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Phimosis Comes Up

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Jeremy was asked once again about phimosis:

I’m not an expert, but from what I’ve read, and a few men I’ve met who had the condition, here’s what appears to be the truth on phimosis:

Most who have phimosis have such a mild case that treatment is not necessary.

Many children naturally grow out of phimosis during adolescence. If you are still being affected by this at around 14 years old, you should let your parents know, and they may contact a nurse practitioner or doctor. Please have no concern about having them see your penis. You’re not the only one who has ever had trouble with a penis. They’ve seen it all before and they are there to help.

One should keep the hard-to-access area between the head of the penis and the enclosing skin clean by washing soap and water every time you shower or take a bath. If not, it can smell, and is prone to infection. It is best to use a mild soap that doesn’t dry out skin.

If that area is impossible to reach by ordinary means, you can clean it with a Q-tip, or squirt soapy and then clean water in with a showerhead, turkey baster, eye dropper or Waterpik, swish it around if you can, then let it flow out several times.

If you can masturbate without pain, your phimosis may be so mild that treatment is not necessary. In fact, regular masturbation can help loosen phimosis.

However, intercourse may still be problematic, meaning painful. A condom may help by preventing the skin from being pulled backward when entering a vagina or anus. Use lots of lube, and take your time.

If you do have pain when masturbating, in intercourse, or even just having an erection, or if you are having occasional infections or bleeding, than there are two possible solutions.

One is stretching exercises. The stretching exercises may work on their own. The general idea is you have to be erect, then you pull down just to the point of pain, but not beyond and hold the foreskin down like that for several seconds. Do this ten times in a row, twice a day, if you can. It’s OK if you happen to ejaculate in the process. Because you may not want to do this to the point of pain, or may forget or avoid the exercise altogether, it is best if you can get a family member or friend to do it for you. Additionally, it can be a great bonding experience. (You’ll find that can be quite enjoyable!)

Other exercises include simply pulling on the foreskin that extends beyond the end of your penis, sticking two fingers in the hole if it is big enough to stretch it sideways, and rubbing the tightest area of your foreskin.

You can start with dry exercises, or use ordinary hand cream, coconut oil, or similar harmless cream.
You may find hydrocortisone cream is quite helpful. This can be purchased over the counter at drug stores, or can be medically prescribed in higher concentrations.

You should never ever stretch the foreskin too much or make it sore. It should also always be able to go back over your penis head. Be careful about pulling a very tight foreskin over the head of the penis. It can be difficult and painful to slip it back over. Do the exercises gently, and most likely, in time, you’ll be able to fully retract your foreskin.

You need to be very patient with stretching exercises. You won’t see any change in a week. It may take a year or more. But, it will be fun in the meantime, right?

If stretching exercises don’t work, a circumcision is an alternative. That’s a surgical procedure in which the foreskin is actually removed. It takes a long, and somewhat painful time to heal, but most people report that masturbation and sex is just as good afterward as before, and certainly better if you’ve been having pain. Men worry about having erections after a recent circumcision, but that happens naturally in one’s sleep, and during arousing events in the daytime, and it turns out OK. For many men, to avoid masturbating for a few weeks is a frustrating experience. However, there are ways to masturbate and have ejaculations without having to move the skin of the penis up and down. I described some of these in the Advanced Male Masturbation section.

There is a procedure known as ‘dorsal slit’ in which the foreskin is not removed, but only sliced along the bottom side. That can heal more quickly, with no pain or trouble during erections while healing, and leaves your foreskin intact, even though you can forever after fully and painlessly expose the glans (head of penis) .

I have met a few men who have had phimosis. Most were fine with it as-is. A couple have had circumcisions as adults. None of the circumcised men expressed any long-term complications, and are perfectly happy as circumcised adults. One had a more severe case, and could not be masturbated by a friend without pain. I know, I was the friend who tried wanking him. I had to be very gentle in order for him to enjoy it and eventually ejaculate. As you might expect, the cum just sort of oozed out of the small opening, rather than shooting directly out of the peehole as it does in most men with exposed peeholes.

One issue that does come up for many men after circumcision is glans (head of penis) sensitivity. Since it has been covered all your life, simply rubbing against your underwear can be excruciating at first. If possible, go naked or bottomless at home, change the style of underwear you use, wear loose-fitting shorts or pants, and be patient. The sensitivity will die down.

I was in recent correspondence with a mother of an 8-year-old boy who has phimosis. She decided that while he might grow out of it during puberty, it would probably be better to introduce him to the stretching exercises early on. But he won’t do it by himself, or does it in a haphazard, ineffective way. So she has already started doing it for him. She says he enjoys their daily ritual, sitting on her lap while she stretches his foreskin. She reports that he easily becomes fully erect, which is necessary for the exercise to have any effect, and has had dry orgasms from time to time. He then falls contentedly asleep in her lap.

She further reported that she felt weird or icky after he orgasmed the first time. Like, she was doing something wrong. After a while, she decided that she wasn’t doing anything wrong. The boy needed her help, and wasn’t doing it on his own. You wouldn’t stop washing your child’s face because that might be considered too intimate, would you? What if your child needs suppositories? Right, it’s up to the mother (or father) to administer the treatment. It’s all clinical. There’s nothing sexual about it.

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