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Sandra’s Ben-Wah Balls

young girls enjoy ben-wah balls, the female vaginal sex toy

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“What is that?” Natalie asked.

Sandra answered, “Oh, that’s my ben-wah balls,”

“Huh? What do they do?”

“Um, well… do you mind if I don’t tell you right now?”

An hour passed.

“You can’t leave me like that. What do those, what did you call them? Those two tied-together ball thingies do?”

“Well, look. If you promise not to tell anyone…”

“Of course. Now, what are they?”

“They’re called ‘ben-wah’ balls.”

“Ben-way balls?”

“Ben-wah balls.”

“Yeah, but what do they do?”

“What do you think they do?”

“Well, I’d guess that you put them on the floor, and roll your back over them to massage your spine or something.”

“Good guess, but that’s not it.” Sandra laughed.

Natalie, also in the 8th grade, just sat on the bed, looking perplexed.

“So, if you must know, they’re, um, for sexual pleasure.”

Natalie on the bed blushed. “You mean…?”

“OK, so I don’t know how to tell you this without shocking you, but I put them in my vagina.” – Now, Sandra is blushing even more than her friend.

After a long pause, “Oh my goodness!”

“You know, that was exactly my reaction when my mom gave them to me.”

“So, you’re telling me, your mom knows you masturbate, and she gave you those?”


“I’ve always known your mom was cool, but that takes the cake!”

A long silence while they studied their history homework, each reading her own textbook.

Natalie hesitantly stated, “I masturbate too.”

“Of course you do. We all do it. Even my brother. I caught him one time. He was so fucking embarrassed!”

“Oh, I’ve gotta hear this.”

“Well, I just walked in on him. That’s all. I was after the stapler, which I thought was on his desk. Like an idiot, I just barged into his room to get it. He was fully naked on the bed. He had his hand on his… um, his penis. He yelled at me, and I ran out of the room really fast. I totally forgot about the stapler.”

“More, more, tell me more!”

“Well, that’s really all there is to it. I did come back here to my room and used the ben-wah balls right away.”

“So, how in the heck do you use them?”

“You put them in, and that in itself is pleasurable. But you can also wear them. You can walk around with them inside all day if you want. I’ve had orgasms in school, and no one even notices.”

“That’s so cool! Do you suppose I could borrow them?”

“I suppose you could. You can use them right now if you want.”

“How do I put them in?”

At that point, without directly answering the question, Sandra went over to her space heater and turned it up. Then she said, “It’ll help if it’s a bit warmer in here.”

“You mean?”

“Right, I’ll help you. I mean, if you want me to.”

A long silence. Both girls were blushing terribly.

“Wouldn’t it be kind of lesbian-like?”

“Um, I don’t know. Do you suppose it’s OK?”

“I don’t know either.”

More silence.

“But, it’s OK, right? Like there’s nothing wrong with lesbian stuff. Is there?”

“Does it matter? Does it really matter?”

“No. No it doesn’t matter at all.”

Both girls laughed. However, there was so much nervousness in the room that you could cut it with a knife.

They had some hesitancy getting started. Finally, the two girls decided to play a abbreviated version of strip poker. Whoever drew the high card each time had to take something off. In a short while Natalie was stark naked, and Sandra had only lost two shoes and a sock.

“I feel funny.”

“I get it. Here, I’ll just shuck the rest of my clothes.” And within seconds, there were two naked, and very horny young girls in the room.

“Lay down on my bed.”


The owner of the ben-wah balls slowly, gingerly touched Natalie’s vagina. Natalie shuddered at the touch. But, she didn’t just shudder. She continued shaking, so much so that her voice was unsteady. “Oh, that feels so nice.”

It took a while to work the balls into her pussy. That’s because the only lubricant the two girls had was their own juice. Sandra supplemented Natalie’s juice with some of her own. She was very wet, so it was a simple matter to coat her fingers and transfer it to her friend.

“OK, now you can just wear them when you go home, and wear them as long as you want.”

She continued, “But before you get up…”

And with that, she started earnestly rubbing her friend’s clitoris, resulting in a big, shuddering, moaning orgasm.

After she settled down, her friend asked her, “Do you still want to keep them in?”

“Oh, yes. Very much.”

Something happened. Without any fanfare, the girls found themselves hugging in a tight embrace there on the bed, then they were kissing. Natalie, feeling she should return the favor, and actually really wanting to do something for Sandra, maneuvered around a little bit, put her mouth on one of Sandra’s small nipples, and started kissing it, then sucking on it slightly and running her tongue over it. Sandra responded with a very enthusiastic, “Ummmm!”

Before the afternoon was over, Sandra had experienced perhaps the best orgasm of her young life as her friend licked her clit. Natalie didn’t know much about sex yet, but thought that Sandra might like continued licking, turning the orgasm in to a long series of nearly continuous orgasms.

Natalie went home, wearing her friend’s ben-wah balls, having another orgasm on the long walk home, feeling as if everyone saw her, even though logically she knew there was no outward evidence. She wore them at dinner, feeling so naughty, with her sister and parents knowing nothing about what was happening in her lower body.

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  1. The story didn’t exactly explain what ben-wa balls do. Maybe the links at the beginning of this story provide an explanation. If not, here is one:

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