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Woman Reading by Edgar Degas
Naked Woman Reading by Edgar Degas

It was the early days of smartphones, and I felt lucky to have one. I knew I was playing fast and loose with my phone. I removed the password protection so I didn’t have any delay in its use. I had a lot of what you’d call ‘personal’ pictures on the phone. For instance, I had a picture of me sucking my brother’s cock that I had sent to him, but also stored on my own phone.

One day, I was talking to this hot girl, Sherelle. I thought she was a long-shot. Out of my league, so it was a miracle that we were talking in homeroom that morning. She asked about my brother and sister. I figured I’d show her some photos. skipping quickly over that oral sex one before I handed her the phone, I showed here a legitimate picture of my brother.

“Handsome kid,” she said. Before I could grab the phone back, she started flipping through my other pictures. I wouldn’t have thought she even knew how to use a smartphone. I hadn’t expected that. Sure enough, she came across the picture of me all naked with a big erection, and my mouth around my brother’s little penis. I was so embarrassed! I’m sure my cheeks turned red, and I had no idea what to say. I was like, “I…, I… um…”

Sherelle said, “So you like that sort of thing?”

Again, all I could say was, “I… um… well.,..” I was so freaked out, I was about to pee my pants. I figured she might do something like carry the phone up to the teacher’s desk and show her. Or, maybe hold it up and show it to everyone.

She didn’t do that. Instead, in a quiet, calm voice she said, “I like that sort of thing too,” and handed the phone back. That was all.

For the next few days, I couldn’t face her. But on about the third day, again in homeroom, she turned me and asked, “Hey, can we get together sometime?” I was flabbergasted! Once again, my English failed me. “I…. um…., well… sure…”

I kind of thought that it wouldn’t turn out to be anything. That maybe she’d just want to talk, or maybe even make fun of me. Then a pang of fear struck me. Maybe she was setting me up, and would tell a circle of friends what she discovered, and force me to show everyone my phone.

Life can be better than it seems. I always have worried too much. She did invite me over to her house. It turns out she’s been latchkey since she was 14 years old. Her parents work until about 6pm. That gave us a couple of hours. No sooner did I get there than she said, “I liked what I saw in the picture.”

I wasn’t quite as embarrassed this time. “Well, thank you, I think.”

“Do you like getting blowjobs, or just giving them?”

I was actually able to answer intelligibly, even though my body was literally shaking. I’m not sure why I was jittering like that. It was warm in her room. Was it the expectation of what might happen? Was it because she knew my secret? Was it just too weird? I said, “Oh, I like getting even more than giving.”

“I’ve never sucked a dick. I’ve been wanting to. Finally, the opportunity has come up. Would you mind?”

Would I mind! Holy shit! The hottest girl in the whole school wanted to suck my dick!

Well, I have to tell you that first time wasn’t very romantic. I pulled down my pants and stood in front of her bed, while she knelt on the floor, and literally sucked my cock. It was wonderful, and I erected almost instantly. She took it out of her mouth, and held it this way and that in her fingertips like it was a science specimen, which I have to say felt as good as the sucking. She felt my balls in my sack. At one point she squished them a bit hard and I jumped, but otherwise it was the most delightful thing I had experienced in my life. She resumed blowing me, and I came in her mouth. She pulled away, and looked like she was going to puke for a moment, holding her mouth open. Then she closed it and swallowed. And, then she smiled.

It took a minute for me to recover. I had stopped shaking, but now my knees were so weak I had to practically fall against her bed.

“Can we do it again?” she asked.

I had to explain that I’d need time to recover.

“How about Thursday after school?”

Now, I pride myself on my intelligence, and this was my chance. “Only if I can give you a blowjob too.”

“Yes, sure, I think I’d like that.”

I had to wait two whole days for Thursday afternoon. When school finally ended, we didn’t waste a moment. We practically ran to her house. We took all our clothes off this time. She had tits. I mean, really big tits. I had no idea. They were beautiful! She showed me how to suck her nipples, which I found delightful. I kind of knew what she was feeling, because my brother and I had played with each other’s nipples also. I rolled around on the bed with her, my rock-hard penis sticking straight out, and then pushing between her legs near her knees. She squeezed her legs together as I continued to suck one nipple, then the other. My body automatically started pumping in and out between her knees, and in a moment, I found myself squirting cum over her legs.

“Oh, gross!” she laughed, cleaning up with some paper towels.

I didn’t lose my erection. She instructed me to go down on her, and I tasted pussy for the first time. What a great aroma, although I found the taste wasn’t very noticeable. Just a bit salty is all. Suddenly, I felt her go stiff as a board, and she started moaning really loud. She was having an orgasm, of course, but I was so inexperienced, I stopped, thinking I was doing something wrong. She grabbed my head, and placed me back against her vagina. That day I found out that girls can easily have more than one orgasm in a row.

As the weeks turned into months, into years, I found out a lot more about girls from Sherelle, like how fun long extended French kissing is, how to marry a girl, have kids with her, and be deeply in love for years and years.

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  1. I really like this one! It’s got sexiness, innocence, love, youth all in one.

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