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The testicles are a pair of glands located in a sack of skin called the scrotum below the penis. Often ignored by the man in sex and masturbation, the testicles, also known as the balls can be a source of pleasure.

Testicles are an often overlooked erogenous zone. Many men respond very nicely to super-light touching or tickling of the scrotum, the sack that holds the testicles. There are a few men who like their scrotum scratched, pulled, or otherwise ‘tortured.’

stretch scrotum

Stretching the scrotum can be surprisingly pleasant

Most men will enjoy a light to medium testicle massage, although many have never tried it, and so don’t realize how pleasurable it can be.

Many men enjoy a light massage of the testicles. When done by a friend, this can make the man feel quite vulnerable since someone could squeeze too hard and hurt the testicles. This vulnerability can raise arousal. Men have been known to have orgasms just from testicle massage.

Women often enjoy playing with man’s testicles. The idea that a sudden impact can cause great pain excites some women. Whereas they would not intentionally hurt their men, they enjoy the thought as they play with them. In fact, quite often, the men who enjoy testicle massage have to tell their women to squeeze harder than the women feel is the right amount.

More men than you might expect enjoy a firm testicle massage, if it is done properly. First, the person giving the massage must be careful to avoid pressing on the top back sides of the testicles where the blood vessels and spermatic cords attach, a some what puffy structure behind each testicle called the epididymis. Pressing there is suddenly and severely painful, although probably harmless unless the pressure is rather extreme.

If you avoid the sensitive areas and get the angles right, you can press remarkably firmly on some men’s balls, and not only does it not hurt them, they love it.

The testicles themselves are contained in a tough, pliable layer. They’re more like chicken gizzards than grapes. You probably cannot injure a testicle with ordinary hand pressure. If you were to apply pressure or impact with any sort of instrument with a sharp edge, that could cause an injury. However, you can manage to tear the epididymis away from a testicle, and that would be bad news. You might also cause testicular torsion. Although rare, it is when a testicle becomes twisted on the end of the spermatic cord, and circulation is cut off. it is very painful, and emergency surgery is usually performed.

A factor that helps in having a man enjoy a firm testicle massage is to build up slowly. Start with light pressure, and watch the man’s physiology. He may suddenly jump or squirm if you’ve pressed too hard, or have the wrong angle.

Some men like one testicle massaged at a time. The majority enjoy both at the same time, one in each hand. being manipulated between thumbs and forefingers.

Techniques vary. You can squeeze and hold, you can pulsate, and your can make the balls squish back and forth in your grip like little bars of wet soap. Your man will let you know what he likes, and does not like.

Keep in mind that there are some men who do not like testicle manipulation at all.

Men generally can tell a difference between their testicles. One can take more pressure, or feels differently when massaged, than the other.

Impacts to the testicles can cause severe pain. Again, some men will play with this, having a friend slap their balls or hit them with an object, such as a wooden spoon or bonger. The usual approach is to start with light hits, and then build up until the man says “Stop!”

Another activity that some men enjoy is testicle bondage. It is easy to find cord, string or anything similar and wrap it around the upper part of the scrotum, locking the balls in the lower part of the scrotum. This is sometimes used in testicle play to keep them available, rather than letting the testicles slip up into the body cavity. It can be enjoyable in itself, in a ritualistic way.

Please be careful if you engage in testicle bondage. Do not use small diameter thread or string, as this can cut or bruise the structures within the scrotum. Tying the scrotum very tightly can cut off circulation to the testicles as well as the scrotum. It is interesting to see the scrotum turn blue, but a bit dangerous, as well. Obviously, the circulation should be cut off for only a short time, otherwise the testicles can literally die. When the circulation is restored, the testicles can feel any combination of tingly, heavy, full, and somehow more vibrant.

However there is one more caution that you should be aware of in testicle bondage: The extreme pressure on the spermatic cords and blood vessels can cause a cyst to form. These are usually just a harmless new lump in the scrotum, but can become large, and painful.

Testicles can be trouble-prone, especially for young men. Testicular cancer seldom affects men over age 40, but is a fairly common form of cancer in younger men. Periodically feeling the balls for lumps or changes is a good idea. If something does change, consult a medical professional before things get worse. Fortunately, most such bumps and changes are minor or benign, such as cysts within the epididymis.

Your author once read of an account where a man’s wife squeezed his testicles hard, for a fairly long time. When she finally let go, they were soft and squishy. Evidently, the blood or fluid was forced out of them, and took a while to return. I tried this with my wife, having her squeeze somewhat beyond a point of mild pain, and hold them for a good two or three minutes. When she let go, she felt my balls, and then I felt my balls, and we could not determine any unusual softness. I feel like this experiment is not yet over. I’m interested in having her try it again, but harder and for longer.
The scrotum protects the testicles in a unique way. Because they can move around, when the testicles are hit, they can move within the scrotum, scooting away from the danger, rather than taking the full impact. If they were held rigidly in place, like an elbow, for instance, they’d be easily and frequently hurt.

You have no doubt noticed that scrotums react to temperature and other stimuli by changing tension. The scrotum can become so tight that the testicles are forceed up into the inguinal canals in the lower abdomen. At other times, the scrotum is very loose and the balls hang low.

You can give yourself a testicle massage, or have a friend help out. The usual approach is to start very lightly, slowly working up to more and more pressure until it is on the verge of painful. After a massage, most men report an invigorating feeling. They can feel their balls on their body without touching them. They feel heavy, maybe more solid, but in a way, quite satisfied.

In parts of Asia, such as Thailand, professional testicle massages are performed. The man will go to a practitioner for a half-hour of very pleasurable massage. The massage doesn’t necessarily have a happy ending. In fact, in most testicle massages, there is no ejaculation. It’s not about orgasm. During the massage, most men will have an erection, which is generally unattended.

Cheating: Men with small testicles have been found to cheat in marriage more than large-balled men.

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