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Rope Broke

Rope broke, mature male-male fun

I have a truck full of equipment. I’m in the small engine repair business. Strictly house calls. Every summer, I try to save up, but I’m practically starving toward the end of winter.

One late winter day I got a call to fix a snowblower. It seems the starter rope broke when an old man was pulling on it. Expecting the handle to stop three feet away from the engine as it usually did, the poor old guy fell over backward, spraining a wrist.

I got there, and rang the doorbell. I heard a faint, “Come on in,” from inside the huge house.

I let myself in and followed the sound of “In here,” arriving at the fellow’s bedroom.

He was laying in bed and said, “Pardon me for not being dressed, but I seem to have hurt my wrist.”

I must have looked like ‘So what, you can still get around, right?’ so he held up his other hand, showing me that his last three fingers were swollen. So, he had hurt both hands. Now I understood. Under the circumstances, having me come to his bedroom made sense.

What didn’t make quite as much sense is that he was laying on top of the sheets completely nude. I couldn’t tell for sure, but his penis seemed a little bit swelled up, too, like partially erect.

Well, whatever. It’s not like I haven’t seen naked men before. I’m all for diversity. I guess you’d call me omni-bisexual. I like people of all sexes, any age beyond teenagers, any body shape, color and size. Why do you think I named my business “Rainbow Small Engine Repair?”

I went out to the garage and replaced his starter rope and made sure the engine started quickly. An easy job. I could only charge $75, but being late winter, I sure wished it had been a bigger, better paying job.

I let myself back into the house without knocking. I figured that’s what the old guy would want. I came to his room, and found him with a full erection, and in the process of attempting to jerk off with his hurt hands.

I told him it was $75. He got up, with his penis still erect, walked over to his dresser, and fumbled with his wallet. His hands were too sore, so he asked me to get the cash out, stating that he wanted to pay me $100, as a bit of a tip. I was delighted.

After thanking him, I stated the obvious, “I guess it’s hard to jerk off with your hands like that.”

“Boy, is it! My wife would have helped, but she’s been dead two years now.”

“I’m so sorry.”

Then he asked, “Say, young fella, would you mind helping me out? You know what I mean, right?”

My heart jumped into my throat. I would love to jerk this old guy off. I was surprised by my own reaction. After all, I had done everything you can imagine with dozens of young guys and young women, and older people too, although never a really old, gray haired, bearded man like this guy.

So, he got back in the bed, and I jerked him off. I wanted it to be especially nice for him, so every time he got close, I stopped for a moment, edging him deliciously. Finally, he blew a small load over my hand. He told me that was the best handjob he’s ever had in his whole long life. I doubted it, but, well, maybe. I’m pretty good at reading a man’s (or a woman’s) physiology, and stopping just before they cum every time. I can keep them on a very enjoyable edge for a long time.

After a moment of recovery, he stood up, and walked back to his wallet on the dresser. Realizing he couldn’t open it, he said to me, “Grab that, would you?”

I picked up his wallet.

“Under the flap, you’ll see two folded-up $100 bills. Please take one, and leave the other. That’s for you, young’un.”

“Oh, no, I did it as a favor, and because I knew I’d enjoy getting my hands on your penis.” I was hearing myself saying that, and wishing I had something else I could have said, because I could really use another hundred dollars.

“Oh no, I insist. What am I going to do, take it with me to the grave?” he laughed.

Since that time, I have a standing appointment for Tuesday mornings to jerk him off. Every time, I say I don’t need to get paid. Every time, he insists on giving me another $100.

His wrist and hands have long since healed, and now he jerks me off every time also. First I do him, then he does me. He always cums, but always a small amount. He says that’s just something that happens with older people. Their quantity of semen goes down. Every time, he still insists on giving me the $100.

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  1. that was hot.I am in the heating and air conditioning repair business and have had a few similar experiences with people.

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