1 Finger Male Orgasm – Informational

2x – Cumming Twice – Male point of view

Two Guys and Mom on the Nude Beach

Two Fun Exercises

Two Horny Girls with an Interest in Science

Two-Person Office – Male/Female

2 Women Watch Me Jerk Off

3-MMF – Comparing Injuries

2 Boys and Darkroom Timer

Two Rowdy Young Women

3-Way – memoir, nymphomaniac girl and two guys

4 Women: Literally Attacked By Four Girls

Foursome, After Ejaculation – Story

Foursome, Camping With Co-Workers – All Male

Foursome, Wife Swapping – Multiple viewpoints

4 Stories of Unexpected Public Nudity

5 Minutes – Extended orgasms for everyone

5 Naked Housemates – Story

5 Problems with Large Cock – Non-fiction informational
large cock, 5 problems

7 Girls and a Boy

8: From An Early Age – Male POV

Ten-Minute Orgasms?

Eleven Times – Male point of view

Twelve Students

13: Apology from 13-Year-Old Brother

13 – Caught By My Father At 13

13-Year-Old: Lemme See – Adolescent Brothers

13 – Lesbian at Thirteen – Female POV

13 Years Old – a very short memoir

13-Year-Old Boy Caught By Dad – short memoir

15 Minutes Straight – male orgasm

18-Year-Old’s Erotic Medical Exam – Story, male point of view

14-Year-Old Girl – Coming of Age, Female POV

Mother Went Crazy on My 18th Birthday

25 Years Between Massage Parlor Happy Endings

34 Boys

36-Inch Flexible Dildo

38 Women Seeing Men ejaculate for the first time

43 Blowjobs – First time blowjobs by women

56 First Reactions to a Hard Cock

Interview With an Extraordinary 87-year-old Man

Eighty-Eight – Memoir of an 88-Year-Old

90 Ways To Spice Up Your Sex Life

93 Years Old – Mature, male POV

117 Piercings – Pictorial interview

120 People Attending the World’s Greatest Party – The Masturbate-A-Thon

621 People – Male point of view story

1000 – Girl Of A Thousand Fingers

1,000 Participants: World Naked Bicycle Ride – Information

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