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Our Family Sheltering In Place

This is not their house, but it’s similar

To protect against Covid, we decided it might be a good to pack up the kids and visit Jimmy’s parents. They’re not exactly elderly, but headed in that direction. We figured, since the kids are home from college, love their grandparents, and everyone in our family was out of work and out of school, and since they have a big house, off we went.

The first couple of days, the six of us played some Monopoly, watched a few movies, all the usual stuff.

My daughter and my mom got together in the kitchen and whipped up some great stuff.

Then, we all started to get bored. My son suggested we play a variation of truth or dare. My thought was that it’s a kid’s game, but what else was there to do? We rotated around, and whoever’s turn it was to say something, all six of us, including the one who suggested the thing, had to do it.

When it was Jim’s turn, he said, “Tell us a secret.”

My daughter admitted kissing her latest boyfriend. That didn’t shock me in the slightest. In fact, I was surprised she hadn’t done more with him. Or, maybe she did?

Jim’s dad admitted having but not acting on bisexual interests. We were all stunned into silence, except Jim’s mom. She didn’t seem as stunned as the rest of us.

Then, she admitted her secret, that she knew about Jim’s dad being bisexual.

My son tried to ask for details, but Jim shushed him.

Now it was his turn. My son had to admit a secret. He hesitated, then he blushed quite deeply, then he finally blurted out, “I masturbate.”

I think to offer solidarity, Jim’s dad, said “So do I.”

My daughter jumped into the fray, “So do I.”

Now I was shocked. Of course she did, but I never thought about it before. Oddly, in my mind, I tried to picture it, while feeling an unexpected sexual twinge in my own vag.

I don’t know what came over me, but when it was my turn to reveal a secret, I said, “I’ve always felt that masturbation should be more in the open.”

“That’s not a secret,” my son blurted.

Jim’s mom said, “Sure it is. Would you openly admit a thing like that?”

Well, one thing led to another, and pretty soon, we were all talking, surprisingly openly, about masturbation.

My son turned to Jim’s dad at one point and said, “You still do it?”

“All the time.”

“But you’re married.”

I added, “I read somewhere that married people actually masturbate more than singles.”

When it was my son’s turn to state a request, he said, “Tell the truth, how many times a day do you wank?” I winced at his use of the term wank, but that was pretty hypocritical at that point, wasn’t it?

Jim answered first. “At least once a day.” I didn’t even realize that.

I said, “A couple times a week.”

My daughter said, laughing, “At least twice a day.”

My son had to top it, “Three times a day.”

Jim’s mom said, “Once every week or two.”

The game continued. I think everyone knew what was coming.

To my surprise, Jim’s mom was more into the spirit than I thought. Her request: “Remove an item of clothing.”

That was a good idea, because it was pretty warm by the fireplace.

A half hour later, the whole family was stark naked. My heart was beating fast. This was so weird, but in a way, it felt like very important and good ground-breaking. Both men and my son were sporting erections.

Shortly thereafter, of all people, Jim’s mom made the request we were all secretly waiting for: “Masturbate yourself for one minute.”

We all happily complied. The only thing is, after one minute, no one stopped. Well, my son did. He squirted cum all over himself, the way a boy his age will. Premature ejaculation is common at that age as I understand it.

Seeing that, Jim’s mom arched her back, moaned loudly, started convulsing, and orgasmed hard. Really hard! When I saw that, a certain solidarity came over me, and I orgasmed even harder, which drove my husband over the edge. My daughter came last, but loudest, and she had a seemingly endless series of orgasms in a row. I wished I could do that!

It’s been days now, we’re still sheltering in place, but the attitude in the house has changed. There’s more politeness. More consideration. More love. I had been concerned that my children have been a bit piggish. A bit self-centered, as kids that age can be, but lately, they’ve been just adorable in their attitudes. We’ve masturbated together every evening now. Some of us have even taken to masturbating just around the house while watching TV, for instance. I saw my son openly masturbating in the recliner in front of the TV right in front of his parents and grandparents. I was proud of him.

Tonight my husband has suggested we start things off with a game of strip poker. Everyone is enthusiastically looking forward to that.

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  1. Great example of how to encourage sex positivity!

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