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My Sister’s Heart Tattoo

My parents are very religious. That’s probably why my sister turned out to be such a rebel. For instance, when she was 15, and I was 13, she hauled off and got a tattoo. My parents would have punished her to the end of their days, if they found out, but they didn’t. How she got a tattoo artist to believe she was old enough, I have no idea.

So, after school, with our parents both still at work, she barged into my room one day, in her usual way. The thing is, I thought I had locked the door. I was stark naked and was jerking off at that moment. I hadn’t yet grown any hairs, and couldn’t cum, but I could orgasm, although it took me a while. I had been under the belief that masturbation was a really bad sin, but couldn’t help myself.

When she came in, catching me right in the act with my little hardon sticking straight out, I was more than embarrassed. I was totally ashamed. I started crying. When I could talk again, “Don’t tell Mom and Dad,” was all I could say.

“Fuck no. I’m not going to tell them anything. You go on with what you’re doing. I’ll just step out, and leave you alone.”

“Um, so you’re OK with it? I mean, seeing me doing this? How come you’re not freaking out?”

“Dude, masturbation is as natural as breathing.”

“No, it’s not.”

“Yes, it is!” she said empathically.

At that point, she came fully into my room, sat herself down on the edge of my bed, and gave me the lecture. Not the lecture one usually gets, but one that taught me that pretty much everyone masturbates, it’s normal, and actually good. It was the first time I heard such information, and wasn’t sure I could believe it.

Dawn could see I was still worried. For that matter, I was still naked, although my little peter had wilted back down to nothing.

“Look, I’m not going to tell anyone. In fact, if you promise not to tell anyone, I’ll share one of my secrets with you.”

“You masturbate too?” I timidly asked.

“No, I mean, yes, I do, but that’s not my big secret.”

“So, tell me.”

“If you promise not to be ridiculous, I’ll show you.”

What in the world was she going to show me? I had an inkling it was something that might involve seeing her naked or something. My guess wasn’t far off the mark.

“Here, look,” and with that, she pulled her shirt up a bit, and hooked her other thumb in the waistband of her pants, and pulled them down. Not all the way down, just to the top of her vaginal area. I saw a small tuft of brown hair, but nothing more.

I didn’t understand. Then, she adjusted her clothes a bit so her shirt and pants stayed revealing the hair above her vagina, and with two fingers she started kind of spreading the hair. Then I saw it. No bigger than a fingertip, there was a little red mark. It was a heart. She had a little heart tattooed above her vagina. She explained the significance of the heart.

“I love sex.” She said. “Well, I haven’t actually had what you’d call sex, I haven’t yet fucked a boy….” I cringed at the word ‘fuck.’ I just wasn’t said in our household. “But I love masturbation, sex, maybe lesbianism, everything about the concept.”

She pulled her pants back up, and her shirt down, and that was that. It took me days to process that remarkable information. My own sister! I knew she was a rebel, and that my parents had sort of given up on changing her, but still, this was over the top!

A week later she barged into my room again. I wasn’t jerking off this time. I was looking in a microscope I had. I wasn’t very good at it yet, having just learned that things have to be sliced so thin that light can pass through them, and trying to figure out what kinds of things to look at.

Oddly, I welcomed her barging in. During the past week, although I’ve always loved her, even if I didn’t understand her crazy ways, and the way she argued with my parents, there was something about her admission that brought us closer. Or maybe it was the very intimate way she saw me the last time she barged. Maybe that was cathartic in some odd way.

“I want to show you something.”

Again, I was super curious. What could possibly top that little tattoo?

She pulled her pants down again, but this time, all the way down. I could see her vagina. My little willie stirred in my pants instantly. Then it hit me. The brown hair was gone! And the little red tattoo was clearly visible, just about an inch above the top of her vagina slit.

“Wow Dawn, that is so cool!”

Instinctively, I reached out and touched the tattoo with my fingertip. She didn’t back away.

“That’s nice, but where it really feels nice to touch is right here,” she said, as she grabbed my hand and pressed my index fingertip against what I later came to find out was her clitoris.

“Um, OK.”

“I mean, you can go ahead and rub it, if you want.”

I did want! Very gently, I rubbed little gentle circles on the exact spot and she kind of arched forward, presenting herself more to me.

The next few minutes found her sprawled on my bed with her shorts down around her ankles, and me exploring her whole vagina. I tried pulling the lips apart as far as I dared. I wanted to see inside. Where did that fascinating pinkness lead? I couldn’t really see inside anything, just a half-inch or so of slippery pinkness. She was kind of squirming, and I kept thinking I was hurting her, but she assured me that it felt very nice.

“What does it feel like?” I asked.

“Kind of like… I want more.”


“Here, let me show you, little brother.” Without asking, she undid my shorts. She took off my T-shirt too, and evidently for good measure, she took off her T-shirt.

Wow, oh wow, she had tits! Of course I knew that, but never thought about Dawn in that way. They were beautiful. Rounded, with darkish pink nipples, with larger dark disks around them. I couldn’t help myself, I reached out, and felt them with both hands. She didn’t stop me.

Of course, my little penis was at its full three inches the whole time. Her point in removing my clothing was to illustrate to me what felt so good to her. So, after I got a good feel of her breasts, she had me lay on the bed, and wrapped the fingers of her right hand around my penis. My oh my, that did feel good! She then lightly touched my balls with her fingertips, which was such an exquisite feeling, I knew I’d need to know more about that.

“Donnie, I have an idea.”

“OK.” At this point I would have been up for anything.

“I want to see sperm in that microscope of yours.”

I didn’t fully understand, but on the other hand I did. I didn’t think I had any sperm, but she was convinced she could get some out of me. I trusted her, and was very, very curious about that whole situation. I mean, you have no idea, how curious.

I let her know I was up for anything she wanted to do.

The next thing I know, she was fondling me big-time. She was pulling the loose skin of my penis up and down, and it was starting to feel so amazing, I knew I’d have an orgasm any moment. I had had orgasms before, from my own jerking off, but nothing came out. I figured maybe she had some special technique or something, and could show me how to get sperm to come out. That would be super-cool, right?

She stroked a little while longer, and I did have an orgasm, and I can’t even tell you how good that felt. For the first time, I knew I didn’t have to feel guilty, or somehow wrong about orgasms. This was so ‘right.’

The only thing that came out was a tiny bit of wetness at the end of my penis. Not even a drop. But that was new to me. I had cum! It took me another year before I could really cum, but this was a great start.

Dawn grabbed a microscope slide and rubbed it against the tip of my still hard, but wilting penis. She placed it under the microscope, but as much as we moved the slide around, and fiddled with the focus, there was nothing to be seen.

Days, months, and years went by. She and I got together fairly often to play ‘sex games’ as we called them. We never did actual have intercourse. Even Dawn, as rebellious as she became, didn’t want to do that with her own little brother. But she was very oral. She had expressed to me early on, that she’d like to try having her pussy licked, and I was more than happy to comply.

My first real ejaculation happened in Dawn’s mouth. We did eventually get to see my sperm in the microscope. It wasn’t a very good microscope, so all we saw were tiny wiggling blobs.

She went off to college. We thought she was going to become a psychologist, but instead, she discovered drugs, and dropped out of college. Twice, she was taken to the hospital for overdoses. Pretty soon, my parents and I were afraid she’d continue to spiral downhill and die. Meanwhile, I had started college, also majoring in psychology. I didn’t want to have anything to do with drugs, or even drinking. Seeing her slipping away made that really clear for me.

Dawn started dating, if you can call it that, with a guy named Carl. Carl was a mess to look at. Long, straggly hair, bearded, inner city accent. We just figured he could be nothing but more trouble for her, but what could we do?

Dawn admitted to me one time, that Carl was the best sexual lover she had ever known. ‘Too bad he’s such a mess,’ I thought.

It turns out Carl was also studying psychology. Despite his appearance, he was a caring, empathetic fellow. In one of Dawn’s more lucid moments, she said Carl had her going back to school, and was a ‘great influence’ as she called him. A couple of weeks after that, he got her to go to rehab. My dad complained that it cost him $23,000, but he paid it.

Dawn came out of rehab, and got back in college full-time. We were all tiptoeing around her, figuring she’d relapse at any time.

She didn’t. She got a masters in psychology. So did Carl. Two years later, so did I. The three of us started a little counseling office. Dawn went to an out of state university, and got a Phd in psychology, specializing in sexual studies – of course. Carl and I continued to build our practice. Most of our clients weren’t ‘sick.’ They were upwardly mobile people who wanted to improve in their abilities, especially confidence. Dawn came back, and held the practice together while Carl and I went to that same university and got our doctorates in sexual studies, based on her absolutely glowing recommendation.

He and I shared a dorm room. It worked out very nicely. He and I are the best of friends. And yes, we did jerk off in each other’s presence, and even jerked each other off a number of times. Dawn came to visit a few times, and the three of us played extensively. She and Carl did the whole thing, but between me and those two, it stayed all masturbatory, which was fine with me.

I know I’m compressing years into minutes in this story, but that’s pretty much what happened. While Carl and I were away, Dawn continued to build the practice. The funny thing is a good number of her new clients were people who wanted to get past sexual hangups. When Carl and I came back, we were delighted in the patients Dawn handed off to us.

We now have a world-famous clinic, where we lead two-week workshops. Oh, yes, these workshops are for both sexes, and are very hands-on.

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