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Naked Shuffle Dance Girl

naked shuffle dancing
Click the picture to see shuffle dancing on YouTube

I’m not a fat girl, as you can see. Just maybe a bit too rounded. [She laughs.] I used to be heavier. I guess you could have called me down-right fat last year.

My mom was hounding me to get some sort of exercise. To her credit, she didn’t force me to join a gym or anything like that. She told me I should find a physical activity I like. I tried the girls basketball program at the gym. At my height, 5’10,” they said I’d be a natural. I wasn’t. I tried tennis. I was worse at that.

One day, I was talking to Marie, a girl at school that I knew a little bit. I asked her opinion about which sport I might enjoy. She brightened up, but also got a bit red in the cheeks, hesitated, then said, “Shuffle dancing!”

She was evidently part of a group and very enthusiastic about it. That evening, I looked it up on YouTube, and it seemed like I might really like that.

So I got back to Marie the next day, and told her that I liked what I saw on YouTube.

She hesitated again, and got red in the cheeks again. I didn’t know her that well. Maybe that was just something about the way she was. Maybe it had something to do with her naturally dark complexion. Then she went on. “You know the Darte Yoga Studio?”

“Yeah, I’ve seen it.”

“Well, they have a shuffle dance program. They have a room that’s lined with mirrors, like a regular dance studio. We meet there on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. But…”

“But what?”

“Hmmm, how do I explain this? Uh, do you promise not to freak out no matter what I tell you?”

“Dude, I can keep a secret.” – reminding myself of something my dopey little brother might say.

“OK, here goes: We dance naked.”

Now it was my turn to hesitate. “You mean like in skimpy bikinis or something?”

I was thinking how cool that would be. I am a rather sexual being. Hell, a very sexual being. Still a virgin, yes, but I get terribly horny at the drop of a pin. I am my own best friend, with masturbation at least twice a day, every day. And, dare I say, I get as charged up thinking about girls as boys. I was imagining a bunch of girls dancing in thongs or string bikinis. I knew I’d love it! However, I somehow wouldn’t even allow myself to think of them as totally naked. I was brought out of my thoughts as Marie answered.

“No, totally starkers. Naked like the day we were born.”

Oh my god! My knees felt weak just thinking about it. “Is that OK?” I asked. What a stupid question.

“Of course it’s OK. Let me tell you something about Darte. It’s a mostly naked venue. Most of their yoga, exercise, and dance classes are held in the nude.”

My god, I had no idea. I had ridden my bike past there a million times, and had no idea what goes on inside.

Marie and I talked a bit. There was no way I was not going to figure out how to get into those naked shuffle dance sessions! My heart was on fire with a kind of desire. It reminded me of when I was 10 and wanted a drum kit for my birthday. I really, really wanted it, and as my birthday neared, I was pretty sure I was going to get one.

She explained how all I needed to do was call the studio, give them a credit card number, show up, sign some forms and a waiver, and join the group. Oh, and one more thing: I had to lie about my age.

Marie went on that first of all, at my height, I look like I’m 18. Then too, pretty much everyone in the class is under 18, so they all lied. The studio knows, everyone knows, but still, you’ve gotta do it. I’m not much of a fibber, but I figured for this, it would be worth it.

The last hurdle was the credit card. Would my parents pay the $290? That also meant I’d have to tell my mom what I was planning. I was pretty sure that she’d be delighted about me taking up dancing. But did she know about Darte? The nudity part? I practically trembled at the thought of bringing it up to her.

That evening at dinner, with my stupid brother sitting there, along with Dad, I brought it up. First, smiles from Mom and Dad. Carl, my brother, piped right in with, “You’re too fat to dance,” bringing glances of reprimand from my parents. I wished they were violent parents sometimes.

Mom and Dad looked at each other, and quickly agreed that the money would be OK. Whew!

“Where is this dance group meeting?” My father asked.

Perhaps a little too quietly, I said, “Darte Yoga Studio.”

Mom said she knew the place but had never been inside. Dad said the same with him.

Then Carl fucked everything up with his big mouth: “Oh, the naked place? You’re going to dance naked?” and started laughing his head off.

“Carl, what are you talking about?” Dad asked.

Carl explained that it’s an open secret that the place is a ‘nudie’ place where in many of the classes all the participants are naked.

“Did you know about this?” my mother asked, staring over the top of her glasses right at me.

“Um, well…. yeah, I know.”

There was silence at the dinner table for a really long time. Then my dad put down his fork, looked at my mom and said, “Lisa, if it will make her happy…”

Mom slowly responded, “I don’t really see anything wrong with it. Remember that time you and I…”

My dad quickly interrupted, “The kids don’t need to know about that.”

They gave their approval. They gave me a credit card to use, warning me, “It’s only for this one thing, right?”

I went to my room after dinner practically shaking with enthusiasm. I immediately phoned the studio, and got a recording. I had to wait until 10am the next day to call them. Worse, the next day was Tuesday, I’d probably have to miss that afternoon’s session. I was so disappointed. But also excited, and I masturbated myself silly that evening, just dreaming about it.

Long story short, I did call the studio on Tuesday, but couldn’t join the class until Thursday. What a long two-day wait that was! I excitedly told Marie, and she was overjoyed that I’d be joining.

Finally, Thursday rolled around, and there I was locking my bike outside the studio. I felt a little weird parking there. Like, was everyone driving by aware that it was a naked place, and did they all see me there knowing what I’d be doing?

What the hell would I be doing? I had no idea. All I knew is it was shuffle dance, and people, including me (Yikes!) would be naked.

My heart was beating a mile a minute as I approached the front desk. I gave the guy my name, and he said, “Welcome!” He then gave me a quick tour of the locker room, showers, and the six rooms where yoga, exercise and dance sessions were held. He called them ‘classrooms,’ but explained that many of the classes were leaderless, or weren’t really classes at all, but more like groups who practice things together.

Two of them were empty. The other four had closed doors so I couldn’t really see what was going on. The doors had little windows in the middle at about head height, but I felt it would be rude, or just plain weird to walk right up and stare in at a class. However, I was able to glance into a Tai Chi class, and saw about six men, who were in fact naked!

My heart was still beating fast, and now, having seen that, I was feeling that adrenaline feeling in my stomach, and in my pussy, which was more sexual than some sort of fear. However, there was definitely an element of fright, also. What had I gotten myself into?

Logically, I knew that it was just a bunch of girls who would be dancing, but still!

The reception guy went back to his desk, handing me a large white towel, instructing me to take off my clothes, and go to room three at 4pm but not before, which was about 20 minutes away. Damn, I shouldn’t have come so early.

Literally trembling, I took off all my stuff, jammed it in a locker, for which I didn’t yet have a lock, wrapped the towel around myself, and watched the clock for the remaining 15 minutes.

Meanwhile a couple of girls around my age came into the room, chatting up a storm with each other, and took off their clothes right in front of each other, as casually as if they were brushing their hair or something. They sweetly said “Hi” to me and asked whether I was there for the shuffle dance group? When I said I was, they were very welcoming.

A couple more girls came in and they too easily disrobed and introduced themselves to me. One was so empathetic as to say to me, “Don’t worry, you’ll have a great time.” That was helpful. It made me feel less scared.

Then a boy walked into the locker room. I hadn’t understood until that moment that there was only one locker room. As casually as the girls, he took off all his stuff. As if my heart wasn’t beating in my throat already! It was the first live penis I had ever seen, other than my little brother, but that doesn’t count. It was all I could do not to stare at him.

A boy named Juan came in and disrobed. This one was a Greek god. Tall, thin, with curly black hair, a beautiful smile, and lo and behold, he was shaved in the crotch area. I couldn’t believe that in just a few minutes, I’d be dancing with naked boys!

Would this rapid heartbeat and weak-knee feeling ever end?

Glancing around, it occurred to me that all the girls and boys were hairless ‘down there.’ I was the only one with crotch hair. I was also the only one with a towel wrapped around herself.

I thought I might have a little embarrassment about being seen naked since I was overweight and have kind of over-large breasts, but now I was more worried about being the only one with a hairy vagina. As you [her confidence coach] said to me, “Us humans do find the silliest things to worry about.”

Marie arrived with the biggest, most welcoming smile I could ever imagine. She was absolutely delighted to see me. As she stripped, I was really taken with her body. She was the exact opposite of me. Dark-skinned, thin as a broomstick with small breasts which were really just black spots on slight mounds on her chest, and only about 5’2″ tall.

The time of no return came.

Noticing that no one was carrying a towel, as we moved over to Room 3, I left my towel on the bench, letting people see my fat, hairy, naked self for the first time. I thought I might be tremendously embarrassed, but oddly, maybe because everyone else was naked, it felt sort of natural, sort of OK. No one even glanced at me. I don’t know what I was expecting? Leering in lust? Or maybe, disgust? Well, all I got was welcoming neutrality.

We danced. Even though I was new to the class, and initially quite awkward, I wasn’t too bad at learning the steps.

I was in love. Oh, not with a person, but with a whole new paradigm. To be naked among these naked people over the following weeks, all of which quickly embraced me as a friend, was an absolute delight. To have friends I’d meet in a supermarket or on the streets who said “Hi” to me as a real friend, was something new. I hadn’t had many really close friends, and so for me, this was very special.

As to the classes themselves, everyone was perfectly behaved, to my disappointment, really. I think I would have liked if they became sexual in some way. But no, it was just a bunch of naked girls and boys focused on shuffle dancing. A couple of times one or another of the boys would become erect. While I found it terribly exciting, everyone totally ignored it, and soon the erections would subside. I wondered what these guys were thinking. Were they embarrassed? Proud? Ashamed? Super-horny? I had no idea.

I was masturbating every day always thinking about the classes and the people in them. There are two individuals that keep coming to my mind, front and center: Marie, and Juan, the tall boy. I would fuck either one of them in a heartbeat. So far, no one has even kissed, but Juan has smiled at me in a way that makes me think something could develop between him and I.

I have also learned a couple of things about myself. First, I’m an exhibitionist. Oh, I haven’t done anything about it yet beyond the dance classes, but I know somewhere in my future lies nude beaches, maybe in addition to the shuffle dancing, a naked yoga class, and who knows, orgies, maybe? The other thing is that I’m a well-behaved, but very horny person. When the time is right, I’ll be unleashing a monster!


A year has passed. I’m loving the classes more than ever. I joined a second class, a yoga group. That’s more of a challenge, but as the instructor keeps repeating, no one has to do anything exactly as the others are doing. We all have our own current limits of flexibility and stamina. I’m the only girl in the class, and the exhibitionist part of me is loving it. I especially like poses where the men can see my pussy and asshole. I’ve caught them looking a couple of times, which delights me to no end. The guys are shy, and if they see me looking at them as they are looking at me, they immediately glance away. I wish I could think of a good way to tell them, ‘Go ahead, look all you want.’

There’s a guy who joined the shuffle class who’s 5 years older than me. He’s the oldest guy in the class. Paul is his name, and he’s rather a weird duck. He is remarkably tall, has sandy blond hair that’s already balding on the top. He wears glasses, which makes him look particularly intelligent, which he is. He is pursuing a PHd. in chemistry.

So here’s the thing: He and I started talking. Pretty soon that evolved into hanging out and grabbing a bite after Shuffle. He met my parents and they loved him right from the start.

One day, fooling around in my room, we decided it would be OK to get naked, since we do that in class all the time. However, we also knew that we were up to something. Something undefined, but it made me all nervous and jerky. Him too. He said I was making his knees weak.

So we took all our stuff off, and I saw that he was erect. He told me I was the cause. I knew that, but it was so nice to hear. I felt very proud in that moment.

We fell onto my skinny little bed and started kissing. It turned into French kissing. It was the first in my life, and I must tell you, it was wonderful. We started rolling around together on the bed. I felt his penis pressing against my thigh.

Something came over me. I had, just had, to have that dick of his in my mouth. I didn’t ask, and he didn’t resist. I found myself sucking the first penis of my life. I put my fingers on the shaft, and found to my surprise that a penis is both hard and soft at the same time. The skin is so soft and silky smooth, yet the penis, dare I call it ‘cock,’ is hard inside. He smelled so nice, too. Kind of a sweet musty odor that all by itself could turn me on.

He yelled, “Wait!’ Instinctively I knew. He was getting too close to orgasm. I reluctantly quit blowing him. Or maybe not so reluctantly. If there’s one thing I knew in that moment, I had to have him inside me! That was the only thing in the whole world I wanted, and I really wanted it!

He knew too, and I’m sure he wanted the same thing. To my surprise he said,

“I’ve never done this before.”

Everything came to crashing halt when we figured out that we’d need birth control. Neither of us was prepared. We did the next best thing: Awkwardly, he rubbed my pussy. I had to instruct him about my clit. Finally, he brought me to an orgasm, and what an orgasm it was! No one had ever touched me like that.

I got his magnificent cock back in my mouth, and within seconds I experienced the salty taste of cum for the first time in my life. At the time, I wasn’t sure I liked it, but I can tell you now, it’s an acquired taste.

The next time, we were prepared. Still inexperienced, he tried to push his condom-covered cock into my asshole until I let him know he was pushing against the wrong hole. Even still, it felt great! I made a mental note that I’d have to try anal intercourse with him before long. Here I was thinking about anal intercourse, and I was still a virgin – until a moment later.

He got it in my vagina, a little quickly for my taste, which made my eyes open wide. But to have a cock in you, as I’m sure all you girls reading this know, is the most fulfilling experience in the world!

The next shuffle class after that first time, Paul kept smiling at me, and his penis was erect for almost the whole session. I’m pretty sure everyone knew that he and I had become an item, and I was so proud!

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  1. Shuffle dancing naked would seem to possibly be quite painful. A woman’s breasts get a serious workout and a guy’s dick is going to be flopping from thigh to thigh quite actively.

  2. I’ll have to ask her about that. She’s a large-breasted girl, so that could be a real issue for her. Or maybe, it’s similar to my situation with strenuous quick activities. Like playing naked pickleball. My cock does flop around, but it never hurts.

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