Obligation as Wankers

Odd Sports Physical

Oedipus Complex – This is a psychological phenomenon first introduced by Sigmund Freud. He noticed that most young boys pass through a phase in which they are sexually attracted to their mothers. During this phase they may also resent their fathers for doing things with they mothers that they are not allowed to do.

OhMiBod, Bluetooth-Controlled Vibrators

Eighty-Eight – Old: Memoir of a Still-Active 88-Year-Old

Old Man’s Last Wank

Old Master(Bater) – Novella

Old People on the Beach

Omorashi – also known as “omo”

Onanism – Onanism, A speech by Mark Twain

One Drip of Cum – The Drip Society

One-Finger Male Orgasm

Online Webcam Girl – Female point of view story

On the Choice of a Mistress – Ben Franklin

On the Way to the Fortress – Male POV Nude Beach Story

Oops in Hot Tub – Male, Caught

Oral Sex

Oral – 43 first time blowjobs by women

Orchidectomy – Removal of a testicle

Orchidometer – Info

Ordinary Guys with Extraordinary Talent

Orgasm Facts

Orgasm, Low and High – for men

Orgasms: Continuous, Long-Lasting Orgasms – for men

Orgasm, Simultaneous

Orgasm – What a Woman’s Orgasm Feels Like

Orgasm Without Ejaculating

Orgy – Memoir

OTK Spanking, Over The Knee Spanking: A spanking in which the recipient lays face down over the spanker’s knee. This is often done as part of BDSM, or for somewhat painful, or ritualistic adult fun.

Outercourse: Sexual acts that do not involve penetration, such as tribadism and frottage.

Os – The opening of the cervix

Our Family Sheltering In Place – Female POV

Outdoors: Doggy At The Creek – Memoir of being caught

Ovaries, Feeling – Short Memoir

Ovaries: What Are They Feeling? – Female POV

Over and Over Circumcision

Oversexed Daughter

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