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Our Obligation as Wankers

We have no obligation as wankers! Just go for it and have a good time, as long as you aren’t harming or even distressing others.

However, we do have at least two opportunities as wankers.

1. If you should happen to spread the word that masturbation is good, having several physical, mental and societal health advantages, and that everyone should feel free to do it, that will certainly help the world become a better place. As I’m sure you know, there are still lots of people stuck in old-school thinking that masturbation is somehow bad and should be avoided. These people must be terribly frustrated, and feel considerable shame when they can’t resist the urge and do masturbate. Let’s help them out of their misery.

It does take years for everyone to come out of wrong thinking. Those of us who are old enough remember how many years it took for most people to realize that cigarette smoking was devastating for health. So this is the opposite. Not wanking is bad for health.

2. You can be an ambassador for good. You can associate masturbation with good, healthy and moral action. For instance, you’ll see no mention of drinking, smoking, drug use, or treating others badly in this website. What if as your reward for free and easy masturbation, you get to live a good clean life, and set an example for others to do the same? This can work especially well if you participate in mutual masturbation, circle jerks, or similar get-togethers. It also works well if you masturbate privately, but discuss masturbation with co-workers, friends and family.

Your authors believe that in a wank-positive world, people would be less mean, generally kinder and more empathetic, and ultimately would lose interest in warfare. Perhaps the militaries of the future will combine forces to repair global warming and make sure everyone is fed and safe.

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  1. At one time I thought we needed a Society for Responsible Sexuality and that talking openly about sexual desires, needs, fantasies and such COULD BE done positively and constructively. Most people ordinarily coming to a point where we are at least “comfortable” discussing sexuality in person, and not only watching daytime self-care pseudo-therapy television (all the Talk Shows brave enough to get into sexual fantasies, relationships and people “cheating” on partners to fulfill a sexual fantasy rather than discussing it with them. Maybe this is not an accurate portrayal of the current state of human affairs, maybe people are now able to casually discuss their sexual needs and DO NOT view a candid mention of some topics as “inappropriate” or “off color”?

    My wife introduced me to a female co-worker one day, before we were married, and in less than 5 minutes this co-worker flat out said, “I bet you enjoy eating pussy, don’t you?” in response to which I could only smile and blush a little. I had never been so BOLDLY or FRANKLY spoken to by a woman I had just met — and we were NOT in a private or semi-private location at the time! … This along with a few other life experiences has formed the basis of how I understand and regard sexuality as really only another aspect of ourselves, not something outrageous or shocking in any way.

    Being “Responsible” in context of wanking might mean easily admitting “Yes, I do it.” and “Yes, I like it.” because we’ll, what’s not to like? … Of course this is far away from wearing a t-shirt imprinted with, “I love wanking!” on it, “Professional Masturbator” or “Keep Calm and Keep Stroking” printed across the front! It may be a huge challenge for people to go this far with our ‘Public Personas’ even if we DO love playing with ourselves and others intimately!

    What have you done to come to “grips” with a love of masturbation?

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