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My Sister Wants to Become a Urologist

I want to become a mathematician, or maybe an architect. My sister wants to be a doctor. Specifically a urologist. I think her motivation is wrong. She’s a sex freak. I tried to explain that there can be a lot of sadness in that profession. You know, old men with problems. But she’s undaunted. Well, we’ll see. She’ll probably end up becoming some other sort of doctor.

She likes practicing on me. Over and over again. We probably average once a week. This is ‘playing doctor’ on a grander scale.

A typical session goes like this: She begs me to be examined. I’m generally not that interested. She’ll take off all her clothes. I’ll admit that her tall, slender, very female self is really a treat to see, but I’m still not all that interested. But for her, I’ll do it.

She says she has to examine my balls for lumps, and she massages my balls for quite a while. Despite what I felt was lack of interest, I’ll get hard and suddenly, the ‘exam’ seems like a great idea. Then she tells me to flip over. She has to examine my backside. Her finger (no glove) goes deep into my anus, and she feels all around for my prostate. Sometimes a drip or two of cum slip down my urethra and out my penis. I guess squeezing the prostate gland like that causes some of the stored fluid to leak out. The feeling is sort of like I have to pee, but much nicer.

Then she has me flip back over so I’m facing up. “We have to be sure your equipment is working properly.” She then jerks me off. I have a wonderful orgasm every time and to tell the truth, I can’t wait for the next exam.

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  1. For what it’s worth, no urologist will check your prostate while you are laying face down. With a finger up your ass, the angle is wrong since the prostate is in front. The ideal position would be flat on your back with your knees pulled up but that’s a bit too undignified for most guys. It’s usually done laying on one side with your knees pulled up or bending over a table, also a bit undignified.

  2. Wow, I’d like to meet your sister.

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