in some way.

“Jered, can I speak in your behalf?”

He didn’t realize what she was about to do, so he said, “Of course, Jasmine.”

“I think we all know who everyone has been talking about. Jered Jackson.”

When black people blush, their cheeks get darker. That’s what happened to Jared. If ever a man wanted to hide, this was the time. But politicians don’t hide. They ride out the bad times as equanimously as possible, always thinking of the common good.

She went on. “Well, I want it on record, that I masturbate, too.”

Tittering from the crowd.

“And, more than once, I may have left the door unlocked. And I did it with a girl once. I masturbated, I mean.”

Now, her cheeks were red.

“I think we can all assume most of us masturbate. I think we can also conclude that it isn’t any sort of sin to masturbate in the presence of other like-minded individuals if one so chooses. Can anyone imagine anything wrong with that? Right, I think now. I, for one, would like this case closed. I’d like to suggest we find more important things to talk about on campus.”

You could hear murmurs of acceptance from the crowd in the room.

The student council went on to other topics, to Jered’s great relief.

Thinking about it later, first he hated Jasmine for saying out loud that he was the one caught masturbating. Of course most everyone on the whole damn campus knew that already. Especially after the ongoing Facebook postings. But then, he started to settle down, and came to believe that what Jasmine did worked out to his benefit. She managed to put a lid on the social uproar.

It wasn’t really that big of a deal as far as the rest of the campus was concerned. For most of the students and staff, it was just something interesting to talk about, although to Jered, it was huge. But the thing came back to bite him, hard, years later.

Politicians always thank people who are on their side. Jered knew that. Reluctantly, he texted Jasmine, thanking her, and inviting her out for a drink. That just seemed like the right thing to do.

She was excited, with joy in her heart. This was the beginning of what she had been waiting for. She was more convinced than ever, that Jered was very important to her. She was starting to dream that he would do something big and important someday, and she’d be at his side. Or, maybe she’d do something big, and he’d be at her side.

They met up at Caesar’s bar and grill on the edge of the campus. It was a place that was very loose about carding college students in a state where the drinking age was twenty-one. Jasmine and Jered were actually of legal age, but just barely.

He offered to buy her a drink, but declined one for himself. He had decided long ago that there’s no way he’d risk becoming an alcoholic. He knew for those who have a certain makeup, the first drink can be the beginning of the end. His dad had always been a ‘friendly’ drunk, and he wanted no part of that.

Watching him order a fizzy water, she changed her mind, and ordered a Coke. She never ordered an alcoholic drink again. Such was her respect for Jered. In fact, she was almost shaking in his presence. He was that important to her.

“Jasmine, I really want to thank you for defending my situation. It was very brave of you to say you masturbate in front of the whole room.”

“It was strangely refreshing to admit the truth like that. It’s as if I had been doing something ‘bad’ all my life, and finally ‘fessed up to it. Of course there’s nothing ‘bad’ about masturbating.”

“I know exactly what you mean.”

They went on and talked about student life for an hour. Jered announced he had studying to do, paid the bill and they left. Jasmine was expecting he might kiss her, at least a little peck on the cheek, but she got nothing, just a friendly, “G’nite.”

He had been somewhat excited about meeting her, but considered that doing anything like dating another student council member wasn’t quite kosher, so he kept his sexual thoughts to himself.

Jasmine tried several more times to get something going with Jered, but never managed it. He continued to fantasize about her, and steadfastly refused to give in to his horniness. Had she only known that if she hadn’t joined the student council, things would have been entirely different.

Jered did lose his virginity in college. There was a girl in the nursing program, Sandra, who like Jasmine, was of Japanese ancestry, and actually looked somewhat like Jasmine. She was one of the many people he helped with his Swiss army knife. She had run her bike over some fishing line, and it had gotten tangled in her derailleur. It was important to him to be helpful, and so he was flattered when she said she knew of his reputation on campus for being such a good citizen.

With surprisingly little difficulty, he asked her out, and she accepted. They dated a few times, and had long conversations. He was fascinated by her studies, and she seemed attracted to him, not only physically, but to his moral values as well.

She came to his room one afternoon when Harley had a class. One thing led to another, and they found themselves kissing on his bed. They naturally reclined, and within minutes, his hand was under her T-shirt, where he happily discovered she wasn’t wearing a bra. He squeezed her left breast a little bit, and she seemed to like it. Having done some reading on sexuality, he thought she might enjoy a very light fingertip rubbing of her nipple, while they kissed. Although somewhat awkwardly under her shirt, he did manage to do that. She didn’t break away. Instead, Sandra said “Mmm,” encouraging him to go further.

He didn’t do much more for a couple of minutes, so Sandra prompted things along by breaking their kiss for a moment, while she pulled her T-shirt over her head, revealing her small, perky breasts, with small dark brown nipples.

Jered was delighted with what was happening, but didn’t quite know what to do next. Sandra did. She grabbed his belt and removed it. She then started fumbling with the button at the top of his pants. He realized where she was going and so assisted her by removing his own pants, and then his underwear. He was a bit concerned about going too fast, but as his already hard penis popped out, she reached forward and gently grabbed it with both hands.

Being the virgin he was, he almost ejaculated then and there. Fortunately, she let go, not even knowing how close he had come, and wrapping her arms around Jered, she resumed kissing him. That went on for a while. For some reason, Jered wasn’t making the next move. She didn’t realize he was kind of nervous and frozen, not having been even this far with a girl before.

“Kiss me… down there.” she whispered. Then she removed the rest of her clothing, as he took off his last remaining item, his shirt. He more than gladly complied with her request, turning around on the bed, and lowering his face to her vagina. It took him only a minute or so to figure things out with his tongue, licking first the general area, and getting the unsatisfactory feeling of curly hair on his tongue, until he found her slot, which became fluid quickly, and finally finding what he correctly surmised was her clitoris. He focused his tongue on that.

Sandra was reclined on the bed and in heaven as he supported himself over her and continued to lick away. She reached with one hand to hold his marvelous, large, black penis. She simply placed her fingers around it. That’s all. And he ejaculated.

That was their first time. They had several more opportunities, and a few mishaps along the way. On the second occasion, he came again, way too soon. On the third, he managed to hold out, but hadn’t thought to have any condoms on hand.

Finally, on their fourth try, after a bit of fumbling before he found that he had the rubber upside down, he unrolled it on his penis, which barely fit. After lots of delicious kissing, and him licking her vagina again, which she kept referring to as her “cunt,” and which he couldn’t bring himself to say, she was face up on the bed. He was on top of her, supporting the weight of his upper body on his arms. His penis was against her lower belly, and she scooted lower, now the tip was in the hair above her slit. She simply grabbed it, and put it in the right position. She was delighted to feel that magnificent tool against her cunt. He was equally delighted to be ready to enter her vagina.

He pressed a bit this way and that, and she wiggled a bit this way and that, and it went in an inch or so. He almost pulled out, not quite sure if he had it right, but instinct took over, and he pushed in, instead. It pulled her hairs a bit, but momentarily, he was all the way in her, and naturally humping in and out. Jered was in heaven. Not only were the physical sensations spectacular, but he was fucking a girl for the first time. It was a special time for him. To Jered, this was one of the markers of entering adulthood.

Bang, he came! She wasn’t even close. After he settled down, she suggested that he might like to lick her cunt. The problem was, like so many men, he had lost the mood as soon as he ejaculated. He made some excuse, and quickly, but politely, threw her out of his room.

The next day, she had been badly disappointed, but wasn’t destroyed. he was very apologetic. A few days later found them in his room again. Things were going better, he was working hard to keep from ejaculating until she was ready.

Suddenly, the door opened, and in walked Harley. He hadn’t been expected for at least another hour.

“Oops! I’ll leave.” and with that, he was gone.

Sandra had lost the mood, and now it was her turn to bring an early end to their afternoon.

When Harley returned later he said to Jared, “Way to go!”

Jared apologized, saying he hadn’t expected Harley to come back so soon.

Harley said he enjoyed the show, and would have stayed longer, if he could.

Jered didn’t know what to make of that response.

Several months later, Harley was caught in the same room, not with a girl, but with a guy. It wasn’t just any guy, it was the star basketball player, a black guy, who looked much like Jered, but was several inches taller.

Jered, remembering Harley’s response from months ago simply said, “Way to go!”

About a month after that, Harley seemed to have bloomed. He had started late on the dating scene, but made up for it by being caught again, this time with the basketball player’s former girlfriend.

To Jered’s totaly shock, a week or so later, Harley invited Jered to an orgy. It was to be the basketball guy, his former girlfriend, who was now evidently Harley’s girlfriend, and a half-dozen other people.

Jered politely declined, although a part of him was very interested.

The thing with Sandra fizzled out. Jered thought that he wanted to focus more on his studies, but the real truth was she just wasn’t quite the conversationalist he could hope for. Someone like Jasmine, for instance.

The day came when Jared graduated. Because of his academic record, he already had a job lined up. It was in small city near the east coast, almost three thousand miles away. He was going to be a spin doctor, helping a mayor improve his image. His only regret, which he wouldn’t quite admit to himself, is that he’d be so far from Jasmine. The timing was unfortunate, since there was no longer the problem of both of them being on the student council.

He took the job, after spending a week back at home with his parents. He met Rodney Pleschenko, the mayor of Bloomfield. He’d read up on Mr. Pleschenko, and liked what he found. The guy had a spotless record. His only problem was that he was somewhat like Richard Nixon, his stony personality got in the way of his political ambitions.

Jered liked the work. He met with TV people, reporters and others. He issued press releases. He coached his mayor on how to handle various situations. He even invented mock question and answer sessions, to help his guy bring more life to his personality. It didn’t work all that well. Rodney Pleschenko was rather set in his wooden ways.

The luster started wearing off when time after time, Jered saw Rodney back away from controversial issues. Rodney explained that getting reelected so he ‘could do more good’ was more important than dealing with situations where his input actually mattered.

Jered liked Bloomfield, and learned a lot about his city. He met most of the local movers and shakers, and they spoke highly of him.

He thought long and hard, and although he was young, he started realizing that the idea of him running for mayor, and displacing Rodney Pleschenko wasn’t entirely terrible. He could do some good on some of the current hotspots like the sewage system, parking and the proposed new mall.

Perhaps foolishly, he threw in his hat.

Even though the experience as a spin doctor, having a PhD in political science and his overall enthusiasm were assets, running for mayor is pretty hard to do when you have no money. His $52,000 annual salary was being eaten up by his student loan and the cost of his apartment in Bloomfield, a rather expensive town. He had naively hoped for political contributions, but they were few, and small.

Then, somehow, one of the TV stations got wind of that little deal in college where he was caught masturbating with Harley. They had almost no facts, and some of what they did say was incorrect, but suddenly, his ship, which had been sinking, was completely sunk. He was the talk of the town, and every news crew, every reporter in town wanted to interview him. For masturbating in college! It was absurd.

He told them all that he had nothing to hide. Yes, he did masturbate with his roommate. No, he didn’t have sex with the guy, although what if he did? That shouldn’t matter.

That phrase, “nothing to hide” kept running through his mind like music you can’t get rid of. Maybe it was the spin doctor experience, because suddenly, he had a crazy idea, knowing that sometimes you have to do something outlandish to get your story properly told. He knew what he had to do.

He hired a photographer. At the studio, he took all his clothes off, and posed for the woman. She took just the kind of pictures he wanted. The one he finally chose was perfect. It showed as much of his body as possible without actually showing his penis, and without looking like he was trying to hide his penis. He was reclining against a stool in a western saloon setting. He was facing the camera directly, but his body was turned just enough that you couldn’t see his genitals.

He thanked the photographer, and then went to a graphic artist who made the picture into a poster with the words, “Jered Jackson has nothing to hide.”

Using the last of money he had on hand, he had 1,000 copies printed, and then distributed around town. He was hoping for the best.

The first call he got was from the photographer. She said, laughing, “Mr. Jackson, you’ve got my vote!” She then went on to ask him whether he had looked at the web or seen the morning papers?

He was the talk of the town! Impulsively, he asked her on a date to thank her for her good work. To his surprise, she accepted.

At 31 years old, Sue Gibson was quite a bit older than Jered, but what a looker! She was tall, curvy in just the right ways, had attractive pouty lips, and sparkly eyes. She kept her frizzy blond hair on the short side for a woman, but it made her even more attractive. They ate at an Italian restaurant. She had wine while he had sparkling raspberry apple juice. They talked until the place closed. Her place was so close they decided to walk. He planned to walk back to his car after seeing her safely home. It didn’t turn out that way.

It seems the one who needed safety was Jered, not Sue. As they were walking, a drunk white guy approached them. He seemed to be around 45 years old, but his haggard appearance may have made him look older than he really was. Jered wasn’t particularly worried.

The man yelled, “Faggot!” as pulled something out of his pocket. Then, drunkenly slurring his words he said, “I’ll be damned if I have some fucking black faggot mayoring my town!” and with that he shot Jered, who fell to the ground immediately. Sue started screaming. The drunk ran away, wobbling down the street and disappearing in an alley.

Sue called 911. After a very long twenty minutes, in which a crowd of twenty bystanders formed, an ambulance came and swept Jered away, leaving a puddle of blood three feet in diameter on the sidewalk.

Jered had passed out shortly after being shot from the blood loss, but not before feeling very hurt. Not by the physical injury. It hurt, but less than he thought a gunshot would. What hurt was what the man said. Not the “faggot” part, because Jered knew that wasn’t true. It was the “black” part. That was true enough. What a shame that in America there can still be such hatred. Jered almost cried. Not for himself, but for all the millions of black men and women, and even children in America who had suffered worse fates.

He woke up in the hospital several hours later. The first thing he tried to do is feel his upper thigh, where he had been shot. Somehow, he couldn’t reach it. Slowly regaining consciousness, he realized his arm had been restrained, and suddenly he freaked out. Had they amputated his leg? Looking down, it seemed to be there. He tried wiggling his toes. That hurt, but it confirmed he still had a leg.

He saw Sue sitting next to his bed. She said “Welcome back.”

He felt somewhat comforted by her presence.

A group of interns and a gray-haired man walked in. The gray-hair introduced himself as “Doctor Lloyd.”

“Mr. Jackson, you’re a lucky man. The bullet went through the outer portion of your upper thigh, missing the bone and important structures. You’ll be hobbling for a while, but you’re expected to make a full recovery.”

“Thank you doctor,” Jered said, with a huge sigh of relief.

It turned out that getting shot had a positive result. Suddenly, Jered Jackson was the talk of the town. Between the posters, and the shooting, he turned into a local celebrity.

It helped his cause even more when a week later he met with Donald Williamson, the drunk who had shot him. The police caught the man, and Jered insisted on meeting with him. Reporters were present.

Jered asked, “If you hadn’t been drunk, would you have shot me?”

“Not in a million years.”

“Will you ever drink again?”

Jered was hoping the guy would be truthful.

“Well Sir, if I could… I mean… Well, I can’t trust myself..” and with that, the man collapsed, holding his head in his hands, and sobbing quietly.

“What do you do for a living?”

“I was a software engineer, but now I’m unemployed. I have to admit I drank myself out of a job.”

“Can you build websites?”

“I used to be very good at that.”

“Do you have a place to live?”

“Yes, I still have that, and a wife who loves me, although why, I have no clue.”

Jered then did something that changed the course of history.

“Mr. Williamson, if I can arrange an alcohol treatment program for you, will you promise never to do anything like this again?”

“Yes sir, I’ll never do anything like this again anyway.”

“Good man.”

“OK, Mr. Williamson, after you complete a treatment program, I’m going to need a webmaster. My current website isn’t very good. Will you rebuild my website?”

The man put his hands over his eyes again, and sobbed out loud. Jered took that as a “yes.”

Jered spent the next two weeks attending luncheons, meetings, the county fair, all the things a mayoral candidate does. Sue was constantly at his side, when she didn’t have photoshoots, helping him negotiate the world in a wheelchair and then on crutches.

He was honest, and people could tell. He had a good time campaigning. He joked that he’d have to get a new naked picture taken, because the old one didn’t show the scar on his thigh, and he didn’t want to hide anything.

He and Sue started dating in earnest.

He won the election by a landslide.

Three thousand miles away Jasmine watched Jered’s election progress on the Internet, and was delighted for him. It was easy to follow him, because his publicity transcended Bloomfield. He was a national hero of sorts. Too bad it hadn’t worked out between them. She really admired the guy.

Jasmine didn’t like this Sue Gibson person. Not one bit. She wasn’t right for Jered. Jered must have figured it out for himself, because in time, he and Sue became more distant.

Jered made a good mayor. Although there was opposition on some of his actions, he made progress for Bloomfield. He was proud of what he had done, and very much enjoyed his first real job in politics.

His campaign manager told Jered he should consider running for governor, and then promptly quit. The man quit because Jered took him up on his offer, and the man didn’t want to travel all over the state.

Jasmine happened to catch on the Internet a little news article about Jered running for governor, and how his campaign manager had not wanted to travel.

With great trepidation, she sent him an email offering to fill the vacancy.

Jered’s heart jumped with joy. All he would admit to himself however, was that he was going to get a great campaign manager. She flew east three days later.

Jered ran for governor in the same way he had run for mayor. Much of his campaign was very grassroots. His website, email campaigns and social networking were brilliant, headed by Donald Williamson.

He became governor, again winning by a landslide. At 29 years old, he was the youngest governor ever.

It wasn’t until the campaign was won that he really started to pay attention to Jasmine. It started three days after the win, when things quieted down enough that he could take her to a quite dinner without a hundred well-wishers involved.

Even then, there were paparazzi trying to remain inconspicuous in the restaurant. They had to whisper so they wouldn’t be heard. Their hearts were brimming with joy, and their quiet conversation reflected that. He ended up taking her to his small apartment in Bloomfield, and they both knew what they wanted.

Leaving a trail of clothes from the front door to the bedroom, they ended up naked within minutes. He had no condoms, but she came prepared. They French kissed like there was no tomorrow, then they simply hugged for a very long time. Being able to resist no longer, he entered her, and as was so unfortunately typical for him, he came too soon. However, she was quite satisfied when he licked her clitoris while pressing one finger gently against her asshole, bringing her to a crashing orgasm.

She had been right after all. This wasn’t like that time with Sam McCloud. Sex can be amazing, beautiful, with the right person!

Two days later they discussed marriage. There was no discussion, really. The incumbent governor was married by the time he took office. The wedding party was small, with only around twenty guests. But there were well over 100 newspeople. Jered Jackson was becoming famous.

As governor and the state’s first lady, the Jacksons realized every day how lucky they were. They talked about it frequently, and made a pact that they would never forget why they were in politics. They wanted to be helpful, not rich or big-headed. Jered still carried his Swiss army knife.

Every now and then, he’d help a little boy catch his loose dog, or an elderly gentleman with a flat tire. These were just people he spotted on the streets. The same kind of people everyone else just passed by, thinking someone else will help out. He did it for his own amusement, but the press went wild, and Jared Jackson became the most popular and famous governor in the United States.

At the age of 34, Jered Jackson ran for president of the United States. He was too young to be president, but by January, if elected, he’d be old enough.

Winning the primaries was suprisingly easy, but then it got tough. The Democrats had a popular woman running, and she was doing very well. Even though he was Republican, his platform was more ‘democratic’ than the Democratic candidate.

Being so young did nothing to help his cause. He was criticized for being ‘unreal.’ People called him the “Swiss Army Candidate” saying his attempts to do the little helpful things he did were strictly for publicity. They called him a “Pollyanna,” saying his ideas were too simplistic.

They’d criticize the silliest things. For instance, recalling his old mayoral posters in which he was naked, they said that he did indeed hide something, referring to the fact that it was an artistically positioned photo, hiding his genitals.

Perhaps because he was riding high, having so easily succeeded as governor then winning the primaries, he thought he’d try something really off-the-wall. He asked Jasmine for advice, and she was all for it. She even wanted to participate.

He called up Sue Gibson, and had her fly in and take pictures of himself and Jasmine, fully nude, and this time, fully frontal, hiding nothing. At Jasmine’s suggestion, they also took pictures of the two of them facing away, so their asses could be seen as well.

A composite poster was made of the two images, with the same old slogan, “Jered Jackson has nothing to hide.”

Actual posters were made, but the image went viral on the Internet literally overnight. Jasmine came up with the notion of selling signed posters on eBay, and that brought an additional two million dollars into their campaign fund.

Of course there were thousands of people who hated the posters, and did their best to discredit the candidate, but by and large the American public smiled, and knew times were changing.

There were also people who hated that he was black, and she was Asian. They couldn’t get that she was American born, second-generation Japanese. They just called her “Asian” all the time. Fortunately, they were a very small minority.

Most likely, it was that poster that won the election. Of course it may be the way that Jered took care of Donald Williamson, and a hundred other people in desperate circumstances.

So, Jared Jackson, with his former campaign manager and first lady, Jasmine, at his side, took up residence in the White House. The public had nicknamed him The Swiss Army President. Yes, he still carried the knife, and used it to help people when he could.

There’s something about exposing yourself, fully, genitals and all, to the entire world, that changes a person, and America seemed ready for it. On several occasions, the president and first lady visited nude beaches and resorts. They were enjoying not only the nude lifestyle, but the positive publicity it was bringing.

Jasmine, at the forefront of many social issues, especially wanted to help people with body dysmorphia, the idea most of us have, that we don’t look good. She posed for some additional nude shots from time to time, enjoying the process, as well as America’s reaction. She was, after all a very good looking woman. However, she knew that she was exactly the opposite of a poster child for body image, so she started posing with the wives of governors, the secretary of state, the treasurer, and other women who weren’t considered as good looking. She also posed with some heavyset and elderly men. All fully nude, of course. America loved it!

Well, most of them did. There were a few people who were really upset!

One was George Michaels. At first this whole nudity thing bothered him only a little. But the more he thought about it day after day, it was becoming pretty obvious to him that the Jacksons were ruining America. People were nuts, just letting it happen. Nobody was doing anything about it. So, he bought a gun.

The president and first lady were at a nudist resort in Virginia. It was ludicrous seeing the Secret Service men and women fully clothed in the resort, but that’s how it had to be done.

Earlier in the day, Jered and Jasmine had some time to themselves in a bungalow at the resort. They had been for a swim after a nice breakfast with the governor of California and her husband, and the Secretary of Defense, Harley Falk, and his wife the US Surgeon General. After the swim, they returned to the bungalow still nude. Jasmine thanked him for the millionth time for being who he is, and then kissed the president. They hugged and kissed, then retired to the bedroom. He was erect right away, and she placed her fingers around his large penis, slowly bringing the foreskin back as far as it would go, and holding it. Simple though this was, he loved it. Meanwhile, he kissed one of her nipples, then the other, nibbling lightly. She felt the usual tightening in her pussy. That was another word he didn’t particularly like. He still couldn’t bring himself to call it ‘pussy.’ Probably for the rest of Jered’s life, it would be ‘vagina’ to him.

She turned over on the bed so she was on her hands and knees, with her tight little butt up and open wide. The president placed a finger against her vagina picking up some of the wetness, and touching that wet finger ever so lightly against her anus. It shrank for a second at the touch, as she shivered in delight. He pressed that finger back into her vagina again, coating it liberally with her girl juice, then pressed it more insistently against her asshole until it slipped easily in. She continued shivering, yet it was quite warm in the bungalow. While holding his finger in her ass, he maneuvered his penis against her vagina, which she had recently taken to depilating, much to his delight. He liked her hairless new look. Flump, his penis slipped in, and she continued to shiver, while quietly saying, “Yummm!”

Pulling his finger slowly out of her ass, so he’d have more room to maneuver, he commenced to fuck her hard. Very hard. As he was approaching orgasm, he pulled out, then placed his rock-hard penis against the first lady’s anus. Pressing quite hard, he entered her ass, and buried his cock all the way in, in a way that would be too quick for someone inexperienced in such activity. But for Jasmine, it was just fine. In fact, she was loving it. Especially when she felt that large presidential penis pressing against the back of her vaginal canal. That always did it for her. It was a specific angle, and he knew the trick.

They orgasmed together. He could feel her asshole contracting firmly around his penis, and she could feel the semen flowing into her rectum.

An hour later, after showering, they thought they might go out in public at the resort. They were hoping the paparazzi would be reasonable. Lately, they had started filming the president and his wife not only at the nude resorts, but now, pictures of the president with a full-blown erection started circulating. Officially, the media had agreed that those pictures weren’t supposed to be circulated, but unofficially, they were all over the Internet.

When asked about it as if those pictures were his fault, the president did not critique the photographers who had taken the very unauthorized pictures. Instead he simply said, “I have nothing to hide,” and laughed.

Some of the paparazzi got into the nudist resort style, taking everything off except their cameras. Others stayed clothed. In some resorts, those who remained covered were not allowed in. At the resort they were in now, clothing was optional, and any camera person willing to pay the membership fee was invited. It was good business for the resort, because they had two hundred paying members who never showed up unless the president did.

The president and first lady made their appearance to the delight of the other resort guests. There were several people there who were simply on vacation, and it was just coincidence that they got to be there with the president and Jasmine. They were, of course delighted.

So was George Michaels. But he was delighted for another reason. Posing as paparazzi, and having paid his membership fee, it was remarkably easy to smuggle his pistol in. As far as he could tell, the Secret Service was a joke.

Standing there like that, it was easy to aim and shoot. George pulled the trigger. A second later, he was jammed to the ground by six Secret Service agents.

Jasmine screamed as Jered fell to the ground. There wasn’t much blood, and she was relieved that it didn’t seem serious. Then the blood started pouring out, and she saw where the bullet had entered. This was not good.

The president was rushed to the hospital with a bullet wound right in the center of his chest. George Michaels had been a champion competing marksman in the army, and hadn’t lost his touch.

He wasn’t as expert in anatomy. Most people think the heart is higher in the human chest than it is. George didn’t hit Jered in the heart, but just above it, nicking an opening in the main artery, the aorta, which is just as deadly as a shot to the heart.

Surgeons, seeing the situation, tore the president’s chest open right away. The lead surgeon didn’t even take the time to put on gloves. They got blood transfusions running, already knowing the president’s blood type, and jammed a retractor into the opening, cracking his sternum wide open. They spread the retractor remarkably wide. They had to. Working very quickly, they assessed the damage, while his blood pressure disappeared. It dropped so low, that the monitor said zero over zero. They continued to work, even as his heart went from beating to simply shuddering.

Ligatures were put on the side of his aorta. The main leak was sealed. They continued to pour blood into him through four catheters. His heart was still not beating, only sort of shivering now and then. Next, they went to work on the damage to his trachea, and finally his esophagus. They found and removed the bullet lodged against his spine.

Next came the paddles, just in case he could be saved. It certainly didn’t seem likely. They shocked his heart directly, with the paddles on the organ itself, not on his chest. It didn’t work.

In the waiting room, surrounded by reporters, and yet feeling all alone, Jasmine was scared to death. An orderly came out and said, very sadly, to the room at large, “The president is dead.”

Jasmine wailed. How could life be so cruel? The love of her life, who she had waited patiently for all those early years, and who had done so much for the entire United States, taken away by an insane man and his gun. Ohhhh…

News went out immediately. Jered Jackson, the most beloved president the US had ever known, died at approximately 4:33pm due to an assassination at a nudist resort.

The surgeons applied a second shock. And a third. The heart quivered a bit more strongly as it filled with blood. Then, a complete contraction. Then another.

They waited and watched with his chest still gaping open. The aorta leak was properly sealed. They double and triple checked everything else, and it was all looking OK.

Painstakingly, they debrided the shattered bits of sternum from his chest. They found a small rupture in one lung and fixed that. Finally, they reattached his sternum, and sewed Jeremy up, leaving drains and monitoring wires in place.

He was wheeled to the recovery room, where he awoke four hours later, in great pain.

His first words were very unpresidential, “What the fuck happened?”

By that time, Jasmine had been told the truth. It was like a dream, a nightmare with a remarkably happy ending. The orderly who said the president was dead, had been mistaken. He had heard something about his heart having stopped, and just assumed.

During the first four days, Jered was in so much pain he couldn’t move his arms. Jasmine knew that her husband, with whom she had sex almost daily, and who she knew supplemented his sexual appetite with masturbation, must be frustrated.

On the third day, as the pain medicine was being reduced and he was starting to become himself again, she asked him about that, and he admitted, laughing, that he’d pay a whole lot for a blowjob. She asked two reporters, and two unidentified people to leave the room. She knew better than to ask the nurse and two Secret Service agents to leave. Being president, even in a hospital, certain sacrifices must be made, especially privacy.

Jasmine carefully lifted up the bottom of Jered’s gown, and almost gasped. There was a tube coming from his penis. She hadn’t expected that. But then again, it made sense, because he couldn’t just get up and go to the bathroom in his current condition. She realized she’d have to give him a handjob, not a blowjob. She looked at the nurse, who nodded her head. Jasmine assumed that they had silently said, ‘Can he ejaculate like that?’ and ‘Yes,’ but she wasn’t entirely sure. What if causing him an orgasm with that tube in there would harm him? She’d never forgive herself.

One thing she learned from her husband is clear communication always trumps no communication. She came right out and asked the nurse, “Can I jerk him off? Will it hurt him with that tube in there?”

“You know, I think it will be alright, but I’d better ask a doctor,” she said.

The nurse took out her cellphone, dialed, waited, then said, “Dr. Callaway, it’s Sally. Yup, with the president. Mrs. Jackson has a question. Can she masturbate the president with a catheter in place?”

Hearing it said like that made both Jered and Jasmine cringe.

A moment later, the doctor appeared in the doorway, then entered the room. He explained that it’s fine. He went on to say that some men even play with catheters. When he was in medical school, he and another student got some catheters, masturbated each other, and ejaculated without harm.

Talking casually for another moment, the doctor said Jered had been lucky to have been nude when he was shot. He had been literally one minute from dying, and if the doctors had needed to cut off his clothing to assess where the bullet had struck, and to have access to his chest, that delay would have meant the end of him. Furthermore, bullets take some shreds of cloth in on their path into a body, which could have set off a bad infection.

Dr. Callaway bid them good evening and left, probably returning to a chair only a few feet outside the room, to keep close medical tabs on the US president.

As if it wasn’t weird just asking about the concept of giving him a handjob, the first lady lifted the president’s hospital gown again, discovering that the conversation had caused him to harden up. There he was with a boner sticking straight up, with a tube coming out the middle.

Right there in front of the nurse and the Secret Service men, she jerked off the her glorious but injured man, who had a nice orgasm, although he winced with a bit of pain in his ribs at the moment he ejaculated. The semen ran out around the tube, covering the Jasmine’s small hand. It was interesting to see his pulse and blood pressure rise quite high on the monitor.

The newspapers reported the next day, without saying it specifically, that the first lady had been in the hospital room all day, and jerked off the president. How they found that out, she didn’t know, but Jasmine knew it wasn’t the Secret Service men. It must have been the nurse. Probably, someone in the media paid her handsomely for the information.

Several porn websites claimed to have pictures of that handjob, but the ones that Jasmine saw were obviously fakes. It wasn’t the first or last time websites came up with fake presidential pornography. Jasmine and Jered were used to it. In fact one time months ago, they had passionate sex after seeing a photoshopped picture porporting to be them. In that image, she was getting buttfucked. Of course, that’s exactly what Jered and Jasmine did after seeing the picture. It was one of their favorite activities, just like it was pictured.

They joked afterward that they should have had pictures taken, to show the public the true version. They had nothing to hide, right?

Slightly embarrassed by the handjob reports, Jasmine worried about the public’s reaction. Over the next few weeks, she shouldn’t have worried. Both she and Jered were the darlings of the world. They could do no wrong, and everything they did was modeled by people across the earth. Pharmaceutical companies reported that catheter sales spiked during the next month. Go figure!

It took Jered a long time to recover, but recover he did. During his recovery, he did some of his best work to date. His popularity helped. The Democrats, who held a majority, seldom interfered in his decisions.

He was able to get the IRS to eliminate over 200 confusing rulings, greatly simplifying taxation for Americans.

He created a new branch of the military, built from the Army Corps of Engineers, the so-called, “Weather Works,” a very large team to work on fixing global warming, as well as other large natural problems. He even convinced Russia, France, England, Japan, Germany and several other countries to create similar divisions in their militaries. Together with the US, they have started restoring natural balances. They have been making great progress through algae ponds, but that’s another story.

As a side benefit, supporting these new military divisions has been good for the economy due to a true trickle-down effect.

Due to President Jackson’s efforts, lobbying will be illegal approximately two years from now.

Obamacare, also known as the Affordable Care Act, instituted so many years ago, will be entirely replaced by a national two percent sales tax system, in which everyone gets complete medical care for free. This is being rolled out slowly, and will be fully implemented in eight years. In order to do that, President Jackson spearheaded legislation to overhaul the medical insurance and malpractice systems in this country.

Learning from what happened when previous US presidents left office, he also managed to instigate laws that make it impossible for incoming presidents to dismantle previous presidents’ work unless they have majority votes from Americans. Not the electoral college, but straight-up, one vote per American voting.

During Jered’s convalescence, Jasmine started to change. She was putting on a little weight. Sure enough, from just before the assassination attempt, she had become pregnant. They were ecstatically happy about that.

Miraculously, there was no permanent damage except a long scar on his chest, which he proudly showed to reporters during his first press conference after he was able to resume his full duties. He held the press conference entirely nude, side by side with Jasmine, telling the reporters he had ‘nothing to hide.’

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  1. I love the story how wonderful if it could be true, a president who screws his own wife instead of the American people and has nothing to hide.

  2. Loved the story, but shouldn’t President be capitalized?

  3. I had a roommate in college. If any jerking off was going on, I was not aware of it. But this was a long time ago and any sexual contact would have been thought of as ‘gay’ and nobody wanted that tag attached to them.

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