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Orgasm Without Ejaculating

Learning the Art of High and Low Orgasm

I have brought up this subject before. I believe it’s so important that I’ll talk about it again. Practice and Enjoy!

My wife has lost interest in sex. Still, she often gives me wonderful edging handjobs, and something I particularly enjoy: testicle massage. Often I don’t cum, and that’s fine with me. One can learn to really revel in the feeling of an erection that someone else is fondling, without absolutely needing to cum at the end. In fact, on more than one occasion, I have fallen asleep while she is ‘doing’ me.

But this isn’t about that. The other night, I woke around 2 in the morning. Something was worrying me at the time, although I don’t recall what it was now. I knew I wouldn’t be able to fall back asleep.

So, while she slept next to me, I brought my hands down to my scrotum, and just idly manipulated it between my fingertips, sometimes massaging the balls themselves, but mostly just the scrotum. In time, I became erect. That was my signal to get more serious.

I started wanking, and brought myself to that pre-ejaculatory state. You may not know that state like I do. With practice, I’ve learned how to not only approach orgasm, but actually remain in orgasm without ejaculating. I can do it for minutes at a time. I’ve taken to calling it ‘low orgasm.’ It’s absolutely wonderful in it’s own right. Now most guys will be unable to resist the urge to cum just seconds after entering low orgasm. They may not even recognize that they went through that stage. But believe me, when you learn it, you’ll love it.

There’s also a state I call ‘high orgasm.’ This is like ‘low orgasm’ but you actually start having urethral pulsing. Actual contractions, but nothing comes out. Or, sometimes, a single drop of cum will come out, and you can then keep going. You don’t lose your erection with low or high orgasm, and can potentially go on for hours. In reality, you usually fall back off the edge after a couple of minutes, or on a good day, after several minutes, but can get right back into low orgasm in a minute or so.

If you’re like me when you fall off the edge, you can bring yourself back, or you might be satisfied for a while. Sometimes after being in low or high orgasm for a while, I’m just done. Satisfied without having ejaculating.

If you’re like a lot of men, you may not even believe this. How can one be satisfied having been so close to ejaculating, and then not actually cumming? We’ll I guess you’ll have to find out for yourself. Heck, you may not even believe all this stuff I’m telling you about being in long-lasting orgasms. You may not think it’s possible. Well it is! It certainly is.

On a really good day, I can waver between low and high orgasm. I’ll be in low for a while, then the contractions start, I’ll back off a bit, and get back into low-orgasm where I remain for a while until the contractions start again. In reality, I sometimes fall too far off, below low-orgasm, and have to build back up again.

I have a male friend I play with from time to time. We’ll typically trade positions. First he’ll lay on a bed, and I’ll work on his cock and balls for a while. Then, we’ll switch positions and he’ll do me. Although it’s more difficult than working on high and low orgasms by oneself, it’s even more fun. We learned this technique together really. When we first started meeting up, it was mostly just ordinary handjobs, with some testicle massage thrown in. Or, if we were feeling especially feisty, we’d give each other glans rubbing with the palms of our hands, and see how much the other guy could take.

If you don’t know that technique, it’s absolutely horrible. A sensation that makes you squirm and yell. To be done right, you ought to be tied to the bed, because you’ll really want to get away. But it’s harmless, as long as you use some lubricant so as not to chafe the skin. On the other hand, it’s so intense that you might have a heart attack:) If you can stand it long enough, the feeling changes. It mellows out, and becomes an odd and very enjoyable sort of ‘gotta pee’ combined with ‘gonna cum’ feeling. Normally neither happens, although I have occasionally had men involuntarily start peeing.

When he and I started working on edging, and then discovered low and high orgasms, we were delighted, almost not believing that what was happening was possible.

The last time we were together, a month or so ago, I had him in high orgasm, and he was letting out a drop or two of cum at a time. He basically ejaculated four times. So, it wasn’t really high orgasm. It was something different, but we both enjoyed it very much.

When he did me, I thought I was in the mood for a really long session of high orgasm. Another way to refer to that might be ‘dry orgasms’ or ‘dry ejaculations.’ Anyway, he started in on me, and I managed perhaps two minutes of high orgasm, but then I lost it and came. I came hard, squirting up to my chin.

However, I wasn’t done. As per our prior arrangement, the minute I started squirting, he entirely let go, what’s called a ‘ruined orgasm.’ That’s a crazy name for it, because it isn’t ‘ruined’ at all, but a very delightful, if somewhat frustrating feeling. You want the person to keep rubbing through the entire orgasm. You really want the ongoing stimulation, but you aren’t getting it. The cool thing about it is that you often stay hard after the ejaculation is over, and can even cum again shortly afterward.

Before I could calm down, he very gently started fondling my dick again. This is the important part. It has to be quite soon afterward, and really gentle, because as you know, a guy is really sensitive after a full ejaculation. He was gentle enough that it wasn’t bad. Within about two minutes, my penis, which had started to soften only a little bit, was rock hard again. He resumed good, solid stroking, and I came again. Again, it was a ruined or hands-free ejaculation, but after this second time, when he resumed, I knew I was done. Maybe next time, we’ll see if we can do that, perhaps combined with the one-drop mini-ejaculations, over and over again.

The main thing I want to work on next is to stay in high orgasm for a very extended time. What would it be like to have ongoing, continuous urethral contractions for ten minutes or longer?

The other thing that interests me is peegasms, also known as pissgasms. It takes a lot of practice, but when everything is just right, you can literally cum and pee at the same time. I’ve done it twice, so I know it’s possible. I haven’t been practicing lately, because right now I’m so enamored of this low and high orgasm business. But one of these days…

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