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So Busted

So busted as she saw a picture of me naked in the office with an erection

There was this girl in the office I was hot on. She and I had smiled at each other as we rode the elevator, passed in the hallway and so on during the past month. I thought she might like me. But other than the occasional “hello” we had never spoken. I didn’t even know if she was married or something.

Finally, one day, we had a minute to talk. I wanted to impress her. She said she was into bicycling. This was great, since I am also. I took out my phone to show her some pictures from a recent ride. She held my phone, looking at the pictures, first swiping forward, then back to the first picture. Then she swiped back one more time, and my heart jumped into my throat.

Because there was a picture I thought I had deleted and she saw it very clearly. It was me, stark naked, standing sideways, showing off my boner sticking out, and slightly upward. I had taken the picture fooling around during a masturbation session. At the time, it made me horny to think of those guys who will jerk off right there in full view of anyone on the Internet. Of course I’d never do that, but to take the naked erect selfie was in itself, quite a thrill.

I guess what happened is I actually took two or three pictures, and I thought I had deleted them after I ejaculated that day, but I must have not gotten every one.

I was so fucking embarrassed! How was she going to react. In any case, it couldn’t be good. I had only a second to contemplate the trouble I was in.

She could have done anything. She could have held the phone up, and loudly announced to everyone in the office, “Hey, look at Paul!”

Instead, she pulled me into the copy room where she could quietly ask me, “So you like this sort of thing?”

Wow, how does one answer a question like that?

While I tried to figure out how to answer it, she was alternately studying me, my face, my expression, and looking at the phone thumbing around looking for more pictures like that one. Fortunately, it was the only one.

“Well…” I started to answer, but had no words.

Finally, I figured, like my parents always said, ‘honesty is the best policy.’

“I do get horny at times.”

“So do I,” she answered almost immediately.

I’m sure you can figure out what happened next. She and I have become an item. I now have pictures of her in naked and suggestive poses on my phone, and she has pictures of me and my boner on her phone.

Oh, and one more thing: There is now a short video on the Internet of me laying on her bed, and she’s giving me a wonderful edging handjob where I finally blow a big load.

I’m not sure how I feel about that video. Some days it embarrasses me to think about it, to know thousands of people have seen me naked, with an erection, and cumming. I wish there was a way to somehow remove all copies of that video from the web. But most of the time I’m rather proud of that little movie!

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  1. You should post the video. 🙂

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