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As you may or may not know, Steamworks in Berkley, California, as well as other major cities, is what’s known as a ‘bathhouse.’ Although ostensibly gay, plenty of bisexual men spend time there.

It is a plain looking building on the outside, but it has a sauna, hot tub, showers, gym facilities, many small rooms equipped with beds and TV sets hooked to in-house porn channels, a large play area equipped with everything from glory holes to slings, and some general milling around areas. One can rent one of the little rooms for 8 hours, hang out with guys, and do pretty much whatever you can imagine, and probably some things you can’t imagine also.

Men Playing Twister at a Steamworks, Gay Bathhouse Booth at Market Days
Men playing Twister in the Steamworks Both at the Market Days celebration

When you arrive, you are given a basket to store your clothes, or one of the 50 or so little rooms, depending on how much you want to pay.

Most of the men walk around with towels wrapped around their groins. They want to hook up for anything from handjobs to anal intercourse. Safe play is encouraged with sanitizer and condoms freely available.

These guys could end up walking around for an hour or more depending on how shy they are.

Every now and then, you’ll see a guy boldly walking around fully naked, and sometimes, but rarely, even sporting an erection.

As your eyes adapt to the darkness and you’ve wandered around a bit, you’ll see some activities. An open door to a dimly lit room where a guy is wanking on a bed. Or, a couple of guys at a glory hole, doing what guys do at glory holes.

The first time I visited Steamworks, I was just like the others, walking around shyly with a towel, until finally a guy invited me into a little room.

He wanted to kiss and buttfuck. I wasn’t into it, and let him know. He wasn’t terribly disappointed, as he politely told me he was looking for someone else.

I wandered around some more. I wasn’t in a hurry. Your $17 buys a room for 8 whole hours. Finally, I came across a small Asian fellow to whom I explained that I only wanted to give or get a testicle massage – a thing that had been fascinating me for a while.

He was delighted, and we went to my room. First, I was playing porn videos on the TV, but they weren’t very interesting compared to the action at hand, so I turned off the TV. Soon, he was fondling my balls like a pro, doing exactly what I wanted. He was squeezing firmly, but not painfully. I had planned to spend my whole eight hours at Steamworks, but I ejaculated with this guy’s skinny little fingers working my balls like that. I came without him even touching my dick. I asked what he wanted in return, and to my delight, he didn’t want anything, and we parted ways.

I had hoped to stay longer, but as a guy, you probably know that feeling one can get, when enough is enough after a good hard orgasm. So, I put on my clothes and left, totally satisfied.

Having been back several times, always with equally nice, but longer-lasting experiences, I became enough of an expert to know how to better control the situation. The part I didn’t like as much was the long cruising period before I could find some action. I finally figured out to just throw the towel over my shoulder and walk proudly naked, and sometimes erect around the facility.

Now, some guys leave the doors to their little rooms open in obvious invitation. One guy I remember had his open butt up in the air, just waiting for a stranger to come along and stick something in his anus.

That’s not for me. I decided to be bold in my own way, and it works wonders. I went to a narrow hallway that’s wider in one area, where there are four chairs against one wall, facing four video screens on the other wall. Everyone has to walk through the hallway to get from the front to the back areas of the building, so there’s a lot of traffic. It averages perhaps four men per minute. The screens are playing videos, both gay and heterosexual stuff. They aren’t great videos in my opinion, but that’s not the point. I took my towel off, and started fondling my erect penis, right there in front of everyone. It did the trick almost immediately. Guys would sit down next to me, and offer to help me with my fondling.

I would explain exactly what I want: Handjob and related activities: Yes. Blowjob, anal, frotting, kissing: No.

Some guys would politely leave for activity more to their liking, but probably 60% would be almost relieved to participate at the level I like.

Within minutes we’d be in a little room.

So, that’s how to work Steamworks.

A couple of things I’ll try the next time I’m there. There’s a wall facing the hot tub which I won’t get in. It’s not that I’m afraid of disease. I’m afraid of all the super-intense chemicals they probably use to fight disease. The wall has four open shower heads. I’d like to show myself with an erection, maybe jerking, right there in front of the six or so guys who are typically in the hot tub, and all the guys walking around.

I’d like to use the facilities in the exercise room. I haven’t paid much attention, but it seems all the guys in there are wearing towels. I’m sure it’s OK not to wear a towel, they just don’t realize it, or maybe they’re actually focused on exercising.

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  1. Nudists will tell you that a towel is important when you sit down anywhere. I would carry one, maybe around my neck but (would be nude otherwise) at such a bath house.

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