Taking Care of My Sister – Male POV, poignant

Taint: The area between the bottom of the vagina, or the scrotum, and the the start of the anus.

Tantra – The Big Draw technique

Tantra, Brother-Sister

Tantric Massage Stories – by Spurtz

Tantric Solo and Mutual Masturbation

Tantric Tease – Male Female

The Taoist Masseur – Interview

Tape Incident, Embarrassed Boy

Tattoo, Genital

Tattoo, My Sister – Brother-Sister

Teabagging – Oral sex involving the scrotum.

Tea Discovery – New Masturbation Technique

Temperature, Peehole – Brother-sister urethral play

Temple Grandin, Like

Ten-Minute Orgasms?

Tennis, Instead Of – female point of view

Tent, Cousins – Homoerotic Youth Story

Testicles – facts

Testicle, Flabby – Strange testicular experiment

Testicles – Hit in the balls

Testicles: Proper Massage Technique

Testicles On Fire – Female-administered BDSM

Testicle Size – Info

Testicle Vise – More commonly known as ‘ball vise’

Testicle Vise Play – Two guys play with a testicle vise

Testicular Implants

Textiles – A term nudists use to refer to people who are wearing clothes

Thelarche – the age at which breast development begins

Things That Embarrass Me

Thompson, Working for Mr. Thompson – Female POV

Threesome, Bisexual Jackoff – Male point of view

Thumb-fucking: Penetrating an anus or vagina with one’s thumb.

Tickle Intense – heterosexual short technique memoir

Tied – Male-male fun

Tight, Pull Tight – Male technique

Tile Game: Breasts – Memory game

Tile Game: Ejaculation – Memory game

Tile Game: Lesbian – Memory game

Tile Game: Penis – Memory game

Tile Game: Vagina – Memory game

Tile Games List – Full list of tile games

Tiny Penis – Small Penis Bao

Tit Torture – Breast torture

Tomboy – Memoir

Tonga Monarch – slept with 37,800 women

Tony and Anne By The Pool

Too Fast – MMF Threesome to cure premature ejaculation

Too Playful at the Nude Beach

Topless In Buffalo – Female POV

Torment, Brother-In-Law – Male POV

Torn Scrotum – Medical fetish, male point of view

Torture: CBT – Torture Info

Torture: Clamps – Info

Torture: Fisting – Info

Torture: Needle Play – Play piercing, Info

Torture: Nettles – Info

Torture: Post-Orgasm Stimulation – Info

Torture: Spanking – Info

Tonguing Peehole

Tough Guys (And Girls) Club

Toy: Rotating Sex Toy Review

Toys: My Adventures with Sex Toys

Translation, Weird

Trapped Cum Play

Treasure Trail: Also known as ‘happy trail,’ a line if hair along the lower abdomen leading to the crotch area, as shown in the sagital image below.
abdominal hair patterns, happy trail

Tribadism – Info

Trivia, Sexual

Truck Full of Toys

Tub Fun, Hot Tub – A man builds a hot tub and invites his friends

Tubing for Urethral Play

Tucking: – A male can temporarily hide his genitals by putting the penis between or behind the thighs, and putting the testicles between the upper thighs or buttocks or drawing the testicles up into the inguinal canals.

Tune-Ups, Fake ED and Vaginal

Tunic – The outer portion or covering of a testicle, a tough rubbery material that is surprisingly difficult but not impossible to puncture or burst. The parenchyma is the material within a testicle.

Twain, Mark

Twelve Students

Twister – a popular game in the 1960s, often played naked.

Two Boys and Darkroom Timer

Two-Person Office – Male/Female

Two Women Watch Me Jerk Off

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