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Proper Testicle Massage

We have emailed each other on occasion and you know that I actually am a true masturbationist. You have mentioned in some of your stories about testicular massage. Since that would fit right into the services I already offer my clients, I’d like to learn exactly how to do this for guys.

Are you aware of any websites that have video training about how to give a man a good testicle massage? I don’t want to hurt any of my clients, (unless that’s what they are into) so I want a legitimate source from which to learn the technique.

Thanks for any help you can give me.


I don’t know of any websites that offer information on the techniques of testicular massage.

I have given and received several in my life. The only thoughts I have that might be helpful:

Avoid pressing on the area where the spermatic cord attaches. That is sensitive, and could possibly cause injury. However testicles in general are very tough. They’re rubbery with a thick outer layer, much like uncooked chicken gizzards. You probably can’t injure testicles with just your fingers, although if you squeeze really hard, most clients will not be happy.

Most guys who claim they only want a light touch, seem to like a heavy touch. However, you have to work up to it slowly.

It is most helpful if they can be erect during the massage. It makes them far more receptive to anything you want to do.

Most men come into a situation like this with a degree of concern. I think it’s important to let them know that some will get erect, some won’t, it’s not necessarily a gay thing – for those who would worry about that, and that it’s been done to millions of men for thousands of years.

However, there’s the concept of therapeutic massage, in which sexual excitement is not supposed to be part of the process. I think there are some guys who would like this, although my guess is they are fooling themselves. Like going to a nude beach and saying it’s not a sexually exciting event, a testicle massage probably has a sexual component for everyone.

I like to start with a very feather-light stroking of the midline of the scrotum, or just the hairs on the scrotum. Try it on yourself. It’s important to understand just how light this should be to have maximum effect. When done properly it is a delicious kind of tickle. You may have some clients who are extremely ticklish. Perhaps for those men, you should not touch lightly, but immediately cup their balls in your warm hands.

The light tickling can optionally be extended to the frenulum of the penis. Don’t be surprised to see an immediate erection if not already erect, and the penis may jump a centimeter at the beginning of each stroke.

Next, you might try some light ball slapping. Some clients will like this, while others may not care for it at all. Some may ask you to intensify the slapping until you are really hitting them hard.

The techniques I use vary, but one of the standards is to grab both balls at the same time, one between the thumb and first two fingers of each hand, pulling slightly toward the bottom of the scrotum and pressing and holding for a long time.

A great variation is to continually roll or squish the balls back and forth a few millimeters in your grip, or press harder and less hard rhythmically.

Another is using the same grip, you repeatedly let the balls slip out of your fingers, like wet bars of soap. The men will generally flinch or jump a little bit when this happens, but most enjoy it tremendously.

Some men get a lot out of simple scrotum massage. They don’t want or need their actual balls massaged as much as just touching of their scrotums.

One thing I enjoy is scrotum pulling. Stretch that skin out and hold it for a while by grabbing with both hands, being careful not to engage your fingernails.

When a testicle massage done right – with as much pressure as you can apply without hurting your client, the person comes away with a delicious feeling of slight heaviness in their balls that lasts for an hour or two afterward. I believe that the men actually have a greater sense of well-being, feel physically stronger, and see the world in brighter colors for several days afterward. However, this condition is generally so slight for many men that it’s hard to notice.

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  1. There’s nothing better than a good testicle massage !

  2. I can only suggest that a soft gentle touch works the best for me. Carefully pulling at the scrotum loose skin and moving your/their finger up from the premium to the scrotal sack taking each testicle and rolling it gently with the fingers.

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