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The average ejaculation contains 250 million spermatozoa. That’s about the same number as there are leaves on a large maple tree. Only one of those 250,000,000 sperm will penetrate an egg. So, you could say all the rest are failures. Or, you could say one is very successful.

People will often use ‘sperm’ to mean the entire composition of ‘ejaculate,’ the name of the material that is ejaculated, which consists primarily of the fluid manufactured in the prostate gland called ‘semen’. Only a small portion of the ejaculate is sperm. Another commonly used term for ejaculate is ‘cum.’

If you were to put a sperm from a mouse under a microscope, and compare it to the sperm from an elephant, you’d find the mouse’s sperm is longer.

Considering the average male from the age of around 14 to 78 ejaculates 23,360 times, and the average ejaculation is around 3.5 ml, the average male puts out about 81.760 liters or 21.59 gallons in a lifetime. Can you imagine 21 gallon-size bottles of milk lined up? Does that seem like more, or less than you might have guessed?

Multiply that by all 58.5 billion men who have ever lived, and you get a whole lot of semen. Specifically, 1,263 billion gallons. If you covered the entirety of San Francisco in that amount of cum, it would be 130 feet (39.6 meters) deep.

The average man’s sperm count is down to a quarter of what it was 100 years ago. One theory is that underwear and tight-fitting pants don’t allow the testicles to stay cool enough. They are supposed to be a bit cooler than ordinary body temperature. That’s one reason they are externally housed in the scrotum.

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  1. A great many sex stories on the internet mistakenly refer to a cum load as sperm when the correct term, as pointed out in this story, is semen. Sperm only constitutes 2 to 5% of a load of semen.

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