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Rewarded for Erection

Black ass, rewarded for erection

I was like every other guy until I was 20 years old. I’d will myself to stay soft in locker rooms, on nude beaches, in medical exams, and in any naked situation with people.

Then one day on the nude beach, I got to talking with this person I had never seen there before. She was very black, like first generation African, which I find very attractive. I guess it’s an extreme example of opposites attract, because I’m embarrassingly white with my Nordic background, even though I’ve been in the sun quite a bit.

She had long, curly hair almost down to her butt. She was glistening from sweating in the sun.

I lost it. My penis started growing. I felt it coming on, and tried to make an excuse to get away, run into the water and get at least waist deep to hide my erection. But I couldn’t politely end the conversation in time. I grew to my full six inches.

She noticed, as I’m sure did twenty other nearby people on the beach.

I was terribly embarrassed.

She reached out and touched it. At first, I thought it might have been accidental, but when she wrapped her fingers around my erection, it became pretty obvious that it was no accident! She gently pulled me toward the cliff, where there were some tall bushes growing, providing some shade and privacy. Once there, she gave me a glorious blowjob.

I never did learn her name, and never saw her again. Sometimes I wish I had at least gotten her number, because I’m sure she and I could have hit it off. Maybe she’d even be my wife today. Who knows?

That’s beside the point. What happened is that I learned a valuable lesson that day. Not only was I rewarded with a blowjob for my erection, but I noticed that the others who saw me with an erection didn’t go ballistic. They didn’t admonish me. They didn’t give me death-ray eyes. They didn’t even look away, or crack stupid jokes. They looked on appreciatively if anything. I think one guy actually winked.

So, next time at the beach, when I normally would have tried not to think of anything sexual, to stay soft, I went the opposite way. I let my erection grow in the sun, then walked casually from one end of the beach to the other, with my way-hard erection waving in front of me.

What a freeing feeling! Not only had I never walked with an erection, but in front of all those people! Who knew that I was an exhibitionist?

Nothing more happened that day. No blow job from a sexy girl, or anything, but I was encouraged.

The next time, I did pretty much the same thing. I even played a bit of volleyball while erect. People smiled, but didn’t say much of anything. Later in the afternoon, a group of three guys sitting on towels invited me to sit with them. They told me they admired the erection I had been sporting earlier. One then asked if I’d be willing to get erect again, so he could see it up close. Imagine that!

The people on the beach were thinning out, and I figured if I were to stroke myself to erection, it would be OK. So I did. Right in front of the three guys. They started stroking too, and before long, three of us ejaculated into the sand. The fourth guy, poor fellow, was only half hard, and couldn’t cum, despite our encouraging words. Such is life, I suppose. It could have happened to me. In fact, similar things have happened. One time in bed with a woman… Well, that’s a story for another time.

I’ve gone back to the beach and let myself be erect several times. Nothing bad has ever happened. I’ve been invited into those tall bushes by the cliff several times by both women and men. I’ve gotten and given many blowjobs and handjobs.

I decided to take it a step further. I’m a member of the YMCA, so why not, right? It took me a while to get up the gumption. I was concerned about being thrown out, losing my membership. I started in the sauna, where it’s hard to see anyway. I threw off my towel, and showed my erection to the steamy world. Well, actually to two other guys sitting in there. No one complained. One younger man actually, said “Cool.” Nothing else, just that, but it encouraged me.

The next time in the sauna, it was crowded with four other guys. I was towel-off and erect again. The guy sitting across from me took his towel off, and showed me, and the other guys, as he started becoming erect. The guy sitting next to me made a big show of taking off his towel and sitting on it. Then, he started idly stroking himself. Before long, all four of us had ejaculated in the sauna.

Life continues. I’m continuing to get bolder, but cautiously. I don’t want to come across any legal trouble, or perhaps a person who is so uptight about sexual matters as to cause a fuss. I’m thinking of just sitting right on the locker room bench and jerking off in front of whatever guys are in there at the time. I’d also like to do something more in mixed company. I don’t know what, yet. Do you have any ideas?

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  1. Nudism is great, but erections are frowned upon by the nudist community. There are some exceptions, of course. My first experience on a nude beach included going out into the water before I took off my swimsuit. The boner underneath eventually went down, and I joined everyone on the beach. No issues after that. I did see a couple making love at one point. This is a secluded beach that requires a climb down a steep cliff to access. This was years ago at Black’s Beach in San Diego.

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