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Queef: a vaginal fart. When air gets trapped in the vaginal canal, it can be expelled, sometimes quite audibly. This can happen with experimentation, such as having your partner blow forcibly into the vagina. In some women, it also happens naturally, such as doing cartwheels, or being momentarily upside down, as the vaginal canal expands due to the effect of gravity.

Another version, which may be more accurately termed a quofe (see below), happens when air or a gas is expelled through the urethra from the bladder. This only happens after urethral play in which gas has been pushed into the bladder, or an infection which generates gas.

Queen: A man, typically gay, who dresses and acts like a woman.

Queer: 1. Someone with a greater interest in people of the same sex rather than opposite sex
2. Strange, unusual.

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Quofe (or Quoaf): also known as a ‘dick-fart.’ This is an audible effect when air or other gas is expelled from the meatus (peehole). It is quite uncommon, occurring only after some event has forced air into the bladder through urethral play, or in the rare event of an infection causing a gas build up in the bladder. A quofe is generally very quiet. Sometimes, it is more felt than heard. The man can feel a sort of vibration in his perineal area.

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