Paraphilia – A strong, abnormal interest in sexual activities, often wanting to participate or at least fantasize in actions which are distressing or dangerous. Paraphilic interests may include children, intentional injury to sexual organs, and non-consenting individuals.

Parenchyma – The inner portion of a testicle, a soft gelatinous but also somewhat rubbery material consisting of thousands of little tubes. The parenchyma is contained with the outer shell of the testicle, called the tunic.

Parents’ Guide to Masturbation

Parents’ Guide to Phimosis

Paying For College The Crazy Way – Female point of view story

PC Muscle – Info

PDA: – Public Display of Affection

Pedastry: – Men sexually interested in boys

Pedophilia – Info

Peegasm – also known as ‘pissgasm’

Peegasm, How I Attained Peegasm – Male Technique

Peehole – also known as ‘meatus’

Peehole Fingering – Info and Memoirs

Peehole, Girlfriend Fingering Memoir – Male POV

Peehole Play With Katie – Male point of view

Peehole Stretcher

Peehole Stretching – Info

Peehole Temperature – Brother-sister urethral play

Peehole Tonguing, She Loves It!

Peehole Widening – Info

Pegging: This is an act in which a woman wears an artifical penis (‘strap-on’), and fucks a man’s butt.

Pegging: Sara Finds a New Way for Both of Us to Cum

Penile Fracture – Info

Penis Anatomy – Info

Performance Anxiety: This is mostly a male phenomenon in which a guy cannot get or maintain an erection, or can’t ejaculate when with a partner. It starts with a concern that the man cannot satisfy his partner, or that the partner will mock or tease him about his lack of ability. Performance anxiety feeds on itself. As the man becomes more concerned about not being able to perform, his worry reduces his arousal and increases the problem.

Penis Captivus – An embarrassing medical condition involving both partners.

Penis, Curved

Penis Encyclopedia

Penis Expansion

Penis, Large, 5 Problems – Non-fiction informational
large cock, 5 problems

Penis Memory Game

Penis Size – Info

Penis Plug – Info

Email With a Penpal – Male memoir of anal play and more

Le petit mort: This expression in French translates to ‘the little death.’ It is a phenomenon that happens to many people right after an orgasm in which they start crying for no obvious reason. It more effects women than men. When it does happen to a man, it’s not ‘unmanly.’ It’s just a natural reaction.

Perfect Invention for Lesbians

Peyronie’s Syndrome

PGAD – Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder. This is a primarily female disorder which is pretty much as it sounds. However, the symptoms can be far-ranging including long bouts of elevated heart rate and blood pressure, redness of face and neck, genital pain, and muscle spasms from head to toe. Quite often PGAD is only temporarily relieved by orgasm. Sometimes orgasm does not reduce the symptoms. One woman reported having had 200 orgasms in an afternoon. This may sound like fun to you, but to her, it was torture.

Phimosis – Info

Phimosis Comes Up – More about phimosis

Phimosis: Mother Fixed a Problem with My Penis – Memoir

Phimosis, Son’s – Mother’s point of view

Photo Shoots, Erotic – Female point of view story

Bossy – Pickleball, A Romance of Sorts, Male Point of View Story

PickleballBeach Town, a story involving nudity and pickleball

Picking on the Naked Boy with the Erection – Female point of view story

Pickleball Romance – Story, female point of view

Pickup Technique – Works Every Time

Piercings – Ampallang and Apadravya

Piercings, Multiple – 117, to be exact

Pinching Clit – Female POV

Pink Line

Pissing – Info

Pissing, Sharp Aim – Male technique

Pissing, Pulsing – Male technique

PIV – Penis In Vagina, ordinary intercourse

Play Piercing – also known as ‘needle play’

Police: Caught In Balboa Park – Story

Polls: Circumcision – Results

Polyamory: Sandstone Retreat – Historical fiction

Polythelia – the condition of having more than two nipples. Also known as supernumerary nipples.

Pond: Floating with Cindy

Pool: Tony and Anne By The Pool


Pornography – Determining the standards

Porn Star – Story

Post Coital Tristesse, also known as PCT: A feeling of anxiety, sadness, worry, or even guilt that can follow an orgasm in both men and women. Although more frequently attributed to intercourse, it can also follow masturbation. Some people will cry after an orgasm. PCT can last from a few minutes to a few hours. The guilt that frequently follows masturbation can be part of PCT, or a separate emotion in people who have fallen victim to the mistaken belief that masturbation is somehow bad for one’s morality or health. This is also known as as “le petit mort.”

Post-Ejaculation – Story

Post-Orgasm Stimulation

Post-Pandemic History Class

POT – Post-Orgasm Torture (see Buckets After Glans Rubbing)

Potter, Harry – Ron Weasley and Ejaculation

Pounding pud: Another term for male masturbation

Prepuce – the technical term for ‘foreskin’

    An abnormally tight prepuce

Pregnancy: Birth

Precum: Also known as pre-cum or pre-ejaculate – a fluid that is expelled by the penis during arousal but before ejaculation. Some men emit no precum while others can leak out a teaspoon or more. The amount also varies in amount with each session. For instance, a guy who seldom has any precum may leak out a drop or two if he is more highly aroused than usual or for a longer time.

Premature Ejaculation – MMF Threesome to cure premature ejaculation

Presidential Erection – Male bisexual story

Priapism – Info

Prince Albert Penis Piercing

Princess Albertina Vaginal Piercing

Princeton Rub

My Problem – Male Solo, but also with friends

Professional Cuckold


Proper Testicle Massage

Prostaglandin E1 – Info


Prostate Massages by Mrs. Sanderson

Prostitution – Why I became a prostitute

Prudish in America – Male point of view, medical


P-Spot Stimulation

Pubarche – the age at which pubic and underarm hair start to develop

Puberty – the age at which sexual development starts

Pubic Hair

Public Nudity, Unexpected – four short stories

Pubococcygeus Muscle – Info

Pull Tight – Male technique

Pulsation, Sister

Pulsing Pissing – Male technique

Pumping Feeling – a very short memoir

Punch Fisting – Info

Pushups – Two fun exercises

Pussy Slapping – Lesbian tale

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