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Strange M-M Massage on Maui

Strange M-M Massage on Maui

I was on Maui. There was a super-hot chick, but unfortunately she was with someone else. She made me so horny, just looking at her. There was no one else I could play with, and I kind of wanted company. There was a guy who was advertising a number of services including colonics, general massage, and ‘very personal’ massages.

I called him, and sheepishly said I wanted a very personal massage. We both knew what I was talking about. His price was really reasonable at $40, so I booked an appointment.

I was oddly nervous. It was like I hadn’t been jerked off by a guy before, but I have had my share of male-male play. Yet, I was practically shaking in anticipation of this session. Weird, I know, but that’s the state I was in.

Taking off all my clothes in front of him – while he stayed clothed in shorts and a typical Hawaiian patterned button up shirt – was particularly difficult. I felt oddly shy, and I’m not usually like that.

I’m not much of an appreciator of regular massage. I want to go for ‘the good stuff’ right away. So, after 10 minutes of ordinary massage, I let him know. Fortunately, he wasn’t squeamish about touching genitals, and started to jerk me off very nicely. But, I suddenly had to pee. It was a really strong sensation. It came out of nowhere. So, I excused myself from his amazing handjob, and peed out a ton of almost clear piss in his bathroom.

I returned to his massage table, apologizing for the delay, and he got me hard again. Not five minutes later, I had to pee again. This time the sensation was as strong as the first. I could barely hold it in as I ran to his bathroom. The urine was entirely clear, like water.

Once again, I returned to his massage table, and he got me erect once again, and finally brought me to orgasm. It was spectacular. I felt one drop of jizz land on my chin, so I must have shot quite hard.

Afterward, I went back to my hotel, and wondered for the next several days whether I was sick or something. What was with the two suddenly forceful needs to pee? Well, it never happened again, and I’ll never figure out what caused it then. I went back to that practitioner a few more times and each treatment was wonderful, with no need to urinate in the middle. On the last visit, two days before I was to leave the island, he offered to put a gloved finger in my butt while jerking me off, which I gladly accepted, and came with a super-strong pulsating orgasm.

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