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Penile Fracture

Penile fracture

Even though the penis does not contain any bones, it can be fractured. When a fracture happens, the side of one of the corpora cavernosa, the spongy chambers that fill with blood, bursts, resulting in a painful leak of blood, and often a bump, a bend, and sometimes a blue-black coloration. Fractures most frequently happen during particularly exuberant intercourse with the woman on top. She’ll bounce up and down, but on one of the downstrokes, the penis and vagina aren’t aligned quite right, and her full weight is just too much to take. Other sexual activities can cause penile fractures, so be careful of anything that can forcefully bend the erect penis. Some men have been known to fall out of bed with an erection, and end up with a fracture. Approximately 200 Americans per year suffer penile fractures. So, the chances of having it happen to you during the next year are less than one in a million. During an adult lifetime: About one in 27,000. The numbers might be somewhat higher, since not everyone who suffers a penile fracture will report it. Time and rest can heal some fractures. Others require surgical intervention involving degloving.

Penile fracture is often accompanied by an audible, even loud, crack.

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