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As A Mother, How Do You Feel About Nudist Household Erections?

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As a mother in an open nudity household, do you get bothered if your son, boyfriend, or husband walk around with an erection? Who else in your family has experienced this?


Raised in nude-friendly household

The only way to avoid this situation in an “open nudity household” is to have a household composed entirely of females. If you have males in the household they will, at least on occasion, have erections. If this actually bothers you or causes you alarm then maybe you should establish a different type of family environment. Establishing an open nudity family while attempting to suppress natural behavior and response on the part of the males is hardly reasonable or even fair. Boys and men get erections. Lo and behold.


Works at Farming (2016–present)

Growing up seen my dad erect lots walking from bedroom to bathroom. Do have a young teen son here and have seen him with erections. He doesn’t flaunt it openly but it does happen to boys and yes it does to older men as well. It is normal and healthy and it not about sex, it just happens lots. I will usually tell him to go and take care of it or he will go to the bathroom and come back out after he has taken care of his erection. My girls do tease him about it, but it is healthy teasing and nothing sexual.


Seems like all of these questions about erections have essentially the same answer.

Boners are normal and natural. My son has them more often than my husband, who has them more often than my father and his father.

What’s interesting is that if one of them has a boner, the other’s almost also pop one as well. And what a wonderful display of masculinity it is when that happens.

I may be wrong, but it seem like it’s only toxic feminists who have a problem with anything male, manly, or masculine.

Office Manager (2008–present)

As a single mother with two sons I am not bothered if they get erections and more often than not I don’t even notice and honestly rarely happen.

I grew up in a nudist home and my dad and brother got erections from time to time but it never bothered me and I never took any notice it’s just a natural function of the male body.


Single mother of a pre-teen boy

Why would I? It is a natural action a boy’s body does and for the most part they have no control over it so no I would not be bothered and I never bothered when I said my son or my friend’s son have erections.


Nudist family, always nude at home

No, they happen. How I react and what, if anything I do about it depends who is erect. Husband or friend I make use of it, son or son in law I expect their spouse to make use of it. To preempt the next question, no, privacy is not expected.

Joe Lee

Long term nudist, married to a lifelong nudist

I’m a married man and my wife and I have 3 kids, 2 daughters and 1 son. My wife grew up in a nudist home. Her parents and both her siblings are nudist to this day. And our family is nudist too.

So in a nudist home a male getting an erection is not unheard of, in fact it does happen with some regularity. Our son gets them quite often. My wife and her mom have said her brother would get them often also. It also happens to me and her dad.

If a male gets an erection, especially one in the morning it is just a natural body reaction. It is treated by everyone as normal. The hard penis might get some looks. And maybe some comments.

Over the years we have many nudist parents and we can’t remember one that was any different really.

Ryan Lye

Enthusiast cunnilinguist joyful lover of gorgeous sexy women

I used to go on sleepovers with school friends all through High School and we would hang out nude all the time even when people visited. The Priest & nuns didn’t really approve, but we love to taunt them. They couldn’t do anything about it, even when his sisters rubbed my penis.

His sisters & mothers completely didn’t mind. I think they really enjoyed oogling my lithe athletic bod and I never hid my frequent erections. Indeed his Mom even massaged my penis a few times, and once stimulated me to ejaculation, much to the mirth of his sisters. His sisters of course were even more enthusiastic and on various occasions I secreted into their beds where they sucked my penis to completion. It is so very satisfying coming inside a girls mouth, especially at that tender age, knowing the other sisters were watching and also lusting after my aroused body. They of course all nudged up and felt me up, they like to squeeze my balls gently or penetrate my anus. The Mom knew of course but did not interfere. One time I was sleeping with her in her marital bed (husband was often off interstate) she said she was hoping i would introduce her girls into adult sensuality, in effect giving her imprimatur to deflower her 3 daughters. Which I did .. though my friend wasn’t too happy about it, especially when the whole school found out I was having sex with all the girls.


I grew up in a home where clothes were often not worn in warm weather. I can remember my father and my older brother having erections. When I was old enough, my mother explained how that happened and what it meant. I kinda liked it. ‘Specially my brother. I teased him a lot. I learned that I could cause him to get an erection by flirting and letting him see me naked. I loved to watch it grow. Later, he taught me how boys masturbated. Fascinating memories!


wife and mother and naturist2y

Now as a mother of three kids two boys and a daughter, they all lived as a naturist family so seeing them walk round naked was not new to me and it was the same for my daughter Now as for my hubby and the boys we would often see them walking a round with a erection and often first thing you could see all of them with erections off to the toilet, Now as young boys play out in the garden and round the house i would see them most days with erections and no one took any notice of it now my daughter did ask me why so i did tell her that its some thing that happens to guys and its not all for sex she also ask why her dads was a lot bigger then her brothers and i also told her as you grow so does the rest of you and her brothers will get bigger and they will stop getting as many erections But with her being a little cow she did find out that if she teased the boys she could get them to become hard but she only did it around the family As if she had friends round and they were naked in the garden she would not do it and if the boys did get a erection they would go in till it went down Now they have all left home but she still loves to tease them and she did this till they left home but i did much harder for her to tease them but still first thing you could see them with erections and their dad as well.


How does that work–being a mother in an open nudity household, if you are bothered by your son or husband walking around with an erection? That doesn’t sound like a tenable situation, because erections are perfectly normal and natural, and especially with adolescent boys, they can seem to be practically non-stop.

They aren’t vulgar or inappropriate with them, but my husband has erections quite regularly around the house, and my sons are both in their teens and have them all the time. Me and my daughters see them and none of us have ever had a problem that I’m aware of. You get pretty used to it and if you know anything about how erections work, they can, and often do, happen solely on reflex and they can be caused even by nervousness or anxiety, so I see no reason why it should be a problem for an educated woman. Plus, you know… they’re really pretty gorgeous to look at at times.


Not in the least am I bothered. I don’t gawk or make an issue of it, neither do I feel as if there’s some awful breach of etiquette or what have you. They’re a perfectly normal, healthy occurrence that many times don’t even have a conscious element. Especially in the case of my two teenage boys, I sorta feel like they have enough to contend with in this area without their mom getting all uppity or something about it. The last thing I’d ever want is to be a cause for my boys to feel ashamed of themselves and their bodies in any way.

So long as they’re not doing something else along with those erections that draws undue attention to them or is otherwise inappropriate, they don’t have to hide or be embarrassed to get erections around me.


Open minded.

Growing up in nude family, my mother encouraged us to always be erect. She said it looks better on guys and to build confidence because we were always nude. It took me awhile when we had guests over. Even to this day, I feel more comfortable erect than soft. I still walk around my family fully erect and the new boys/men walk around too. My young cousins and other female family members all prefer the guys to walk around erect. Just the other day, a family member came over and she wanted to walk the nature path after dark, naked. We left my home nude and the entire time I was erect.


I didn’t grow up in a an open nudity house but did grow up in a house where we were taught as children that nudity and being naked was nothing to be ashamed of, and as a result I often saw my parents and siblings both brothers and sisters naked when we were growing up, If we were naked together at any point, sometimes my brothers & I did get an erections when seeing either our sisters or mother naked, if they saw it they would just smile at us, I think they were pleased that seeing their bodies had that affect on us.


Naturist male1y

What about sitting with an erection?

What about standing with an erection?

What about running with an erection?

Why is it always “walking around with an erection”?

An obvious troll question.

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  1. The way i see it, erections, and everything that come with it (pre-cum, ejaculation) should be treated no differently from other analogous bodily functions that are already seen as non-sexual, which you wouldn’t feel the need to hide from family or friends. That means treating erections no differently than a yawn, occasionally fiddling with your privates no differently from a scratch, and ejaculation no differently from a sneeze. It would be preposterous to think one would feel embarrassed to sneeze in front of friends or family, as long as you aren’t disrespectful about it and clean up after yourself!

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