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Sister’s Pulsation

I was jilling off near my brother. He was situated somewhat oddly on the floor with his legs spread wide and his knees bent so I had a clear view of his asshole. As he came, this was the first time I noticed a sort of pulsation in the area below his balls just above his asshole.

I mentioned to him that I feel a similar pulsation when I orgasm, but I don’t think there is any visible sign that it’s happening.

This led to a discussion of what exactly may be visible, so of course we had to look into the matter. He rubbed my clit until I came and reported that he didn’t see any pulsation.

A couple days later, we tried it again. This time, I was on my hands and knees, so he could more clearly see the area between my pussy and asshole. He rubbed my clit, and sure enough I orgasmed fairly soon. Once again, he said he saw nothing.

We figured the experiment had ended, so a few days later when we were both horny again, we decided to try something else. He had me on my hands and knees again with my ass fully exposed. I always enjoy the fresh little breeze one can feel there in that position. He spit on his finger and stuck it partially into my asshole. My, that felt good! I wanted more, so we took a break as he went into the kitchen and came back with some coconut oil.

He put some on his finger, and stuck it into my ass – too quickly. My eyes opened wide, but it didn’t really hurt. The next thing you know, I was in a big-time orgasm. Jeremy said he felt the contractions around his finger.

After I calmed down, I did him, releasing a big eruption of semen onto his belly. I evidently wasn’t done yet so I asked him whether he would do me a bit more.

As I understand it, guys are usually done after they cum. I kind of get that, because I’m usually sort of that way also, although I have a strong desire to cuddle after cumming, even if it is just my brother. Sometimes I cry a little bit, too. It’s not a sad cry or a joyous one. It’s just something that happens, and Jeremy seems to understand.

But on this occasion, I wanted, and received more. We resumed the hands and knees position with my ass up in the air. He started to stick his finger back into my anus, but it didn’t feel the same. It kind of stung a little bit. I guess the area back there can become sensitive. So I asked him to take it out. Then, with the fingers of his other hand, while I was still in the ass-in-the-air position, he started idly playing with my inner labia, slipping them between his coconut oil-covered fingers over and over again. Bang! Another orgasm happened.

Jeremy said he actually saw contractions happening this time. He said it was primarily my asshole, but also the area between that and my pussy, and the lower area of the pussy itself. That was interesting, because to me it felt like it was entirely pussy, nothing about the asshole contracting.

The next time we got together, I expressed disbelief that my anus was contracting. He decided that we had to make a video, so I could see. He set up his phone with his squiggly phone holding contraption, then went to work. Once again, I was ass-up, and he worked his magic. After I settled down, I looked at the video, and sure enough, my asshole was rhythmically contracting.

I told my best friend Shanna about the experiments Jeremy and I have been doing, and she expressed three things. First, she was excited and delighted that I can play with my brother like that. The second thing is that she wished she could play with my brother. The third is that she, too, believed the contractions are limited to the vagina, and not visible.

I know it was a bold thing to do, but I showed her my phone, since my brother had sent me the video. After seeing that, both of us became so horny that we could hardly speak.

It wasn’t until about a week later that we arranged a time when my parents were out, and Shanna, Jeremy, and I got together. It was the first time Shanna had touched an actual, live, and rock-hard penis. Jeremy couldn’t hold it together and squirted cum almost right away. I can’t tell you how delighted I was to watch that.

Then it was my turn. Jeremy stepped out of the room, probably to compose himself, because guys seem to need time to themselves after they cum. So as if she had been doing it all her life, Shanna kissed me, and we hugged together all naked. After a long while, she went to work on me, giving me a crashing orgasm. I had no idea that things could be so good with another girl. I’m sure it helped that Jeremy came back into the room and intently watched us. I think I may be a bit of an exhibitionist.

When I recovered, I got Shanna in the hands and knees position. I knew that she simply had to experience the finger in the ass situation. Knowing how I felt when my dear brother put his finger in too fast, I went slowly. However, I wasn’t even half-way in when she moaned loudly, and had a crashing orgasm literally around my finger. There was no visible contracting going on, but I totally felt her squeezing my finger, and I had another orgasm, the first ever hands-free orgasm of my life as I felt her contractions.

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