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No Safeword II

I read your memoir about the ‘no safeword‘ situation, and it reminded me of something that happened last year.

I play alto flute – I just love that instrument – and I try to sit in with bands when I can. Sometimes, I’ll even play it professionally, but I have a real job, professor of computer science, so it’s really just for fun.

So, this one band is Cindy, Jimmy, Jessica, and Ralph. They seem to like when I jam with them. Somehow, the music flows especially nicely. Cindy’s birthday was coming up, and at one point when she left the room, Ralph invited me to her ‘party.’ But he said, in conspiratorial tones, that it wasn’t going to be an ordinary party. It was to be a mixed-gender circle jerk. That’s what she wanted for her birthday. He just came right out and told me that. Needless to say, I was shocked, but pleasantly so. I let him know I was absolutely delighted with his invitation, but I asked him whether Cindy knew I was invited. I mean, what if she didn’t want me there or something? He said it was her idea. Wow!

I’d never been to anything of the sort, but I knew the term. In fact, I looked up ‘circle jerk’ when I got home, just make to sure I wasn’t mistaken in some way.

I couldn’t wait for next Thursday evening, and showed up ten minutes early. Uncool I know, but I had trouble restraining myself. I was just that excited. I guess I wasn’t the only one so excited that I had to show up early. There were about 20 people jammed into the little apartment. Everyone was naked or getting naked, so I jumped right in and took off my clothes too. For a moment I was thinking, ‘these are strangers, where should I put my clothes, I don’t want anyone to steal my wallet.’ Then I decided that was silly, and let myself fully enjoy the moment.

If nothing else had happened, that would have been enough – to be in a room with 20 naked people, about 15 guys and five women. I noticed some of the guys were sporting unabashed erections already. How cool is that?

Of course more did happen as the party got under way, a lot of mutual masturbation was going on. Ralph announced that we were to have as much fun as we possibly could, but no one was to penetrate anyone else with anything other than fingers or toys. Cindy wanted it that way.

I was feeling a little icky about being touched by some of the guys, but that wore off after a while. Pretty soon, I was even OK with sort of handling their penises, something I’d never done before. One of the women, I didn’t quite catch her name, I think it was Judy, gave my balls a good hefty, almost painful massage, which almost had me cumming way too soon.

As all this mutual masturbation was going on, there was also quite a bit of sexual conversation, especially concerning masturbation. Evidently, Cindy was a strong proponent of masturbation and mutual masturbation. She had even written some hilarious lyrics about it, but of course couldn’t introduce them in the venues her band played in.

At one point, wanting to contribute, I mentioned something you wrote about “no safeword,” going on to explain how glans rubbing and post-orgasm torture can be executed without a safeword, since there’s no risk of injury. I must have secretly wanted that. In retrospect, that’s probably why I brought it up.

Suddenly, the room didn’t quite get hushed, but everyone’s focus was on this new concept, ‘no safeword.’

Judy – or whatever her name was – asked me whether it was something I’d like to try. My heart leapt into my throat as I said, “Well, actually, yes.”

The next thing you know, I’m tied, face up, to a massage table with soft ropes around my wrists and ankles, and nineteen naked people are staring at me with excitement in their eyes.

I thought somehow that Judy was going do the honors, and would have loved that. She was a super sexy Asian chick. I could almost cum just looking at her. But no, Ralph volunteered himself to do what he called ‘administer my punishment.’ Again, my heart jumped into my throat, but for a different reason. Suddenly, I was scared. Very scared. Ralph, is a big, burly, bearded guy. What the fuck had I gotten myself into? My dick, which had been hard almost since arriving, was now as limp as overcooked spaghetti.

Ralph got in a chair and rolled it up next to the table and went to work. I felt his fingertips lightly working my scrotum, then my dick. I thought I’d be geeked out, what with him being a guy and all, but as I had learned earlier, it’s not really that bad having a guy touch you. It wasn’t long at all before I had a good erection, at which everyone was staring intently. My fear was abating, and I was feeling a sort of bliss.

Fuck, Almighty, I came. I was just getting fully erect one moment, and the next, several squirts of my cum shot in the air. I had hoped to last longer. Right there with everyone silently watching, then cheering.

OK, that was nice. Having the orgasm, which was particularly strong, was great, but even greater was having been seen by all those people. Who knew that I was an exhibitionist?

“Too bad you came so quickly.” That was Ralph. He hadn’t let go of my dick when I came. Now, I was feeling that ‘Oh please let go,’ kind of thing you get right after you cum. I’m sure all you guys know what I’m talking about. Maybe some of the women understand also. But he didn’t let go. He kept stroking my dick as if I hadn’t just cum. Up and down, up and down. It made me squirm.

Then I felt something like an extreme tickle, for lack of better words. I bent my head forward so I could see what he was doing. He was rubbing the palm of his hand over the tip of my dick. It was OK for a second, then it became terrible. Really terrible! I’d like to say I couldn’t stand it. But I really, really couldn’t stand it. I was squirming at my bonds. If I could have, I would have leapt off the table. But I couldn’t do anything more than twist a few degrees this way and that.

While that was going on, I felt something more. Someone was hurting my balls. It was Judy, she was squeezing them quite hard. I yelled and winced. She stopped, showing some disappointment. I think someone told her that was too dangerous or something, Not part of the ‘no safeword’ plan. I was glad, but I still had to deal with Ralph. He was still rubbing his palm over my dick. It was fucking excruciating. I yelled a bunch of variations of “Yaaaa, Eeeee, and Stop!” It was all to no avail. As we had all discussed, there was to be no stopping until my penis went soft. That would be my only way out.

My penis wasn’t going soft enough to suit me. Not by any means. I was now pulling at the restraints so hard my wrists were starting to ache. He kept rubbing. I wondered if a guy could have a heart attack this way. My body was full of adrenaline, I was breathing a mile a minute, and Ralph just kept going.

To my relief, the horrible tickle started to change. Now, it felt like I had to pee, but still the awful tickle. And, it felt like I was going to cum again. And still the awful tickle. My fucking penis would not become soft. If anything, it was harder. It was becoming a little easier to take at the moment, but I knew at any moment it could get worse. But could it get worse? Maybe I’d pass out or something. I was feeling really mixed up. ‘Gotta pee,’ ‘Gonna Cum.’ I felt wetness on my belly. I’m not quite sure to this day, but I think I did involuntarily pee in Ralph’s hands. Then, pulse, pulse, pulse. I was cumming again. Who would have figured that’s even possible?

It probably would have been a relief if I just died right there on the massage table, but no, Ralph just kept right on going. Everyone in the room was dead silent, but I could tell by the twinkle in their eyes that was happening to me was the sexiest thing they had ever seen in their lives.

Now, I want to tell you something weird. While all this was going on, I wanted Judy to squeeze my balls again, and real hard. I really wanted that. I don’t know if it was to take the focus away from the ongoing horrible tickle torture sensation, or just something my body craved, but I did want that. It wasn’t happening.

I was yelling, I was squirming, then suddenly it was over. My penis had softened. Ralph stopped, wiping sweat from his brow with the back of his bare arm. He was sporting a huge erection. As I was recovering, still laying there on the massage table, even though people had untied me, I saw that virtually all the guys were erect. I noticed that a couple of the women had trickles of liquid running down their legs.

After a while, I found my way to an arm chair, as what I had just gone through was repeated to a couple of other guys on the massage table. Even though I was spent, I had a very good time, watching not only the massage table activities, but all the other mutual masturbating that was going on around the room. None of the other massage table guys had quite the audience I had. Most of the others were now actively masturbating themselves or each other.

The evening ended all too soon. A few days later when my flute and I sat in on another jam with the same band, I suggested we do it again sometime. Everyone was very enthusiastic about the idea, Yet, somehow, it has never happened again – yet.

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