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RV Hot Tub Oops

RV Hot Tub Oops

I was at an RV resort with my big old diesel pusher motorhome. I had stayed there for a while, because even though it’s fun driving the thing, packing up everything inside so it doesn’t crash around, unhooking the cables and hoses, then hooking back up and unpacking elsewhere is a big deal, so I didn’t change locations all that often. I had gotten to know people at the RV park, especially the people in the office, pretty well.

They had a public pool and hot tub. Sometimes my wife would join me in the hot tub. Sometimes we’d meet other couples in the hot tub and have great conversations.

One particular evening before dark, it was cold out, so I was the only one who ventured into the tub. There was no one around. I turned on the jets for a while, but it seemed kind of noisy, so I turned them back off to enjoy a nice quiet, warm soak. An important detail is that when the jets are running, the surface of the water is obscured with suds. When off, it’s crystal clear.

I started getting horny. Since no one was around, I eased out of my trunks, and started idly playing with my penis. Pretty soon, I was solidly erect, and wanking pretty vigorously. Now, I wouldn’t cum in the hot tub. That would be gross for anyone who might come in later or the next day.

That’s not a problem for me. I’ve learned to master continuous orgasms without ejaculating, which is great fun. I’ve written that up elsewhere on this website. So there I was dry orgasming away, when I happened to look up. There on a pole, overlooking the hot tub, was a perfectly positioned security camera.

The picture above is the very penis that I’m sure everyone in the office got a good view of.

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