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Security Guard

I took a job that sounded interesting, or more specifically I took the job because it paid well, and sounded easy, even though I’d have to move to Canada for six months. When I was told the details, it sounded just too good to be true.

I was to watch a bank of monitors showing webcam views of a storage facility. I was watching for theft or sabotage. I was to be issued a gun, but never, ever use it. Furthermore, if I failed to notice something on the monitors, I would not be held accountable. You see, it was an insurance company mandated thing. This storage yard had replacement parts and supplies for a giant oil sands mining operation. It was huge, covering multiple acres, and I was told there was over a billion dollars worth of inventory there. The insurance company required a ‘guard.’ That was all. There was nothing about the guard having specific duties, or training. That was me. I had no useful education or experience. About the only thing I was good at was using my right hand to entertain myself.

Actually, I’m a doctor. Really! I have a doctorate in English literature. That turns out to be a pretty useless degree. No worries, my plan was to write, get published, and become an established author. It sounded to me like I could bring a little notebook computer and do that on the job. In fact, I asked about that, and was told it would be fine. How cool, right?

So I was interviewed, and they were impressed that I had a Phd, which evidently qualified me as a security guard.

A month later found me in Canada with no friends, and no acquaintances. The first few days were nice and peaceful. The boss showed me around, then told me with a smile that my ‘job’ was to look at the monitors occasionally, and fill the seat. The insurance requirement would be satisfied. Nothing would ever happen in the storage yard because it was just too remote.

He was right. Sometimes, I’d see a mechanic or someone come in and get a part. Everyone seemed legitimate. More often, I’d see a family of raccoons, or a deer. Once, I saw some sort of wild cat. Of course I brought my little laptop, and I did some writing, but have to admit, I wasn’t really managing to write anything significant. Pretty soon found me looking at porn on my computer. Perhaps what led me to that was the incredible loneliness. My girlfriend back home, with whom I Skyped every day at first, tapered off. We both knew that my six-month stint was going to be too long. Pretty soon, she faded out entirely. I hadn’t met anyone in the freezing little company shantytown. The only guy I ever saw was Kalvin, the guy who followed my shift. He was quite similar to me. Same age, same general characteristics, similar interests. He also brought his laptop. He was planning to create the great work of software, just as I planned to write the great work of fiction. He was from Toronto, where I was from Los Angeles. But it was the same for him. He knew no one here.

More and more, as my shift ended and his began, he’d arrive a bit early, and I’d stay a bit late, and we’d talk about this and that. I dare say, he and I were almost becoming friends.

Of course the one thing I’d never admit to him is during my shift, I had been looking at that porn instead of working. Furthermore, I had started jerking off, right there in front of all those monitors. I mean, after all, no one ever came into the little office. Since the shift was 8 hours, I learned not to cum too soon, but instead, I could bring myself to the brink of ejaculating over and over again, finally cumming about a half-hour before Kal arrived.

Except one day, there I was, leaning way back in the comfy chair in front of those monitors, having decided to remove all my clothing, with a hand wrapped around my fully erect cock, when the door sprang open. It was Kalvin of course. He had decided to visit a bit longer with me by arriving a half-hour early. He saw what was going on of course, and immediately walked back out and closed the door.

Talk about being caught red-handed! I was fucking mortified! I tried to say something as he was already running out and closing the door. I was like, “I… I… I’m…” I couldn’t think of what to say. How to explain away or excuse what was pretty obviously going on.

My penis went totally soft instantly. There’s be no ejaculation for me, that was for sure! If I was in my teens again, I would have burst into tears. I almost did anyway. No doubt my job would end early.

My mind started reeling. The boss would find out. I mean, what’s to stop Kalvin from telling what he just saw? They might not even let me finish my shift. How embarrassing. I was a fucking perv. Well, at least I’d be done with freezing cold Canada. Oddly, that thought made me smile. Canada wasn’t really that bad. It’s just that I hadn’t met anyone yet. I was lonely. I didn’t hate Canada. I smiled again. Then the oddest thing started happening. I started laughing. I know it doesn’t make any sense under the circumstances, but the whole situation was suddenly very funny. It wasn’t that bad really. So, Kalvin caught me jerking off on the job. It wasn’t so terrible. I mean, the job wasn’t a real job anyway. It wasn’t like I was harming anyone, or even shirking a duty. What duty, right?

Then, whoosh, the door opened again. Of course by now I was fully clothed. I figure it would be Kalvin and the boss, or someone. Maybe a real security guard. No, it was just Kalvin. His face was red. At first, I couldn’t hear his words, since my mind was in such a whirl. I had to focus and try to piece what he was saying back together. He was apologizing to me. He was sorry he had burst in on me. Then, the best part, “Hey, I wank too. What else is there to do around here?”

It took me an extraordinarily long time to process that. He jerks off too? Is that what he just said? Again, I lost his next words, as my mind was working on that last bit. Again, I figured out what he was saying it several seconds later. “Dude, you’ve got a nice-looking cock there.”

I knew Kal was sort of a ‘say whatever’ kind of person, but I wouldn’t have expected that. In fact, I wasn’t sure he actually said that, so I couldn’t dare answer to it. I figured something non-committal would be OK. “Um, thanks.” Then I added, “You too.”

That was stupid. Kalvin laughed. I laughed.

A few days later, the whole thing was forgotten, or so I thought. I had learned not to be caught wanking a half-hour before the end of my shift. Kalvin, on the other hand, did not arrive early any more. Not even five minutes early. We also didn’t hang out as much between shifts like we had before. Too bad.

Then one day, he did arrive five minutes early, and he looked odd, like he had something on his mind but couldn’t say it. He started talking about the weather. You know, the freezing, sleet in your face, cold Canada weather. Then, he added, somewhat incongruously, “Thank goodness for masturbation.”

I don’t know if he said that as a sort of finish to our little situation a few days earlier, or whether he was leading up to something. Not knowing quite to say, I simply added, “Yes, thank goodness for masturbation.”

“I do it all the time.”

I was very happy to hear him say that. It was some kind of excellent ice breaker.

“Yes, Kal, I’m so lonely up here that’s all I do, other than watch TV and eat and sleep.”

“Me too. Yes, thank goodness for masturbation.” Then he hesitated for a moment. I kind of knew what he might say next, and I was worried he’d chicken out.

“You know, maybe…”

Then he stopped. Damn. I had to finish his sentence for him, hoping I hadn’t misunderstood the signals.

“…Maybe we should wank together sometime?”

“Yes!” he answered excitedly.

“Dude, I’m all in.”

And with that, we stripped right there in the little office and had a fucking great time. Well, not really a ‘fucking’ great time. It was a sucking and handjob great time. The first of many.

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  1. I wanna experience it . Good story.

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