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Sore Back Massage

Sexual Sore Back Massage

I customize motorhomes for a living. One day, I was carrying a countertop I had just built. It was 96 inches long, and I had to maneuver it carefully into the narrow coach. I must have bent just the wrong way and I felt such a tweak in my back I almost dropped the countertop and myself to the floor.

By late afternoon, my back was still bothering me. I’d had some minor back trouble before and knew massages can help tremendously. My old practitioner was no longer available, so not knowing any better, I booked someone that one of the guys who works for me recommended.

When I arrived, I discovered a somewhat heavyset woman in her early sixties, approximately twice my age. Well, massage isn’t a sexual thing, so I didn’t care about her looks.

Linda introduced herself with a comforting smile and asked whether I wanted to be draped or not. That’s the first time a massage practitioner asked me that, but I didn’t think much about it. I’m not a prude or anything, so thinking the towel would only get in the way and have to be fussed with, I chose fully nude.

She got to work on me and did a good job. When I got on the table, my back was hurting. When she asked me to roll over, the back pain was already gone.

On my front, she massaged my head, my face, my arms, even my hands, which felt nice. There was something almost sexual about having my palms massaged. She put her full considerable weight into it, and she stayed with my palms for a good minute or two. I was enjoying that so much that I didn’t notice my penis had hardened. She stroked my chest a little bit, ran her hands down my sides, over the sides of my butt, then down to my thighs, knees, ending at my feet, resuming approximately the same thing she had done on my palms.

Suddenly, with great alarm, I realized my penis was sticking straight up to its full six inches. Usually when I’m hard and laying down, my penis is against my stomach. Only when it’s very hard does it stick up like that.

Totally embarrassed, I apologized to Linda. She said ‘Da nada,’ and kept right on working on my feet. My penis continued in its hardness, pulsing with my heartbeat.

Linda moved back up my lower legs, then my thighs, then to my total surprise, she pushed my legs apart a little bit, and started gently massaging my scrotum.

“You like?”

I hadn’t wanted this to be anything sexual, but by then it was too late. I was hooked, so I said, “Oh yes!”

She ran her fingers ever so lightly up the length of my dick twice. Then, she did something with her fingertips. She just sort of wiggled them on the very tip of my penis. Then she went on to gently rub my stomach, chest, neck, ending with a second face massage.

I thought she was going to make me cum, which I was really wanting, but she didn’t. And being shy like I am, I didn’t ask, even though part of me would have begged her to give me a happy ending.

She left the room. I composed myself and dressed, noticing that I could stand straight again with no pain. I also noticed it was a bit difficult to get my pants zipped around a still hard penis. I paid her plus a generous tip. The RV customization business pays well, so I tipped her generously.

I’m not one to keep secrets from Katie, my wife, so I told her all about it. I was concerned she’d be mad, like it was my idea to get erect in front of the old lady. But to my surprise, telling Katie about it made her horny and she gave me a wonderful handjob, finishing what Linda had started, not with her hands, but with her pussy.

Something about the unexpected massage had me so horned up, that even with Katie’s love, I jerked off later the same night, remembering the experience. I also got on her website and booked another appointment.

When I got there the following week, I was all smiles, expecting a happy ending. She massaged me again, and toward the end, once again, she spent some time in gently massaging my balls and then paid some attention my erect penis. But again, no finish. She was teasing me, and I loved it!

Once again, I told Katie, and once again it made her horny. We did what couples do, we fucked our heads off!

This went on for several weeks. Katie actually encouraged me to go back to Linda.

Linda added only one more thing to the routine. In the earlier part of the massage, while still on my stomach, she’ll brush her fingertips so lightly on the back of my scrotum it almost tickled, but it is really nice. Then, she’d stroke up and down my asscrack, also very lightly. Finally, she would circle her fingertips around my anus for a long time. As if I wasn’t already hard as a rock!

Every week, it was the very light touch of my super-erect penis, but no happy ending. Sometimes I’d get a pre-orgasmic feeling, like I was about to cum. She was an expert and always stoped just in the nick of time. I was loving it.

These massages would have gone on to this day, but a couple of years ago, Linda announced her retirement.

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