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Ride My Bike

Ride my Bike, Male-male blowjob

“Why won’t you let me ride your new bike?”

“‘Cause it’s new.”

“Come on.”

“Blow me.”



“Really, I’ll literally suck your dick if you let me ride your bike around the block.”

I seriously doubted he’d actually do anything of the sort, but just the thought that I could tease him afterward was worth letting him ride the bike.

“Just don’t fuck it up. Seriously. One scratch on the paint…”

“No worries.”

I just stood there as he disappeared around the corner. I wasn’t really all that worried about my new bicycle. He couldn’t wreck it any worse than I probably would myself in a month or two. When he returned, he denied ever saying he’d do anything of the sort. He asked, “What are you, gay?”

“No, You are, or you wouldn’t offer to blow me in the first place.”

He turned red in the face. He stammered. Finally, he practically whispered, “Maybe I am.”

I was dumbstruck. This was Lennie, with whom I’ve kidded around, a good buddy, a real man, at least to the extent a 14-year-old can be. You know, top athlete, tall, good-looking, popular in school.

I didn’t even know where to begin. I had been kind of wondering about that myself. I didn’t really know whether I was gay or not. I have been attracted to some girls. Hell, I even find my sister sexy on the rare occasion I see her in her underwear. But then, in gym class, I’ll see a guy’s butt at a certain angle, even in shorts, and I’ll start wondering what his dick looks like. I wonder if he jerks off. Then I start daydreaming about jerking off with him. Or, I’ll admit, I’ve even thought about possibly sucking a guy’s dick.

I was about to open my mouth, and start teasing the living bejeepers out of Lennie. But I didn’t. Instead, the oddest thing came out of my mouth: “Cool.”

I got my blowjob. He got blown too. Now I know what “mind-blowing” really means.

2 thoughts on “Ride My Bike

  1. Although you came out ok, the lesson to be learned here is get the blowjob first before lending out the bike.

  2. You wanna ride my bike?? 🙂

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