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Speculum and Cervical Play

Some women enjoy playing with a speculum. This is a tool used in the medical world to look inside a vagina. Some are made of clear plastic, others from metal. They are like a pair of salad forks hinged together. Once inserted, they are cranked open with a locking mechanism, so the speculum can be left in place and other procedures performed. In a typical gynecological exam, a pap smear is taken. This is where a swab is rubbed around the os the opening of the cervix or sometimes inserted a small way into the os, and then sent to a lab for analysis.

Whereas most women report that attempts to insert anything through the os into the cervix is painful, some enjoy the experience, and will push small diameter, smooth rods through the opening. Pens do nicely, as do sounds.

In most women, with a bit of effort, the os can be reached with a fingertip even without using a speculum, and light touching can be delightful. More than one women has reported liking fingers swirled around her cervix.

Having an orgasm with a speculum inserted can be an interesting experience, although one must be careful that the motion during orgasm doesn’t pinch the skin around the speculum. Having a speculum inserted by a friend can seem very vulnerable, and therefore arousing. There can hardly be anything more personal than having someone not only see your body, but into your body.

And a few women enjoy urethral stimulation while wearing a speculum. The urethra in a woman is much shorter than a man’s, and it can also be stretched wider. Some women, even from before adolescence, experimented with fingertips in their urethras. First contact within the urethra can cause a stinging sensation, but with practice, that sensation is replaced with pleasure. However, the urethra is very sensitive to both scratching and infection. Inserting things into the urethra can lead to bladder infection. Whereas most bladder infections are a mild inconvenience, they can, in some cases, be deadly.

Even fewer women enjoy urethral intercourse, but there are some who can manage it, and love it. After considerable stretching of the urethra, they can accept a man’s penis through the urethra into their bladders.

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